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Wasser to Britney -- You're Someone Else's Problem Now

9/17/2007 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Laura Wasser and Britney SpearsTMZ has learned Britney Spears is losing her lawyer.

At a hearing in the ongoing Britney Spears/K-Fed custody war that is just about to start, disso-queen Laura Wasser will submit legal papers formally withdrawing as the singer's attorney. Sources say Spears' new lawyer will be high-profile attorney, Marci Levine.

The word we hear is that Britney was a problem client because she just didn't listen to and follow the advice Wasser gave so Spears could maintain custody and end the war.

In spite of Spears' erratic behavior and stint in rehab, Wasser was able to hammer out a 50/50 custody split with K-Fed -- a small miracle. Now Federline wants 70/30 custody. It ain't Wasser's problemo no more!

UPDATE: TMZ has learned that celebrity attorney Mel Goldsman will handle Britney's case along with Marci Levine. Levine didn't appear in court today due to illness.


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Have another margarita, Britney!


2533 days ago


So it shows that people ARE trying to give Britney advice, but it's her own fault for refusing to listen.

2533 days ago

Hop Off    

I pray for Britney. She needs some divine favor. My heart goes out ot her.

2533 days ago


Wasser may be a bitch but at least she's smart enough to quit while she's ahead.

2533 days ago


Only the good die young.......

2533 days ago

J Doe    

the worse britneys life gets the BETTER christina's life gets.....paybacks a bitch !!

2533 days ago

tuna marie    

she is nuts. she makes paris look sane and demur.

2533 days ago


If you think she is crazy out of her mind now, wait and see what happens if she loses the kids

2533 days ago


She wants to pay off the dad and lose the kids.. All this family stuff is giving her a downer when she wants to be totally free to party and slut around, ya'll.

2533 days ago


i believe it was marci levine who got hasselhoff custody of his kids--sounds like she's pretty good--especially after the famous drunken video. just not too sure if brit should be around any child, not even her own.

2533 days ago


If Paula, Simon, and Randy are reading this....Britney doesn't need to have her career saved. It is so not about that. She needs to have her LIFE saved. I don't think either one of you are qualified to do that.

2533 days ago


I think she needs to get herself back together. Let KFed take the kids for awhile and get it together for her kids sake. Who cares about what eveyone else says or does. The kids should be all that matters her career should come after that. Put things in the right priority and all else will fall into place. I pray she gets help and God bless her children they are innocent and need all our prayers.

2533 days ago


Harry, are you related to this Marci Levine chick. hmmmmmmmmm, i smell something fishy.

2533 days ago


These lawyers have no ethics. They'll take your money and leave you in crisis when you're down. What a pig to walk out of Britney this week of all weeks? Just charge her more if you have to but do the damn work. If Britney loses her babies to Kevin that would be a travesty. And Gloria Allred needs to take off her turtle neck that she wears every dang season of the year, including summertime, and LET US SEE YOUR CHICKEN FAT NECK GLORIA.

Oh Harvey won't be allowing that comment to stay up about Gloria, now will yah?
Stupid bitch lawyers.

Good luck Britney. Go for the throat with Kevin.

2533 days ago

Miss Crawley    

Britney won't even listen to a professional's advice as to how to keep custody of her kids. Surely, all of her recent antics won't look good in court. A year ago, I never knew I'd be saying this, but... I'm rooting for K-Fed!

2533 days ago
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