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Opri to Birkhead -- "I Have Had Enough"

9/24/2007 9:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Opri is filing a lawsuit against Larry Birkhead for defamation, fraud and breach of contract.
Larry Birkhead and Debra Opri
In the lawsuit, filed this afternoon in L.A. County Superior Court, Opri claims Birkhead slandered her during a recent appearance on "Larry King Live," during which Birkhead said Opri had leaked confidential documents in his paternity case to Rita Cosby. Cosby wrote a book about the Anna Nicole saga.

In her lawsuit, Opri claims Birkhead " ... impugned both Opri's ethics and her professional reputation." Opri says Birkhead's allegation that Opri was a source for Cosby's book is untrue -- "Birkhead never witnessed Opri handing confidential and private documents to Rita Cosby because it never occurred." Opri claims she was not a source in the Cosby book.

Opri cites an interview Birkhead gave to TMZ in which he said he fired her. Opri says in her lawsuit that she was the one who withdrew from the case, claiming Birkhead's statements were "planned and malicious."

Opri goes on to allege, "Birkhead personally leaked a confidential document, Opri's attorney billing within hours of receiving it, to"

Opri says she has paid damage control gurus Sitrick and Company around $200,000 to blunt "defamatory attacks made by Birkhead."

Opri also claims Birkhead knew her fee in the paternity case could exceed $500,000 from the get-go. And she claims he screwed her out of a commission she was entitled to receive on a $1.7 million Dannielynn photo deal.

The suit seeks unspecified damages.

In a statement issued this afternoon, Opri said, "My message today to Larry Birkhead is ... I have had enough."

Birkhead could not immediately be reached for comment.


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A little hard to decide who to root for: A lawyer or a photog?

2588 days ago



Weather in Colorado I hear is fine. But there is a BIG FREEZE coming throught very soon.
1,500 people voted there aren't even 1,500 people on this thread. Are they counting the votes in Florida????

Go Deb Turnabout is fair play. The Sue Happy Duo should get a taste of their own medicine. Take em to the cleaners.

2588 days ago


Sam .......................I have your sentiments. Long ago I asked that question to myself. Mrs. Opri should have never taken him as a client and I know she probably regrets this miserable decision. But she made the mistake of her life and I am happy that she is now fighting back. She should have never cleaned him up for the Public. What she presented to us was and is a Lie. It has done so much damage.

2588 days ago

Whack A Mole (finger) (formerly Mad Hatter)    

44. Whose side are you on?
Birkhead 87%
Opri 13%
Total Votes: 810
Note on Poll Results

and at the time that i copied this there were only 24 comments, so the dang fetch thing is rigged...

Posted at 9:54PM on Sep 24th 2007 by Windi

Say it ain't so! Larry being favored by Harvey Levin? Oh,,, you can't be serious... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (tissue) HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

2588 days ago

Lenn K.    

Am I missing something didn't 99% of you who can't get over this ANS stuff and keeping blog over 25,000 time love Larry. Now he's the enemy and Virgie the saint. People get a life ANS isn't coming back and you can't solve any crimes. We all talked about for months, but now life goes on, well for the rest of us. Her son died because they had a terrible life with drugs as a part of it. You can blame Howard K., Larry Birkhead, hell you can even blame the Fake Prince nothing will change the sun will come up in the morning and OJ still killed Nicole and Ron Goldman!!!

2588 days ago

Mary Toothman    

I guess this is what Larry's reality show will be about - going to his lawyer and going to court.
Larry, do you have any friends left on the planet? Oh, yeah, I forgot you have Stern.

We are no longer buying your "sweet guy" act. Don't say we didn't care about you and that you weren't warned about playing with fire. Larry, you really need to listen to someone other than Howard. You literally have blown it.

2588 days ago



2588 days ago

Twelve Days in Houston    

What does LB & DL together have anything to do with what Opri did and the LB v Opri suit? Nothing. Facts stand.

Opri –
• Began a media campaign against ANS immediately following Daniel’s death
• Drug LB through multiple courts and jurisdictions vs going to the Bahamas for custody
• Charged an outrageous bill to LB [ do I have to remind of the lobsters and drycleaning?]
• Stole LB’s money from media deal.
• Filed a response to LB’s lawsuit that had nothing to do with the lawsuit and used it to publicy slam HKS and LB. [ backfired]
• Judge ordered JURY – NO arbitration. The Judge considered her to have the weakest evidence, struck down Speers and Alex's statements and her whole response to 1 line of evidence.

2588 days ago


These polls are definitely rigged because Birkhead does not have many supporters left. Most people have wised up to his under handed tricks.

2588 days ago

Innocent ByStander    

I'm so sick of Larry turning his back on everybody that has tried to help him. He deserves everything that he gets from this moment on!

Virgie should sue him too.

Tony Potts should sue him.

OK mag should sue him.

Dannielynn should sue him.

Dolly Pardon should sue him.

Barney should sue him.

I should sue him.

You should sue him.

You may add your suit at the bottom. Thank You LOL

2588 days ago


The Poll is fixed. Who can believe such numbers there aren't even 40 comments yet. Shame on you TMZ fixing Polls.

2588 days ago

Real Deal    

To the Opri fan club....

Please explain how the self serving media whore Opri actually help Larry????

Stern folded and gave Dannylyn to the natural father. Don't need an attorney to claim your natural baby annd the Bahamas is still pending.

What did she actually do for that abnoxious bill beside self promote???

2588 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

"Justice travels with a leaden foot ; and strikes with an iron fist. "

2588 days ago

Twelve Days in Houston    

40. Everyone knows Opri is insane. I'm creating an anti-Opri site to launch in 4 days. It will be the biggest internet smear campaign she has ever seen!!!!

I'm even taking out a billboard on Sunset Blvd promoting it! Watch out Opri!! :)

Posted at 9:52PM on Sep 24th 2007 by John

Take a PIC please and send to TMZ : )

2588 days ago


She was respectful and honoring of her former client, Larry Birkhead. If it hadn't been for Debra Opri, Stern and Rale would have gotten Anna's body released and shipped off to the Bahamas without the DNA harvest and he would never have been able to hold his biological daughter.

Larry Birkhead had all of us fooled.... Possibly, the reason we've never seen or heard of his biological mother is that he treats her just like he has other important females who supported him in his rights as a biological father during the past year!

Debra Opri, deserves every cent she billed him and more. He has on several public occasions defamed her in addition to recent global dishonoring on Larry King Live while sandwiched between Michael Trope and Ronald Rale.

Shame on you, Larry Birkhead, for taking "easy street" when you could have had the public and the world by the balls. Yes, as one of your sisters said on her myspace regarding Mrs. Arthur - "Ain't karma a bitch!" It's now Larry Birkhead's turn to experience the karma (cause and "effect") for his greedy and arrogant actions as the biological father of that innocent little child!

2588 days ago
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