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Adrianne Curry:

Another Fine Mess

9/24/2007 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usually, when Adrianne Curry blogs, it just makes her look like a crazy woman. Maybe it's just showing her in true form, but her latest dispatch makes her look a little like Strom Thurmond with fake boobs. America's Next Top Race-Baiter!

The first "America's Next Top Model" initially wrote on her MySpace blog that she's boycotting Black History Month and the BET network, and that while the history of slavery of African-Americans "does suck some major balls," she's imploring them to "move the f**k on."

Now, after some serious backlash, the empty-headed model takes another stab at blogging in order to clarify her ridiculous rant, explaining that she feels "horrible that people misunderstood" her message. Perhaps this girl should think before she blogs!

The annoying Adrianne writes, "I am appalled that anyone would claim I am just some stupid white b**ch that doesn't know s**t about anything." How could anyone think such a thing?! Unfortunately, there's more! She says that she comes from an "incredibly political family." Sure. All this worldly philosophy coming from someone who dropped out of high school in her junior year. Stay in school kids!

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Yes TMZ does censor they deleted all three of my post because they were in opposition of Ms. Curry........ HMMMMMMMMMM.....Something to think about

P.S. It was not because of foul language....

2529 days ago


592. Yes TMZ does censor they deleted all three of my post because they were in opposition of Ms. Curry........ HMMMMMMMMMM.....Something to think about

P.S. It was not because of foul language....

Posted at 8:27PM on Sep 25th 2007 by dm

Gee - I see a lot of blogs posted that don't agree with her. Maybe your's were deleted because they were ignorant or racist. We do not need a Black month or white month or a brown month. And yes I am hispanic. If we continue to divide we will never unite.

2529 days ago

This is sad    

To all the morons that ask about other nationalities and pride celebrations. There are festivals throughout the year in several cities throughout the United States celebrations nationalities and cultures.

White history month is 12 months out of the year. You are taught WHITE HISTORY everyday in your classrooms. Black history month is one month out of the year which extends beyond slavery and Martin Luther King; which is all we learn about black history in school)


This is a blog is truely sad... white American pretend to be the most civilized race on earth. Listen to yourselves. YOU ARE BARBARIANS lying in wait to ravage those whom you perceive to be lesser than you. Those of you who idolize this ignorant, disrespectful point of view should be VERY PROUD OF YOURSELVES. She truly represents your elite in your culture. BE PROUD...

2529 days ago


does anyone realize that this blog was posted on HER myspace page? TMZ is the one who decided it should be news. They troll through celebs blogs and then put them up here for everyone to rant and rave about. It isn't as if the girl went on CNN or something. She has the right to say whatever the f**K she wants to on her own personal blog. Get over it people.

2529 days ago

U don't have to be a genius    

Hey everybody I'm back =) I have to scroll up the comments and see what I've missed.

2529 days ago

U don't have to be a genius    

I just love when I watch cops and a black man is being arrested and he is like," man your just doing this cause I am black",,,,,I guess he didn't think the crack in his back pocket had anything to do with it,,,,just an example of the race card issue!!
Awww now come on Kels, I'd be asking that too, you know the white man sold him the drugs and he wasn't arrested. What kind of mess is that? Just another example of a white person getting off because they are white. *playing the white men never do anything role while the black man gets taking down, that does tend to seem a little racist *

2529 days ago


I agree w/ most everyone that Adrienne Curry is a sadly ignorant creature. But to the misguided people who think we should have "WTV" and White History Month", please consider this: as late the 1980's (when I was in school), we never learned about any other culture or people of any race during the WHOLE school year. (We did hear MLK's name in February.) So, every day was about celebrating one race, while totally ignoring the Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and the people from India who attended our school. So, the television network, magazines, and various ethnic History Months gave a forum for us who were actually interested in learning more about our fellow human beings.

2528 days ago

Steve Cross    

I know what she is trying to get at but she didn't express it very well to say the least.

However can you imagine the uproar we would hear iwe decided to have a White History month or a television channel deicated only to whites. Then we hear shouts of racist, but why have one without the other. I know that this will shake things up on the blog!!

