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Britney: Screw "The Man," I'm Ready to Rage!

9/19/2007 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after a judge warned the Britster about her problem with drug and alcohol abuse, Spears reacted like any irrepressible gal would -- and got her party on!

TMZ caught the unstoppable mother of two at both Winston's and Hyde last night, where the popwreck was engulfed by paparazzi hoping to get a shot of the hot mess. She was all smiles when she left the first club, but quickly put on her sad face when paps started fighting outside her car.

Her party train then moved to Hyde, where the usually dead club saw a resurgence of paparazzi attention, thanks to Brit Brit. She was again swarmed on her way out, as photogs tried to ask about her kids.

Sources tell TMZ that in an effort to ditch the paps, Brit pulled into a "safe zone" at the Beverly Hills Police Department, which activates a light and a camera. She stopped there for awhile until they left her alone. How clever!


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2590 days ago



2590 days ago


Well she's determined to get to get those last few drinks and snorts down before lifestyle rehab, but it's all down hill for the judge on getting anything to sink in and stay put because she just doesn't want those kids or to be rehabilitated.. It will be extremely funny if she eventually gets jail time for disobeying court orders.

2590 days ago


Is she stupid or just desperate for attention? How are you gonna go and party after being warned by a judge not to? Obviously, she doesn't want those kids. What an ingrate...

2590 days ago


Why won't her family and "friends" do an intervention? Why won't they help her? I don't get it.

2590 days ago


Right. Like heavy partying is going to make her look better in court. Well.... this sucks for her kids, either way they're screwed: Stay with a lousy alcoholic mom who I'm sure do loves them even if she doesn't know how to show it, or go to a useless, gold digger good for nothing father who only sees them as dollar bills.

Poor kids indeed.

2590 days ago


Drugs will make a person do some stupid things. When she finally and truly gets sober I can almost guarantee she will regret her actions. My heart breaks for those children. You would think a judge calling you a drug addict and the possibility of losing your children would be a wake up call.

2590 days ago


I feel sorry for her children.

2590 days ago


And we all know Kevin Federline smokes weed, such hypocrisy in the system.

2590 days ago

death on a cracker    

shes like a three year old that dosent get the meaning of "hot stove". she just keeps burning herself over and over and over. you can tell her again and again but she just keeps Helen Kellering her situation.

p.s. and dont anyone give any "ohhh...she need help... oh, she just needs some support" because she dosent care what any of us think! its obvious. all we can do is watch her crash and burn and move along.

2590 days ago


Sad.....she DOES NOT get it! I like Britney, and I'm really rooting for her. But, she HAS TO lay low for awhile and spend good, quality time with her kids. In her mind, she's probably thinking " I'm gonna quit tomorrow, so tonight I'm gonna have one last good party night". BUT....tomorrow never comes. Britney needs to stop TODAY!! Britney!! Please get help before it's too late.

2590 days ago


There's a huge difference between smoking pot and ingesting pills and booze. Or whatever it is she is on.

2590 days ago

Take off, eh?    

I've got nothing to say about Brit but laugh my ass right off at no. 5 (Death 99) who wrote "First". I think you're fifth dude.

2590 days ago


Wow, this means mo' money, mo' money for Kevin. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. He should not only get the kids, but also get all of her $750,000/month for spousal and child support.

Shar - you go girl, more money for you too.

2590 days ago
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