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Nick Hogan Posts Graziano's Condition -- on Supra Site

9/17/2007 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan has been providing updates on the condition of his passenger in his August 26 Supra crash -- on the website.
Nick Hogan Supra forum
Known on the site as Supraman111, Nick reported on Sept. 16: "john is expected to make a full recovery its just a slow process for him to wake up because he was in a medically induced coma by a drug called pentabarb which takes weeks to wear off which is why the wake up process is is so slow. his entire body is perfect , he just hit his head."

On Sept. 7, Nick wrote: "everyone please drive safe and wear your seatbelts, i had mine on and only broke my wrist, john did not and he is in a far worse stae than i am.

thank u for the support

-nick hogan/bollea"



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Sounds like he thinks his broken wrist is worse than this poor kids head injury.

and he's trying to get possession of the wreck of his car for "future litigation concerns".
So he plans on fighting any real responsibility.

Your dad should have pulled out, Nickky. You are too stupid to live.

2561 days ago


I like how he stated " he just hit his head". Like it's no biggie...

2561 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

I bet Hulk is regretting they day he let that little sperm that became Nick fly. You should have had that vasectomy right after Brooke, Hulkster. Then again, maybe you should have had that vasectomy before both of those little mistakes happened.

2561 days ago


Nick's sharing information about his passenger's medical condition sets him up for an even bigger lawsuit - he might want to sit down and be quiet for a while, maybe do a little meditation.

2561 days ago


"Just hit his head" ???

Is that what he tells himself to alleviate the guilt of turning his friend into a vegetable or do his parents tell him that b/c they still don't think their baby boy should face harsh reality? Moron.

2561 days ago


Geeezzzussss TMZ people!!!

What the heck is up with all the hate comments TMZ??
I see it here more & more ...
This kid made a mistake, he is not on drugs or was drunk.. Give the kid a break.
HE DID TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! Get grip u cruel jealous morons!

Gives the impression that TMZ staff post these comments to encourage drama &
character assassination on certain celebrities they don't like.
Is Nick Hogan/Bollea a Republican or something? All I see lately is a bash fest
Truly sad disgusting & over done! I m an ex TMZ fan, because of the none stop gross
negativity- Give it a rest TMZ, it's not exciting & you do not gain fans by ur constant bashing & character assassination.

2561 days ago

I am poster 58    

1. Nick is posting that his friend was not wearing seat belts so that it looks like his friend was negligent and not Nick. Nick, you are the driver. As a responsible driver, I do not allow anyone to ride in my vehicle without wearing a seatbelt, so YOU are still responsible for the passengers in your car.

2. The parents have their heads up you know where allowing a teenager to drive this car, race on the show and have basically encouraged this behavior. The parents should be held liable if this passenger passes away.

3. Teenagers are very rarely jailed. If it was up to me, I would go after the parents of Nick Bollea who allowed him to continue driving after numerous warnings and tickets. Where is Gloria Allred? I bet she will be on this case soon.

2561 days ago


This was a very tragic accident that could've been avoided. Nick is a young man who is going to have to deal with this the rest of his life (along with John's family). I've watched almost every episode of their show and have never found the Hogan family to be anything but respectful to each other as well as outsiders. They have fame and fortune, and the parents I always thought were strict, yet loving, and yes, sometimes lenient with material objects and privileges. The parents made the kids go work in a diner to learn what a real living is all about. They are different than normal families because they have money,,,,,,,,but that doesn't mean they aren't decent human beings. You can bet your rats a** the entire family is praying for John and his well as.......offering financial support without being dragged into court to do it. I'm not a wrestling fan........but, I have formed an opinion regarding this family......and I see some pretty disgusting posts on here. When I was a young adult I had a few close brushes with incidences which could've changed my life completely. Our society is out for blame and peoples heads on's very sad. I'm sure if the Hogan family could put their show on hold contractually they would. It must be gut wrenching to have your happy show going on when you know one of your family members are responsible for a person being critically injured. I don't think Nick is a punk or worse according to the posts. I think unfortunately he made some very bad decisions that caught up with him, and sadly his friend is paying for it. Along with praying for John and his family,,,,,,pray for the Hogan's too......I'm sure they are very aware of the toxic animosity surrounding them.....if this AOL post is any indication......they are feeling tremendous guilt.......and anyone with a conscience knows. Terrible things happen in life. Sometimes people slide by without this kind of outcome........and sometimes this is exactly what happens. Either way it's terribly sad and hating on the Hogan family isn't going to change anything. Families on both sides will be torn apart by this incident.

2561 days ago


Thanks for the advice Nicko...everyone drive safe.!! and wear your seat belts!! does that mean everyone but you?? So you had your seat belt on and John didn't...sounds like you are trying to excuse yourself for the accident and pass the blame on to John for now wearing a seat belt like you...the good little boy!! You offer no apologies for John's injuries due to your speeding..Why is it the innocent always pay the price. I will bet you that you will be back on the road as soon as this tragic event if over..

2561 days ago


Such vitriolic comments from a bunch of angry mob mentality
types here!
& rewriting history to suit agendas here!

Nick MOST DEFINITELY DID* take responsibility, & here was trying to
be positive in reporting the friends condition. Wishful thinking , perhaps.
Nothing arrogant about that !

It is very dishonest of TMZ to mislead people into thinking
these were the only comments this kid has made.

Also,, this was a tragic accident, to which i read
both families are very close
& united in this. The young men were best friends.

MEANWHILE,, the Mother who methodically drowned 5 of her children,
one by one,
then called 911,, gets a free pass & no jail time to speak of...
Not to mention the WIFE of Preacher who shot him in bed, & is a few months later on OPRAH looking like a celebrity.. THOSE ARE OUTRAGEOUS CASES.

Not a young kids tragic car accident.

2561 days ago



It sounds to me like Nick is trying to put some blame for his friends injury on his friend. While not wearing a seat belt can be pretty stupid, he would not be in such bad shape if Nick hadn't been speeding.
Also... with today's laws on medical privacy, I find it disturbing that Nick Bollea is making statements about his friends medical condition, & what drug(s) his friend may have been treated with... I wonder if his friends family gave Nick permission to make these statements via a public website....

2561 days ago


Nick is full of chit. He says please wear your seatbelts. But he mentions NOTHING of please do NOT speed. Another thing, when you own an automobile and are driving, YOU make the rules for your passengers! Nick is very irresponsible because he could have requested/demanded that his passenger wear his seatbelt. But apparently he didn't. I watch that show often and the HOGAN family are a very strange and screwy bunch. Someone posted a message that Nick is always grabbing on his sister. I have noticed that also. I have also noticed that she seems to like it very much. I saw the recent episode where Nick's mom had her big fake boobs almost hanging out of her low-cut shirt right in Nick's face. I wonder if anyone else caught that? Anyway again, that is a weird bunch!

2561 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Nick should just sue his incredibly irresponsible passenger for causing him all this stress and anguish. How dare he endanger Nicks good time by not wearing his seatbelt? And now he won't wake up because he is on drugs. Poor little innocent Nick, my heart bleeds for him.

2561 days ago

mary sp    

Someone please tell this half wit to shut the hell up. "He hit his head?!" I think someone dropped Nick on his head when he was an infant. Obviously, this boy has never learned accountability or consequences.

2561 days ago




2561 days ago
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