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O.J.'s Alleged Victims Called Press, Talked Money

9/19/2007 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An hour after O.J. and crew raided a Vegas hotel room, the alleged victims were planning their media moves.
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TMZ has obtained an audiotape recorded about an hour after Simpson left. Bruce Fromong, one of the alleged victims, is heard saying, "I've already called the press." Fromong continues, "I've already called "Inside Edition." I'm trying to get Lydia's number, but it was in my f*****g phone that he stole."

Fromong rants at Alfred Beardsley, the other alleged victim, saying, "I told you we shouldn't have brought this s**t in. I told you." Beardsley replies, "Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, do you know how much money you're gonna make off this?" Fromong responds, "I don't give a s**t."


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What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

54. so its popular to hate OJ, but its intelligent to separate a setup and be big enough to admit it desite your personal feelings. try to look intelligent.

Posted at 6:40PM on Sep 19th 2007 by clevland brownzz

I don't hate OJ, as I don't know him. It truly doesn't matter if he was set up or not, as he could have left the room at any time. Once a gun was drawn, any intelligent person would have said "I'm outta here.". He clearly instructed the men he came to the room with not to let anyone leave. That's where the kidnapping charge comes into play.

The lot of people that he hangs with do not seem to be the most upstanding of citizens, but OJ is responsible for "his own actions".

If OJ had left and called security .... everyone but the victims and OJ would have been arrested.

Don't get mad at others for Mr. Simpson's dumb actions.

2593 days ago


I agree with the majority on this one... OJ is no saint but this smells! FRAMED!!! It's recorded and sold for money??? Money the Goldman's desperately petition the court for every time OJ farts? Come on people!

2593 days ago


Leeanne, the dumb actions were done by the people who framed him and put on the sting. Clearly, the man thought more aobut a single photo in all the stolen goods, so clearly this is not an "armed robbery." It was armed robbery for the ones who secretly took guns there.

yes oj was silly to even go there, but this reeks and is not kidnapping or armed robbery.
dont let your passion now cut off your freedom of tomorrow. If this could happen to oj, it could happen to your boyfriend, son, brother, or cousin any day. Lets not give people carte blanche to use someone, sell the tape and walk. its wrong and its unAmerican.

2593 days ago

Dw. Dunphy    

See, I'm not pro-O.J. in the slightest, but even I think this is starting to fall apart.


2593 days ago


# 35 to 53, Hope, please calm down girl, it's not your fight, calling me a bigot? thats not nice, whats wrong, did O.J. leave you at the alter? There are 12 people out there who disagreed and found him not guilty, thats all that counts. Now take your medicine and calm down, my goodness you are so hyper.

2593 days ago


this bruce guy is not real bright LOL.... what a shame. these men are like women gold diggers LOL no wonder he had a heart attack the stress of setting a man up for prison,to most humans, would stop your heart. He is a loser along with his wife which blames OJ for his heart attack... LOL and what was she doing on national TV while her husband in hospital LOL she is the female gold digger LOL .....people need to . leave OJ alone and let him live his life

2593 days ago


I think Fred Goldman had his hand into this i like to see their phone records.

2593 days ago


Only credible witness to this mess is TMZ. Everybody's testimony will be wiped out because of their credibility. OJ may walk away from this. Time will tell. It has been said the Lawyers are really going to take their time. Until all this is forgotten. October court is a status hearing. The judge says to the Prosecutor, hows it going , and the prosecutor says think we need more time. Judge says to Defense hows it going, Defense says I think we need more time. Judge say next Court date Oct 22, 2008. Simpson's attorney has already stated he has another case which is ongoing. Simpson's has to get new golfing buddies.

2593 days ago


By the way who owns all the memorabilia? Can you actually steal your own pproperty? if the items do not belong to OJ, why are the Goldmans asking to take them? Did those art dealer guys steal the items? Why were they not arrested tor possessing stolen items?

2593 days ago


all this stuff is starting to make me dizzy

all morons
idiots and

is anyone involved in this thing a "normal" person without a criminal record???
or an ulterior motive??

was hoping this would finally land simpson where he belongs

not so sure anymore

hopefully the jury will not be gullible
or let the fact that these guys are idiots too
stand in the way of convicting him

no really innocent people here at all it seems
one worse than the other

Simpson is in a league by himself
pure evil

2593 days ago


OMG ! ! ! ! ! SET UP, SET UP , SET UP. That's the way of the world. There's no honor among thieves. It was planned from the start by all three of those characters. All that man wanted was his stuff back. The other stuff that was taken was left at the front desk. Oh yea, Did anyone remember hearing "I did'nt take it, Mike took it", "Do you know how much money you're gonna make off this", or "I've already called Inside Edition". SET UP, SET UP, SET UP.

2593 days ago

Brett Jones    

It sounds like a setup to me!There is some one who keeps saying how much he hates O.J.,
could he be so gungho after Simpson's money that he might be behind this whole affair or a part of it?I do hope out of fairness to all parties,the case will
be tried in court first!I had just said at home,I hope the recorded tapes are disected by Fed audio analysts before they go to court,then I heard it on tv.
My greetings to Harvey!

2593 days ago


OJ planned the entire " sting " so how can that be considered a set up?
Someone can tell you where your stolen stuff is at and you go there hoping to get it returned and it dont turn out well so you cry set up?. Because the guy who recorded it all is a crook too and carried a recorder around does not mean he set it up to go down like it did. It's not logical to blame everyone else as if OJ is a toddler. They are all shady guys, OJ included

2593 days ago


it's not just you PAULIE. He looks like one few over alright.
Maybe in the comedy movie about all of this Jack can play him.

2593 days ago


Fromong who had the heart attack did not set anyone up as some post said.
He really is the only one so far without a criminal record but he would not say just where he got the OJ stuff from....yet.

2593 days ago
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