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Britney's Manager

Says 'Gimme Less'

9/17/2007 8:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0917_brit_ex_05_excited_tmz-1Britney's manager has jumped ship, and the reason sounds strangely similar to her former lawyer's woes over Spears.

Manager Jeff Kwatinetz issued a statement saying, "It saddens us to confirm media reports that we have terminated our professional relationship with Britney Spears." Noting Kwatinetz repped Brit for a grand total of one month, he continued, "We believe Britney is enormously talented, and has made a terrific record, but current circumstances have prevented us from properly doing our job."

So what are the "circumstances?" Maybe they're similar to what we hear about Laura Wasser going South on Spears. We're told Wasser questioned Brit's judgment but simply could not control her.

Sources close to the situation tell us Kwatinetz had similar problems, notably at the VMAs, when Britney decided to switch the costume she planned to wear for the glitterated swamp bikini, without telling anyone. Ding dang, y'all.

We're told after the VMAs, the firm demanded to meet with her but she refused. They felt she needed help, but she wouldn't hear it.


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Brit has MJ! Michael Jackson syndrome!! At the most important time in her emotional and mental developement she did NOT have the right guidance, structure given to her.

2591 days ago


My prediction......her album will be released in will totally bomb in sales.....HER LABEL JIVE WILL DROP HER.

Maybe Joe Simpson will still represent her .......lmao

2591 days ago


Sad SoooooooooooSAD !

2591 days ago


Good, she deserves iit! I feel bad that I'm dumping on her but she's brought this all on herself! She's had so many chances, she's got so much money to just go away and leave the lime light but no she stays and acts like a complete idiot! She acts like she can do whatever she wants but people can only take so much, what a moron!

2591 days ago


Brit, hang in there. This is a tough spot for sure. Your kids need you, Take care of you, for them. You are an amazing person , under incredible stress. You are doing awesome. Chin up girl! You can get through this too! I am pulling for you!

2591 days ago


2591 days ago


Britney Spears is a goddess come to life. You will kneel before her or you will be judged. She is the way, the truth and the life.

2591 days ago

Hard Body Mom    

The delusional Ms. Spears needs a strong padded cell, lockdown, a Bible and some soothing music, out in the country, sans Cheetos, Red Bull, vodka and lollipops. Maybe Criss Angel can hypnotize her, with slight of hand and return her to her former self. Oops, I forgot she doesn't play well with others; she doesn't listen to instructions, or heed the sage advice of parents, lawyers, agents, the media, rehab centers, psychologist, hairstylist, or anyone else. She knows it all and that is why she is thriving, at the top of her career! Indeed, Ms. Spears, keep up the good work! Your are headed for an episode of Cops on the Louisiana bayou, where you will be in your bra, sans panties, sitting on a trailer swilling beer or smoking something out of a pipe, hitting the police with your umbrella, as they cart you away by your hair weave and extensions and dripping mascara, saying, I used to be somebody. No more Le Deux for you, Château Marmont will only let you in to wash dishes. Brit: You have lost your chance to be a proper entertainer; your status as a celebrity is like a vanishing comet, your star has fallen. But what should have been the most important priority of your life, your two children are pawns or objects, used and abused, between you and your ex-spouse. That is unforgivable. You are no longer the Pop Princess, just another tragedy who has allowed two innocent lives to suffer for your selfish and delusional dreams.

2591 days ago


can't help those to refuse to help themselves..she's train wreck and will be dead before the end of 2008. sad but true...she's slowly killing herself and no one can stop her now..the train has left the station folks. god bless her children.

2591 days ago


LOS ANGELES — Britney Spears will temporarily lose custody of her two toddler sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline, sources told ahead of the official ruling expected later Monday.

Commissioner Scott Gordon will order the boys, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James, turned over to Federline based on information that Los Angeles Family Court received over the weekend about Spears, the sources told

During Monday's custody hearing, Spears' former bodyguard accused the pop star of having "issues of nudity and drug use" since she returned from rehab, and reports of a planned "hit" on Federline emerged.

We had it first: click here to read FOX411's report on the 'secret witness'

The bodyguard's attorney, the high-profile Los Angeles lawyer Gloria Allred, said in a press conference Monday that Spears' attorney chose not to cross-examine the bodyguard, who has been described as a "secret witness" against Spears in her custody battle with Federline.

