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O.J.'s Attorney: How I Would Have Gotten His Money

9/18/2007 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ronald P. Slates, attorney for O.J. Simpson, sounded elated coming out of court today -- even offering up a little advice to David Cook -- the lawyer for the Goldmans!

Slates was excited that the judge turned down Cook's broad-based motion, requiring the Goldmans to file motions for items individually, not to make blanket requests. He then began to talk about how he would have gone after O.J.'s money if he were on the other side of things.

"I think Mr. Cook is an aggressive lawyer who sometimes does overkill," Slates told TMZ. "They should have done their homework."

Maybe "overkill" was a bad choice of words.


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George I Think I Got It    

Look, the reason the Goldman's went after the book was to STOP OJ from benefiting financially. The only way they could do that was to go after the rights of the book. Of course after they were granted the rights they stopped complaining ... because OJ gets nothing. I honestly feel they are genuine in their drive to destroy OJ for what they did.

I truly believe it is not the money that is driving them. When you see that man's face on TV when he talks about his son, that is straight up, hard core pain and suffering. They were an extremely close family and have been devastated by this loss. People who say they should get over it and move on have obviously not loved anyone enough to realize how painful it is to lose them.

I am SO happy that the Goldman's are continually victorious in their quest and know they will do something good with the money that comes out of all of this, moreso than they already have.

2500 days ago


This guys a big ***k up like his client. OJ's gonna rot in jail, finally!

2500 days ago


You know what? The Goldman's are right. Their son was brutally killed by OJ and OJ must pay for that. Somehow he must. And the Goldman's are going to make sure that will happen. They have become OJ's nightmare, they don't give up, always searching, always present, always threating their son's killer. It's not about the money, it's about punishing a man who got away with murder...The murder of their son.

I highly respect this family for their courage, their strengh and their commitment. If justice was not served 13 years ago, it will be serve today and tomorrow or the day after. Why? because they are not given up, as long as they are alive, OJ Sympson will not live in peace....

May the force be with you.

2500 days ago


"Ronald P. Slates, attorney for O.J. Simpson, sounded elated coming out of court today"

Of course he is elated! He makes more money off of OJ doing it the peice meal way. I'm elated too!

2500 days ago


It is not about money for the Goldmans. It is the only way they can make OJ pay for the slaughter of their son. It is the only way they can get a little justice for his death since that ignorant black jury that knew they weren't going to find the killer OJ guility before the trial even started. That trial showed what most black people are all about.

2500 days ago


# 31 COCO
I agree with your post and send prayers of strength to the Goldman family in their journey for justice.
I do not even want to think how it must feel to loose a son in that manner only to watch the killer strut around playing golf and enjoying life.

2500 days ago

not a dumbass    

The Goldmans are trash ... T-R-A-S-H. But, i don't think they're in it just for the money, I think ol' Fred LOVES the spotlight. I hate to be insensitive (not really), but i'm tired of having his son shoved down my throat. Fred - people get killed everyday and 99.9% of people don't even know their names. So, stop trying to get publicity for your son who, except that he was killed with Nicole Brown Simpson, would have just been a blurb in the local newspaper. Follow the Brown family's example - move on, and show a little class. If you respect your son's memory, you should want to get OUT of the spotlight and let him rest in peace. Try some therapy while you're at it.

2500 days ago


The Goldman's (father & daughter) are no better than OJ? All they want is blood money, at least Nicole's sister is attempting to do something for other who are in the same situation as Nicole. All they do is want the money for their own personal enjoyment and I hope they never get a dime, I am disgusted that a father would be so monetarily driven after the death of his son.

Goldmans should be crucifying the 2 people that were sitting to his left on the Oprah show, Marcia Clark & Chris Darden, their handling of that case is the main reason OJ is still walking the streets.

