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Celebrity Endorsements: No Thanks!

9/22/2007 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celebrities are clearly able to convince people to drink a certain soda or eat a certain food, but when it comes to politics, their word carries little weight.
Oprah, Donald, Kanye, Bill
According to a telephone survey of more than 1,000 people, conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, several celebrity endorsements would actually cause people NOT to vote for a candidate. For example, when asked whether an endorsement from Kanye West would make them more or less likely to vote for a candidate, 4% said it would make them more likely , but 15% said they'd be less likely. What are those 4% thinking?

Other celebs who had a negative impact included Donald Trump, Jay Leno, Toby Keith and -- shocker -- Bill O'Reilly. The endorsement Barack Obama got from Oprah Winfrey was a wash -- 15% said an endorsement from Oprah would help -- and 15% said it would hurt. Looks like Oprah should stick to recommending books!


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Oprah the private woman has the right to vote and endorse anyone she pleases. Oprah the talk show host, by not opening up her stage to the other candidates has jeapordized her reputation as a neutral interviewer, and her journalistic integrity. Former President Clinton had to insist on air time a couple of weeks ago and she put a heavy kibash on him speaking about Hilary's campaign. In Oprahs many years as a Media Leader she has never publicly supported any one at all. This is the first time. Again, this is her show and her right and clearly shows what Oprahs agenda is.

This should not affect or sway any intelligent person. Look at each candidate by his or her merits, reputation and skill. Vote your conscience..... Not Oprahs.

2554 days ago


I, personally, would vote for the most reluctant to run for president (think Colon Powell here). One that doesn't kiss Jay Leno's ass or David Letterman or Oprah by lowering the prestige of running for this high office by going on their shows just to show "they are just like us". I mean, think about the mindset of someone who CRAVES to be in that seat of power and all the baggage that comes with it as well. Who in their right minds would WANTS to have to kiss ass so much, yet end up hated by so many people as our presidents end up being hated? I think Reagan was the last president who didn't garner such outright deranged hatred from the opposing party. Ugh....

2554 days ago


Angie....You're soo right. Well said

Also this article turned me off to Obama.

Pop culture is my guilty pleasure on my down time, but mixing the LA scene with presidental campaigning? Big no no in my book.

2554 days ago


This is really an interesting topic. Hollywood has no say in politics and never should, except of course for their personal- and very silent - vote. I can assure everyone that if a celebrity endorses anyone whatsoever, rest assured I will not vote for them... EVER. Not even Oprah can sway me. I hate celebs that push their politics into our faces and they should do what they do best, just shut up and do their jobs. It is the only reason I'm interested in them. Their "thoughts" bore me.

2554 days ago


Oh, and one afterthought. Hillary is the LAST person that should run this country. Heaven help us all if that nightmare ever comes to fruition.

2554 days ago

L Baker    

I am SO disappointed when an actor or celebrity starts spouting their ideas about politice, etc. I watch them to be entertained, NOT to hear a sermon. Freedom of speech is one thing, but keep that in their own space, not mine. I usually change my opinon of them and stop watching their programs, movies, or stop listening to their music. Their opinion is theirs but my opinion could cost them money.

2552 days ago

50 is apig    

Why would I listen to a celebrity for anything that affects my life. Just watch a few videos on TMZ and you not one of them has the common sense God gave a rock.

2550 days ago
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