The bodyguard, Tony Barretto, filed a declaration in the custody battle which alleges "nudity, drug use and safety issues post-rehab."

Comments About Britney's Body: Too Nasty? Photo Essays
2007 MTV VMA's MTV Video Music Awards Allred said Barretto was prepared to testify under oath Monday, but neither the court nor Spears' attorneys chose to cross-examine him. She said his declaration went "unrefuted and unchallenged."

Barretto started working for Spears when she got out of rehab, and was fired on May 17 because, Allred said, "He did not hear her when he was asked to pick up her hat."

Barretto, himself the father of young children, came forward because while working for Spears, he became "very concerned" about the safety of her two boys, according to Allred.

Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said he was in court Monday because of a declaration that had been filed by him and because he wanted to be available should his client be cross-examined.

The ruling giving Federline temporary custody of his and Spears' children was expected to be handed down in Los Angeles Family Court later Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile, "Entertainment Tonight" reported that the FBI and the LAPD are investigating legitimate leads on a contract hit on Federline's life.

Multiple sources told "ET" that the FBI made attempts to contact Federline to inform him of the potential danger. The FBI reportedly told "ET" that the bureau could not confirm or deny an investigation. said reports of an FBI investigation into a plot to kill Federline are completely untrue — but an LAPD investigation was conducted in the past.

According to LAPD, the department opened an investigation into a threat on Federline's life nearly two months ago, but the case was closed due to insufficient evidence.

TMZ also spoke with the L.A. spokesperson for the FBI, who blasted reports claiming that the FBI ever confirmed anything about a K-Fed investigation.

"The information on the Internet on these reports is not accurate. It did not come from the FBI at all," TMZ quoted the spokesperson as saying.

Spears married Federline in October 2004. She filed for divorce last November; it became official on July 30.

The two have had joint custody of sons Sean Preston, who turned 2 on Friday, and Jayden James, who turned 1 on Wednesday. Federline reportedly has been fighting to gain full custody of the two boys.

Kaplan said the custody battle would go on at least until the end of the year, and that two court dates were set, one in November and one in December.

He also said Federline is not seeking to modify his current monetary awards.

"All of these frenzied reports that he’s seeking custody related to money — they sound interesting but they’re not accurate," he said.

Spears gave a disastrous performance last week in her opening act at the MTV Video Music Awards, which was followed by more purported photos of her without underwear hitting the Internet.

She has an album due in stores on Nov. 13.

2591 days ago

my opinion    

The interesting thing about Britney is she can enter a room of lawyers, publicists, agents, stylists and other entertainment specialists and she knows she is smarter than all of them. She has no education and is an out of control narcissist addict with money who does not know how or who to love. Everything is about HER.

I am so disgusted with this whole scene and her. Enough.

2591 days ago


At this point, I'm openly rooting for her to fail. I hope her kids are taken away and that she becomes persona non grata in the industry. She needs to go down in flames so young girls in America will get the memo that it's better to be a lady -- a lady -- of education and substance, not a drunken, ignorant, arrogant slut. For once I'm on Gloria Allred's side. One down, two more to go (Paris and Lindsay).

2591 days ago



yer sad

2591 days ago

Mr. No bull crap    

Ok peeps,
The wanna be Britney Spears as a superstar season is totally gone away. Lets face it folks, most of today's superstars are only average talents to begin with. It is only with the help of media brains and a political concept, i.e. a white boy who can rap, for example, that the average talents can make it to the top. Another good example is Jessica Simpson. At least she was fortunate to climb to the occassion and eventually learn talents to sustain herself in a professional career without the safety net. Her sister Ashley, on the otherhand. will never be a real talent and the reason she is still in the lime lights is based on today's young generation not having true role models to follow.
I did like Spears' music during her prime years of entertaining, sadly, she lost it partly due to her lack of professional skills and peer pressure to become her environment, "stupid". I do wish her well, however, and perhaps in 10 years she can make a comeback singing jazz or something, regardless of what her body image looks like or what the media makes believe is important about her.

2591 days ago


Who are you crazy people who think Kevin is wrong to go after custody of the boys? Are you crazy??? She's completely lost it for some time now. The boys are not safe with Britney and Kevin knows that. I think he deserves more credit and support from the public than he's getting. His ex, Shar Jackson knows he's a good father and doesn't hesitate to say so. Shouldn't we trust her opinion and Kevin's parenting over Britney's?

2591 days ago
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