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Brit's Bodyguard Witnessed Drug Use ... Allegedly

9/24/2007 11:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' former bodyguard just appeared on "Today," where he described seeing the popwreck engage in some toxic activity on numerous occasions -- but never near her kids.

Tony Barretto, along with Gloria Allred, talked to Matt Lauer about Spears' alleged drug use, saying he witnessed her using on two occasions -- once in a club booth and again in a closed off bathroom.

Tony worked for Brit for two months after she left rehab, and says that while she was a definitely a user, he'd "never seen her use drugs in the presence of her children."


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dont worry about it    

Poor Britney, everyone is taking advantage of her situation for their own personal gain. I totally agree that if he was so concerned about her and her children, why didn't he call authorities or even child services to get them all help. he is now trying to make a buck to feed his fat ass!!!! GET A REAL JOB!!!!!

2594 days ago


I heard he was Chris Crockers real dad!!

2594 days ago


all britney cares about is making more money since she birthed her kids. Gimme more money is what it should be called. 737k a month in income is not enough for her to chill out for 2-3 years with her kids??

2594 days ago


This person could care less. He is just hip to the program in making money off a dumb white celebrity. His sorry ass should have called dcfs. He is definately on k-fed side. While I do feel sorry for Briteny, she is definately causing her problems. This girl is not going to learn until it's too late. What's the matter with her? Why won't she listen? I really, really hope she finds someone (or herself) who truly cares for her. It's truly sad to see someonee in need.

2594 days ago


SO MAtt lauers interview with britney 2 yrs ago was fake just like this interview today. Give it up

2594 days ago


sean+jayden=Menendez brothers in the making---I was thinking the same thing the other day! Except Sean and Jayden probebly will not be convicted for killing their parents.

2594 days ago

britts only supporter    

i'm here for u brit! call me and we'll take care of this fat rat! lol ! hope u can sleep well tony. looks as if you'll never bodyguard another celebrity! snitches deserve stitches!

2594 days ago


He has to be lying ,he says she does drugs but never said what she uses ?I would say WHAT if I knew ,or is he afraid if he says and a drug test refutes his claim he'll be deemed a lair ?It's sooooooooo easy to genralize without fact "Fat Tony" ...

2594 days ago


Wait a second...didn't he say last week when they wanted him to testify that she had done drugs in front of her kids?? He needs to get his story straight!! He got fired and now he wants his 15 minutes! If he was so concerned about the kid's well being, don't you think he should have done something back IN MAY????? If they were in such danger, you don't wait 4 months to tell someone about it!! What judge or anyone is going to believe that he truly felt those kids were in danger? Something should have been done then....NOT now about it!!!

2594 days ago


Wow, another disgruntled employee. He is such a slimy looking, fat faced jerk. Gloria All Red, she is the equivalent of an ambulance chaser. Gives lawyers a bad name I might add as well. She is with the fat pig for the $$$ and the t.v. time.

2594 days ago


The drug tests will show that she doesn't do drugs and never did. Believe it or not!!! You will see...

2594 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

Uh, menendez brothers in the making:

Please get off your mother's computer and shut up. Yeah, Twitney is a horrible mother and a moron, but you aren't making a whole lot of sense.

2594 days ago


as far as her retiring or going into hiding for a few years, why should she? performing is her passion, why is it so wrong if she wants to continue to dance and sing? I would LOVE to have stopped working my 9-5 after my son was born 8 months ago, but financially it would have been tight. no, she doesn't need the money, but why should she just put her passion, her "job" on the back burner? it's doesn't mean that you don't love your kids or take care of them any less if you return to your work, people. actors, actresses, singers do it all the time - how many times do you hear people bringing their kids to sets? maybe her performing is a "good" thing, it's all she's ever really known, and maybe it will give her a form of release...

2594 days ago


Menendez brothers...OKAY

I'm guessing you forgot the reason they said they killed them was because of sexual abuse by the father, now Britney has been guilty of using drugs but no where have there been any accusations of sexual abuse.

2594 days ago

kim suck    

her kids are F*****!!!

2594 days ago
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