2500 days ago

from ny    

hey do you remember ???? HE WAS ACQUITTED....maybe they should check that Furman cop...he was so ready to frame O.J. maybe he was screwing that druggie...yeah nicole and her druggie boyfriend therefore when she didnt come up with the loot, he had her taken out...i bet you the glove fit Goldmans need to find the real killer and leave O.J. alone....HE WAS ACQUITTED you idiots....find some other man to bother...also how do you say "uh we know you didnt have a gun on you but we'll charge you with it anyway" WOW....... you whiteys wouldnt stand for that .....

2500 days ago


The things that can't be taken away from any of us are character and honor. OJ is a slime bucket and those that run with him are of the same ilk. It's always about the money with that kind.
The Goldman's have never been about the money......they know the only way to hurt Simpson is to attack his wallet. I would be as much as a pitbull as Fred, if anyone murdered my child. Simpson's arrogance sickens me.........I hope he's wallowing in it.
The Goldmans are heroes, certainly mine!!
The LVPD are so much more kind, right OJ ? They must have felt Sooooo special ! They are sickened by you too OJ. Poor Simpson, he won't be able to find a young, beautiful ( and dumb ) white girl in prison.
We detest you Simpson and you will have your day of judgement........the only one that really counts. No doubt that Ron and Nichol will be present to witness your explaination. Do you ever see your wife in your dreams ???
You are truly one of the evil people in this world.....ain't it a shame that your high profile put you in the global limelight and your supreme arrogance keeps you there.
So sorry you can't get a white, stupid hottie in jail. There must be a lot of beautiful black women that adore you........I want them to ask themselves why he is never with any of them!!!!
OJ and Michael Jackson don't know they are black............they completely snub the black community. Wake up people, this isn't about racism.........this about 2 of yours jumping the tracks. You continue to keep these morally, spiritually bankrupt men on a lofty perch..........a murderer and a pedophile.
Fred, you have gone through this horrible process with grace and honor, as has your daughter. I will speak for myself, I completely admire you.

2500 days ago


It's very hard to ignore the post's whining about slavery and the injustice to blacks overall
However at this time it is NOT about those issues at all but a murderer, a lier, a crook, a abuser.
I realize because he just happens to be black he needs to be grouped in with injustices perceived by those needing a mascot but truly this is not about you!
Turning the other card over I see extreme prejudice by blacks because those murdered where white. but I wont go into's not about that either.

2500 days ago


Everyone is willing to call OJ a killer but what about the eye-glasses, they were the whole factor behind the murder, has anyone ever thought that Nicole was sat up by her mother she is the only one who would have known that Nicole would be coming back outside except the mother, then a killer is waiting on nicole and ron goldman yell right

2500 days ago

from ny    

wow such ignorance....what if your child was acquitted...would you want the law to c onstantly bother leave O.J. alone....

I wish he did do it.....cause then he can be laughing at all of you non beleivers right now.....

stop crying for the druggies.... come on......its a done deal....

2500 days ago


Why don't you save your whining for someone else, nobody cares about what happened 200yrs ago. Got it!! We are in 2007 now. The only thing you are right about is that OJ was ACQUITTED in 94 by a fair trial of his peers!!! He should go to jail if he is found guilty of his 2007 crime. And Fred Goldman is only portraying the grieving father because he is guilty. He and his son were not in speaking terms for years when Ronald was killed. Fred knows he and his son wasted alot of time being mad when he should have reach out to his son when he was alive. Now it's too late. And whether you like it or not, OJ is going to pay for what what was denied justice to White America. Alot of people are pissed about it and OJ will pay. Even if he wins this bout, he will be shunned all over again!!!

2500 days ago


You people would probably had OK O.J. hang and dragged with a truck if this was pre 50s. So what you listen to a lot of stupid rap music. I remember Emit till I didn't t support O.j. before, but base on how this is going down now, It seem racist and i think the guy was sat up! The goldmans should just go away! I never liked o.j. but I can see a lyching in the makings. I remember Emit till!!!!!!!!!

2500 days ago
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