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Hayden Panettiere: Legal Tender

9/19/2007 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the final days of summer upon us, "Heroes" cheerleader Hayden Panettiere riled things up in a very simple but chic, soft yellow sundress. Go team!

Although the beautiful 18-year-old superteen enjoyed a post-lunch cookie in West Hollywood on Tuesday, she turned out to be the real treat! Yum!

Hayden proves that the best accessory a girl can have isn't a purple leather bag, but a taut young body!


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Beautiful ? .
And why is this person on TMZ at all, Does she know someone who works there?

2555 days ago

Ha Ha    

I'm sorry but her arms look too short...dwarfish or something. Maybe she's the spawn of Snow White and one of the dwarves.

2555 days ago


I would walk barefoot over thirty miles of broken glass to pick the corn out of her #!(8.....

Anyhow....Britney meet your replacement.

2555 days ago


OMG some of yall some haters yall know that you want to look just like her but never will thats why ya'll trash talkin. Please she is hot and can act and got more money when shes 18 then ya'll haters will ever see in your whole damn lives. Stupid HATERS.

2555 days ago


TMZ; You make me sick.

These persistent sexual comments about this young girl are disgusting, uncalled for, perverted, and just plain creepy. She is a cute girl, but she is BARELY 18. This website must undoubtedly be run by perverts. The "Countdown Til Hayden Turns 18" was bad enough, like you couldn't wait until she was of legal age so you could lust after her and it be accepted. Guys, that is just sick and perverted, and it turns my stomach that this website promotes such behavior.

And stop stalking this girl! How do you always seem to know where she is at any given moment? Leave the kid alone, and let her have lunch without having a camera stuck in her face. We don't have to know where she is every minute.

So stop all the sick and disgusting sexual comments and stop stalking this girl.

2555 days ago

give me a break    

Every post on Hayden reads like you guys at TMZ sit at your desks all day with hard-ons and greasy palms. What a bunch of pervs.

2555 days ago


marisa (post #32) is right.

Bunch of dirty old men. I feel like puking everytime I read this garbage.

2555 days ago


There has never been a more pure and innocent woman to have graced the pages of TMZ. Doesn't get anymore beautiful.

2555 days ago


She is simply lovely and innocent. Her beauty comes through each and every appearance she makes.

2555 days ago


A perfect combination of hotness and sweetness, when combined, makes her such a joy to see each and every day.

2555 days ago


There's not a question in my mind that she's a beautiful young girl....BUT who the heck is writing these articles about her ???? The same jerk who was sooo excited for her to turn 18....with the countdown clock ???? This is REALLY creepy !!!! Sounds disgusting !!!

2555 days ago


Is it just me or is her head WAY too bog for her little body? Maybe its just the camera angle?

2555 days ago


Note to TMZ staffer: SHES 18 YEARS OLD. Get over sound like a disgusting pig....

2555 days ago


Whoever is obsessed with this girl needs to see a psychiatrist. She isn't even that hot. The countdown clock was nauseating, but this pedophilic obsession to follow her around, watching her buy lingerie, and now this article, about the color of her dress? This site has turned to sick garbage. Keep this up, and no one is going to bother reading it anymore. No doubt the TV show will fail given the sick content that these pervs keep coming up with. And enough about OJ, who really cares about that sick murderer?

2555 days ago


Taut body? No way! She's young I'll agree, but she has an average physique. I'm in my mid thirties, have given birth to two kids and have a tighter body than Hayden. She isn't what I consider fat, but she is definitely NOT toned. She needs to hit the gym and do a combination of strength training and cardio to get rid of those flabby arms. Because she's short, she better stay on top of her weight.

2555 days ago
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