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Britney's Manager

Says 'Gimme Less'

9/17/2007 8:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0917_brit_ex_05_excited_tmz-1Britney's manager has jumped ship, and the reason sounds strangely similar to her former lawyer's woes over Spears.

Manager Jeff Kwatinetz issued a statement saying, "It saddens us to confirm media reports that we have terminated our professional relationship with Britney Spears." Noting Kwatinetz repped Brit for a grand total of one month, he continued, "We believe Britney is enormously talented, and has made a terrific record, but current circumstances have prevented us from properly doing our job."

So what are the "circumstances?" Maybe they're similar to what we hear about Laura Wasser going South on Spears. We're told Wasser questioned Brit's judgment but simply could not control her.

Sources close to the situation tell us Kwatinetz had similar problems, notably at the VMAs, when Britney decided to switch the costume she planned to wear for the glitterated swamp bikini, without telling anyone. Ding dang, y'all.

We're told after the VMAs, the firm demanded to meet with her but she refused. They felt she needed help, but she wouldn't hear it.


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He's just another Idiot    

The nasty people who are bashing Britney tonight are more brain dead than she is. I think most of the comments are from K-Dunderhead, himself.. He and Shar are licking their lips at all the money they think they will get. K-Dud drove her to this tragedy with his relentless trashing of her. His spousal support will run out in November and he is about to panic. His sleazy lawyers (paid for with Brit's money) will tell lies, pay people to testify against her, and stop at nothing to get her money. AND, the paps who have stalked her for years are a very big cause of her misery . Hope she can get some help soon and people will stop attacking her. She is worth saving.

2571 days ago

BY . the number one Britney hater out there    

That right people Britney has lost it . Her days are number to live so why don't she jump of a cliff and kill her self.

2571 days ago


As one poster pointed out here, Fox News has reported that Britney lost her kids today. Where is the story, TMZ?

2571 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Hey #79 Are you K-Fart, Shar or the sleazy lawyer? You seem to know a lot about trailers. Are you jealous of Britney because you want a double wide?

2571 days ago


ed zman

probably the most sensitive ive seen yet,,,well done to you sir.... well done

we are just going to have to see how it all pans out now.........

2571 days ago

Hard Body Mom    

Hey #90, neither K-Fed, the sleazy lawyer or Shar. Just a writer, who lives in the Hollywood Hills and not in a trailer my dear....

2571 days ago


Wake up,Brit! Get rid of the suck-up`s & yes-men in your click and get help!!!

2571 days ago

Veteran Cosmic Rocker    

Looks like Alicia Keys may tie B*tchney in female with first four albums to debut at #1 predicament. Alicia, whilst I am not a fan of hers, at least has had STAYING POWER. Her first two studio albums debuted at #1, her third album (which was the live Unplugged) followed suit and has her on par to tie B*tchney. I think, if it goes accordingly, Ms Keys (who can SING, WRITE AND PRODUCE HER OWN MATERIAL and is classically trained on the piano) will eclipse Ms Sneers' record.

2571 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

SOMEBODY, ANYBODY....Get those boys away from her before she drowns them in a tub and Pleads insanity!!!!!! THEY don't deserve all this CRAP that she dishes out!!!!!!
Take them AWAY, NOW!!!!!!!!!

2571 days ago


In all seriousness I have a bad feeling about all of this, if she loses her children I just don't know, i can't believe this is really happening to her - it's too "child star" cli·ché & I honestly thought all of this was a publicity ploy & she would bounce back & we'd all be blown away..

Justin said in an interview once that she was the kind of person who can make you think she's not alright but she really is & I thought that was what the deal was with this whole two years of stuff - no one seems to be coming forth to her aid or maybe she's pushing everyone away & that's not good.

Whatever happens, everyone will know that pre-Kevin Federline, Britney was OK - two years with him & this is what we have now.

2571 days ago


britt-britt shame on you! At one time you were on the top of the world.. certainly...not anymore! Who would have known that Kfed would be the father of the year! I feel totally sorry for you... Straighten up and fly right!

2571 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

..................She needs to be on LITHIUM!!!!!!!! Pronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........................

2571 days ago


Well let's just hope Kevin doesn't meet another Pop Star on the rise because Jayden, Sean, Kori & Kaleb will once again be wondering "where's daddy"?

2571 days ago


# 86, what rock did you crawl out from under? That' is one of the stupidest things I've seen.

2571 days ago


I love you Britney for your Talent, voice and soul. Not your body -

You are so special. It is a shame that leave Britney alone thing on MySpace / You Tube has damaged things.

Keep up the good work sweetheart! You will work it through as you always do. I would place you on a stool infront of the croud as the dancers dance around you as you sing the story vision.


2571 days ago
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