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O.J. to Handyman: "I'm Going to F***ing Kill You!"

9/23/2007 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonO.J. Simpson had an explosive altercation six weeks ago, when he accused his girlfriend of sleeping with an ex-con handyman, according to what the worker and his wife told the New York Post.

The pair tell the Post that Simpson arrived at the home of Janos and Marlene Gonzalez thirty minutes after leaving an angry voicemail in which he accused Janos Gonzalez -- who Simpson had hired to work at his South Miami home -- of sleeping with Christie Prody, the Juice's longtime girlfriend.

According to Marlene Gonzalez, O.J. parked his car -- with his girlfriend in the front seat -- in the Gonzalez family driveway and he approached Marlene, telling her that her husband Janos had sex with Prody earlier that day. Her husband heard the commotion and came outside to tell O.J. to leave, to which Simpson responded, "Come over here. I'm going to f***ing kill you!"

Simpson then placed his hand behind him as if drawing a gun, according to Marlene. "I didn't know if he really had one." The confrontation lasted less than 15 minutes, ending when Mrs. Gonzalez called the police. O.J. then drove off. The couple filed a police report and described the incident as a verbal dispute -- no weapons were used.

Janos Gonzalez has denied he ever met Prody, but said he had heard about Simpson's relationship with her (police have responded to three domestic disputes between 2000 and 2005). But police reports and court documents obtained by The Post show Prody and Gonzalez did have a past; police busted the pair inside Gonzalez's truck on Aug. 22, 2006 for allegedly having drugs.

Miami police have not pursued the dispute case between O.J.Simpson and Janos Gonzalez.

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I think O.J. is misunderstood. He has a kind heart and a giving spirit. No one can argue the effect his work has had on the homeless problem. I'm a living result of his campaign to eliminate illiteracy in the U.S. Thank you, O.J.!

2534 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

That's a good one, #15!

2534 days ago

John Blomstrom    

O.J. has been a thug his whole life.- back to his early teens. Check out his history. If he hadn't been such a great football player with a charming smile, he would have been in prison for life by now. Maybe this time, he will get some jail time. If not, I am sure the justice system will have another chance later. Bottom line is, I think, we need to get better juries- instead of people ignoring the facts.

2534 days ago


How sad for the people of this country, when they can - and do - racially profile fellow citizens because of the color of their skin. Do you really believe in your heart, if not your common sense, that ALL African Americans actually believe O.J. to be innocent of these wild outbursts against people? No, they don't, so please don't take your anger out on abn entire group of people. O.J. is only one person, and a sick one at that. People are God's flowers; you wouldn't throw out the whole boquet because one of the flowers has gone bad, would you.

2534 days ago


i am totally bewildered as to why this human stain is accepted on any level of society/humanity....he should be shunned.....

2534 days ago


O.J. is a sick person, really sick. I made a comment just after the trial that if he were guilty, he'd wind up going insane, and it sure looks like he is on that road now. One of these days he is going to go up against someone bigger, stronger, and smarter, who can and will fight back. O.J., watch yourself!

2534 days ago


most people just say something like that, but with O.J., you know that he REALLY MEANS IT!

2534 days ago


Leave OJ alone-he can do whatever he wants and get away with it-so why discuss him and what he does. If I ever see him near my family I'm grabbing everybody and running-he might decide to attack one of them and he would surely get away with it. OJ is trash and needs to be put away for good. Oh, by the way, if you read this OJ, I'm just kidding!!!

2534 days ago

candy asman    

i would just like to see this ----- person handled like the rest of the poor citizens in the us. gfive him one of our great public defenders since he says he has no assets and see where he ends up then.. how many times can we murder and kidnap if we have money? and how much money do we need? i want to start saving up!!!!!

2534 days ago

Sam T    

> 15. dat man be inosent!! ias a proud blak man and I be teellen you he bee inosent!

LOL. I was waiting to see who would first play the race card as a comment.

> Posted at 1:33PM on Sep 23rd 2007 by koo koo

Humorous parody, if a bit un-PC (and definitely "koo koo").

2534 days ago


#16 Holden, you are a total dumbass--how do you even type on the keyboard without help-or do you?

2534 days ago


Do you think those charming, enlightening ladies on The View could get O.J. (and his girl friend) to come their show and have some intelligent conversation with subjects-- like, say, "How-to-kill- two-people-(who, by-the-way, were-not-a -threat-to- you)-and -get-away- with-it?

2534 days ago

Phony Tony    

Just more evidence that O.J. is a Savage Negro Beast who should be locked away for life.

2534 days ago


Don't be afraid if he shows a gun, a knife is what he uses to kill people. Run if you see a knife.

2534 days ago

Democrats are evil    

The classless broad who calls herself OJ's girlfriend is putting so many others around her at risk. As well as any person who chooses to work for the man. If and when OJ does snap and hurts or kills anyone else, the jury in Los angeles should be arrested and brought up on charges of impersonating a citizen who cares. As for me, I just don't give a rats behind anymore. If the public doesn't want to do the right thing with obvious criminals like him, then they deserve all the public criticism and ridicule that will follow when he kills again. Hell has a special room for these idiots.

2534 days ago
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