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Judge to Goldmans: O.J.'s Rolex Is Yours!

9/18/2007 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonIt's about time! A judge just ruled on the side of Fred Goldman, agreeing that that he is entitled to O.J. Simpson's Rolex. Bling, bling!

The judge also ruled that Goldman's request for the items seized in Las Vegas must be requested individually and he will rule accordingly in a hearing set for next Tuesday -- possibly sooner.

Attorneys for Goldman can go to Las Vegas and receive the watch, get an appraisal, and the judge will hear findings on October 16.

Simpson's attorney can also look at the watch and have an independent appraisal.


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it is illegal to wiretap someone

2556 days ago

just wondering    

.....PRAY for Nicoles KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! horrible for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

2556 days ago


OMG!!! Classic!

2556 days ago


What the it really that serious.? Being bent on revenge will drive you insane. How ridiculous is it that they want the man's watch...oh I guess abouet as ridiculous as a judge thinking that a waiter could potentially make 30 million dollars in his lifetime thus awarding the Goldman family just that much in a civil trial after OJ was found to be not guilty in a criminal trial. Now that is ridicuous!! Give me just a small break.......

2556 days ago

Get Real    

Go Goldman family. Ride his low life ass the rest of his days. Take everything and then some. You are helping Nicole's children as well. That misfit is not worried about his kids. He is to buzy beating them. Remember poor Sidneys 911 call!!!

2556 days ago


I hope this somehow 'opens the door' to searching every residence/car he has been in -- "I have no assets" --LIKE HELL.


2556 days ago


the goldmans need to move on they're just out for money and attention and no matter how much they get their son ain't coming back.

2556 days ago


oh a second thought. I bet Gold-digger doesnt give a dime to OJ's kids remember their mother was involved also...He's such a freakin sleezeball

2556 days ago


Re: # 17
Too bad this isn't the "Old West" if it was OJ -- WOULD BE DEAD BY NOW.
He deserves to be dead - he did MURDER two people - remember ???

2556 days ago

its about time    

What amazes me is that there are people who to this day think OJ was innocent and setup by the police. What a bunch of rubes.

If I were goldman I would be doing the same thing. OJ owes him and his family millons and he should not have 10000 dollar watches. If he has the money for watches and other things he should pay off his debt to th Goldmans.

Finaly, from what Ive heard maybe the DA for Las Vegas wont screw up this time.

Im Barry Manilow Bitch..

2556 days ago


What goes around DOTH come around, eventually! HORRAY FOR THE GOLDMAN'S!

Squatmunkie, the Goldman's got NO justice in the criminal courts but DID in the civil judgement. Rest assured they would rather see OJ rotting in jail than to have to get their justice as is... (and be forced as we all are to watch him say he has no money while playing GOLF 24/7 freely... while snubbing his nose at the courts, Goldman's, Nicole's family, HIS OWN CHILDREN) The court system, unfortunately, have forced them to seek out their own judgement in this manner... you sit in judgment of them when YOU have been through the HORROR they did with the loss (and decapitation!) of their son and brother, have his murderer set FREE, and THEN see what you'd be going after when a civil judgement is YOUR only recourse!

If OJ's underwear gives them justice, then skin them off!

2556 days ago


Next they will want his sperm

2556 days ago


Good for the Goldmans. They are not letting up and making his life hell.

2556 days ago


Oh wait OJ's on his way to Mcdonalds....maybe the Golddiggers want to claim his Big Mac and fries!!!!! EAT IT FAST OJ THE GOLDDIGGERS ARE COMMING!!!!!!!!!!1

That line gave me a good chuckle.

2556 days ago


Its not about being a gold digger, or for financial gain. Its about making someone suffer and feel a twinge of pain (although we all know OJ is incapable of any human emotion or empathy). I hope the Goldmans continue to take eveything they can to make him remember every day the reason WHY they are doing it. Go Fred Go !!!!!

2556 days ago
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