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O.J. Victim on Tape -- I Set Up Offshore Accounts

9/19/2007 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an audiotape recorded one hour after O.J.Simpson and his crew allegedly robbed two men in a Las Vegas hotel room.

An hour after the incident, Bruce Fromong, a sports memorabilia dealer and an alleged victim, can be heard ranting, "Nobody puts a gun in my f****n' face. I stood up for that motherf***er in -- in while he was in jail. I stood up for him in the press. I stood up for him on the, on the stand. I helped him set up his f***in' offshore accounts. Don't f**k with me."

If true, this could be a road map for Fred Goldman to go after Simpson's assets.

Fromong had a serious heart attack days after the incident, but is improving. His condition was upgraded to fair this morning.

Is O.J. hiding money?



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baby girl    

Oj's got a HUGE ONE! I wanna have at him after he sits in jail for awhile. I'll bet he's horney!

2554 days ago

Kitty Angel    

Who are you 3% of the people voting that think OJ is not hiding money!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

2554 days ago


O J should pay or he'd be partying round the clock, abusing his kids, staging holdups and acting like nothing had happ.. oh Wait?!

2554 days ago

In My Opinion    

I hate to break it to you Cherry1 but OJ was not convicted of murder otherwise he would be in jail for life under California law. He was found liable for their deaths in a civil court which is much different. As far as the Goldmans getting his money, I would want everything he has including the underwear he has on. It is not about the money for them, it is about him paying and suffering. He got away with MURDER, and they lost their son. He has been living in society for the last 13 years smiling and playing golf while they mourn their son. They have started many charities helping other families and I am quite sure that the money would be put to better use than golf and Rolex's.

2554 days ago


Offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands could mean at least a half a dozen more felony charges against O.J. including tax evasion and a whole list of federal offenses, Go O.J. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2554 days ago


Go Goldmans!! Track down those off shore accounts.

Can you imagine how painful it has been over the years to see pictures of OJ jetting all over the country playing golf, attending parties, dressed in fancy clothes? Yet your child is dead. Can you imagine the pain and rage that must be burning in the parents hearts? They were denied justice by a jury who was mistrustful of the then new forensic sciences. Taking him for every penny he is worth is the only form of justice that is available to them. I sure as HECK would do something to curb his lavish lifestyle. They couldn't convict him and send him to prison but they sure could put a dent in his lifestyle.

It is unbelievable to me that there are so many people in this country who are so star struck they will even defend this monster.

2554 days ago

a citizen of the u s of a    

we all need to get a life....fred goldman need a job, how unhappy to continue with this. Revenge is mine said the LORD.......I believe it

2554 days ago


I'm glad the goldmans are taking anything they can get from this horrific double murderer. I hope they chase him for the rest of his drunken drug fueled pathetic life. he claims that white people are racist. he's heard on the tape calling the white victims doughboys!! he hates black women too, he only dates white blondes. he has two half white kids by the woman he murdered. but he still is racist toward whites!!! hope he gets his someday, right in the head!!!

2554 days ago


First off this man supposedly has no money but yet that bond was posted pretty quickly. Secondly who is this lawyer? Thought he couldn't hire one. I have heard recently that the Goldman's were just money hungry; I don't think it's the money as much as it is the fact they don't want this man to live the glamourous life that he is accustomed to......I say take it all......He was found not guilty of murder but yet he shows his true colors not even a decade latter. He should have been put under the jail then. Lastly, he is the role model left for those children; god help them.

2554 days ago


I'd hide my money to if I was ordered to pay an outrageous sum for a crime I was found not guilty of. Since when does a waiter have the potential to make over 30 million in his lifetime?
I mean really?!

2554 days ago


It is fine now! Alllllllllllllllllllll mine! muhahahahahhahahahha! *tweaks mustache*

2554 days ago


It really looks like OJ was set up. Bruce Fomong's speach almost sounds rehearsed and covers all bases. "I helped you get off on a MURDER CHARGE, I....and I helped you set up OFF SHORE ACCOUNTS and you are holding a GUN to my head."

HOWEVER, regardless of whether he was set up or not, you can't take the law into your own hands and expect to get away with it.

Also, he was no more "set up" than a prostitution or child pornography sting. These dragnets go one all the time and appear to hold up guite well in court.. At least I've never heard of anyone getting off because they were "set up" to approach a hooker etc.

2554 days ago


I hope the Goldmans continue to stick it to him. I hope they get every penny that sorry b*stard has tried to hide -- everywhere.

2554 days ago



2554 days ago


Drop dead Fred!

2554 days ago
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