2528 days ago


Kelly you are a racist plain and simple, and as I can see most of you are. I am a white woman and can't believe that any of my people would actually feel this way about black people. Now I do believe we should be united as people and I can agree with her on that and only that. We all need to understand we live in a country that is multi-cultural. Asking black people or white people or jewish people to forget their heritage is absurd. We live in a free country where freedom of speech is not the only amendment on the constitution. We have a right to religion and pretty much anything else we want. I do not hear anyone saying there should only be one religion because that would be absurd. I don't even hear anyone saying that being gay is wrong because again that would be crazy. I don't hear anyone talking bad about GLAAD which is an organization set up for gay people that helps protect their rights as human beings. I can't believe my white people are truly this ignorant and closeted racists as well. America has Black History Month but it's just a time where they can relate to their heritage and their accomplishments it's not racist and it's not a holiday where they get to be off work. True white people such as myself have July 4th which is what we call Independance Day where it's a national holiday and we get to be off work and we celebrate our Independance from England. I have not heard one black person complain about that because truly Independance Day doesn't have anything to do with them but I haven't heard anyone mention this. It only seems to be a problem when a black says something and I think that is ridiculous. Being white and proud I am ashamed that with all the different religions and ethnic backgrounds we have living in this one country their are still people that would say forget your race and your heritage. What are African Americans suppose to do then? I also cannot understand why this is so black and white, in America there are hundreds of races and religions so why are my white people so mad at black people. I really don't see them complaining or crying as much as you all are saying. Oh, and again to kelly though she is not the only racist white person on this blog just the most outspoken one that I can see, your comment to Gwendolyn saying that she shouldn't be in others business was out of line. First, when you classify and entire race as you have been doing and she falls into that category it becomes her business so she can speak. You however and myself included know nothing of what it's like to be black and never will so please all my whites stop acting like you are so informed on their issues when in all honesty most of you could care less what happens to them and don't know half of their plights. Unless you have lived their lives or walked in their shoes you really can't make and informed opinion about anything in their race. Again I am very proud to white just disgusted by racism and racist stereotypes. WE ARE ALL ONE but we are also individuals with our own lives, families, religions, bills, etc. Let's just learn to live together and respect each other and our differences. White we are the ones that are crying oh boo hoo blacks get black history, blacks get their own tv channel, blacks get their own organizations, blacks are taking our college scholarships. GET OVER IT ALREADY if we are so much better than them as most of you white people on here are portraying with your grade school level insults and general sterotyping then we don't need those things any cause we are so great. Get a life loosers. Still very proud to white just can't stand the fact that I share any heitage with people such as kelly and all her racist counterparts.

2528 days ago


I think she was misunderstood, as far as boycotting BET and black history month, honestly tho, is there White History Month(cause if there was people would be crying racism)? and a channel just for white music videos? -not that I think there should be but there isnt- so why does it make sense to have a month and a channel that specify only to black people? Unless we start doing White History Month, JET(Jewish Entertainment), and the Muslim music awards and so on.

2528 days ago


Also there is a time in history when all races/nationalities were mistreated unfortunately humans keep making the same mistakes over and over. I mean look at the Brits and what they did to the Scots and the Irish, that's just 1 example out of probably hundreds. The most important thing is change so we don't ever let it happen again the future.

2528 days ago


I so agree with Kelly and I am raciest I admit it if I could go back in time i would make sure that no black people existed I think if that was to happen back then the feauture would have no crack no Hip hope and crap rap it would be a better world.

I also agree with Curry because I am so sick of the black man censorshippiung our history books because they pool the race card I also don't think that we should even have a black history month I am also sick of turning on the tv and relizing that its black history month. I believe the black man is an abomination to the world and we should nuke africa that would solve aids. I also agree BET does nothing for tv and that the hip hop crap they spout out of there rapping mouths is sick and if you listen to there raps they are degrating there own woman so you know what its not the white person in the end let them fight it out among there own race and sad but true they will kill themselves over it because there gang fights alone!

2528 days ago


well from reading what I typed I have typos so on that note good night.

2528 days ago


hey I_hate_a_c

your post started off really informative and intellingent too bad you had to finish it off the way you did. look what you wrote. essentielly you're as bad as she is. the way to stop hate is to stop spreading it yourself - start with yourself - then you can preach to others.

2528 days ago


Billy Toney...the only person who should have read your ignorant uneducated missive is you. What a waste of a brain you are. And yes, I am white.

2528 days ago
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