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Simpson's Accuser: I'm on O.J.'s Side

9/16/2007 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alfred Beardsley, the sports memorabilia collector who accused O.J. Simpson of armed robbery late last week, said that he is now, "on O.J.'s side" and wants the case dropped.

"I want this thing to go away. I have health problems," he said. Beardsley, who lives in Burbank, Calif., said, "I have no desire to fly back and forth to Las Vegas to testify. How are they going to have a witness who's on O.J.'s side?"

Beardsley claims that he called the police because the items taken were valuable, and without a police report he would have been "held accountable for all that stuff," reports the AP.

On Friday, Simpson called Beardsley to apologize. As of late Saturday, neither Beardsley nor the other collector in the room at the time of the robbery, Bruce Fromong, had formally withdrawn his complaint.

UPDATE: Alfred Beardsley told the Drudge Report: "I thought my conversation with Linda Deutch [AP reporter] was off the record. It was a casual conversation. I have been 'on O.J.'s side' involving his past problems. But this is an entirely different incident. I called 911. If charges are pressed, I have an obligation to go to court. Period."

Madonna Meets with Israel's President

She was "like a virgin," and now she's, like, a Jewish girl. Madonna was in Israel this past week to celebrate the Jewish New Year, and met with Israeli President Shimon Peres. Madge, who grew up Roman Catholic, is a follower of Kaballah, a spiritual sect of Judaism.

Her Madgesty and hubby Guy Ritchie hung with Peres on Saturday evening. Peres gave Madonna a copy of the Old Testament. Such a nice girl.

Naomi's Got No Memory

Cell phone-throwing model citizen Naomi Campbell took part in a panel discussion about racism in fashion last week, where told fellow panelists (like legendary model/David Bowie love Iman, designer Tracy Reese, and flamboyant Vogue-er Andre Leon Talley) that she's sick of racism in the industry. Case in point: she's never been on the cover of British Vogue, even though she's asked a million times.

"They've always refused me," she complained. "They'll put the same white model for half the year -- I swear like six times, but wouldn't put me on once in my own country. But I still want my British Vogue cover!" What's up with that?

Well, reports Gatecrasher, Campbell just can't remember. She's actually been on the cover of British Vogue eight times since 1997.


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That she's been on the cover eight times but claims that she's never been on the cover seems to me that she was flying high at the time. -The author of the book The Vampire Tom Bartek

2597 days ago


This woman is a complete narcisisst, and a megalomaniac. There are many reasons why you would not be asked back, most notably your nasty personality! Leave the race cracks to the street and deal with your own issues.

2597 days ago


She is the closest thing to Satan on Earth.

2597 days ago


Translation of Naomi's quote ---


I feel for you Naomi, being old and butt ugly must be a bitch.

2597 days ago


waaa, waaaa, waaa. bitch, bitch, bitch.

2597 days ago


Madonna is actually a follower of Hollywood Kaballah, which is a spiritual sect of narcissism.

2597 days ago

just saying...    

Beardsley is on OJ's side because he has seen his work. Called to apologize? I doubt it. Probably threatened him. Saw that he got off before and that if he has health problems the media circus of another trial would kill him.
OJ is evil. He is a murderer that got off scott free because of stupidity on the part of the jury, the judge and the attorneys.
I wish OJ would just go away. And to those of you out there in the world who approach this man for his autograph, you just perpetuate this man's inner myth and ego. HE IS A MURDERER but he is going on with his life like nothing ever happened. I am glad that book is out there... now that his kids are old enough maybe they will read it and see what beastly human being their father is.
Someone wrote that he was in Vegas for a wedding... what a way to jinx your marriage by having OJ there when you say your vows!

2597 days ago



2597 days ago


In response to "JUST SAYING", they are right! 100%! And IF ORENTHAL was at a wedding, and supposedly met his "posse" there, I would think it would be REALLY easy to find out who all the guests were & ASK the bride & groom for the list! DUH! WHY is it when it comes to a celebrity the police departments trip all over themselves! Don't they realize they wipe their a$$es the same as the rest of us?!?!? NO MORE ALREADY! STOP THE HERO WORSHIP PEOPLE!!!!

2597 days ago


I'll have to agree with #7.... you have to be a VERY knowledgeable Torah scholar to be able to study Kabbalah... Madonna and the other Hollywood Kabalists are learning a cult version of Kabalah.... looks pretty foolish to me.

2597 days ago

Spell Check.    

We'll gladly put Naomi on our cover!!

2597 days ago


I guess Peres has nothing better to do than hang with Madonna. I'm waiting for Sean Penn to viist with Iran's president(he's already visited with Venezuela's prez). Let's hope they achieve world peace by giving h@nd j0bs to each other.

2597 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Naomi what a demanding little felon..I hope they put Tyra Banks on the cover before her..

2597 days ago

Radical Free Agent    

Thank you, Numbers 7 & 8. Refreshing to see a better class of comments on this site. It's usually so icky I have to bathe afterwards.

2597 days ago


America needs to IGNORE Madonna, Sean Penn, etc...& so called Americans like them. They are TRAITORS & should NOT be allowed in the U.S.A...BUT we let all the wackos from around the world here, along with illegal immigrants who drain us dry of tax dollars while we watch one celebrity after another commit crimes that WE would be in jail for...If the just lets Spector walk, I PROOVED my point! Why? Its NOT because we are NICE! WAKE UP AMERICA!

2597 days ago
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