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The Littlest

Chow Hound

9/24/2007 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell showed up to Mr. Chow last night with his adorable 2-year-old daughter, Toni, who brought a burst of much needed color to the drab rocker fam. Adam Goldberg was at Chow over the weekend as well, giving his congrats to Alicia Silverstone for gettin' naked for PETA.

Twang intact, Reba McEntire hit up Koi, John Legend was at Hyde and train wreck couple Fake Paris and Daniel DiCriscio showed how much they really suck outside of Shark's Cove.

Brad Pitt showed off some ridiculous locks in New York on the set of his new flick, while Jennifer Hudson showed up on the "Sex and the City" set to start filming as SJP's assistant.

All this and more in today's "Move Over Suri" edition of Star Catcher.


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Check out the full Alicia video and print advert at

Great stuff!

2556 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

There was no comments on this one so all I can say is EEEWWW! I don't even know who the hell they are but kids are cute!

2556 days ago


I must be getting old because I think that it is funny that TMZ chose to reference Audio Slave and not Sound Garden, one of the most important bands ever, when talking about Chris Cornell. It would be like calling paul McCartney that dude from Wings.

2556 days ago


Chris Cornell is soooo hot...but what's with that hair? Awful. They look like they were going to a funeral, ya think they could smile for once? Cute kid though.

2556 days ago

The Marian Movement    

I'm with wisegirl. As a Soundgarden"er" - I TRIED so hard to get into Audioslave but I never quite got there. Chris can never do wrong in my books but I'd have to put Soundgarden before AS.

I don't get all the hype about people like John Mayer - when you listen to the words of Black Hole Sun, the stuff Mayer writes and gets so much credit for today - is so lame in comparison. I'm waiting for the world to change....BACK.

2556 days ago


So it's true. Natalie and Daniel are really a couple?! I saw them on TV kissing, now they're sucking?!!!

2556 days ago


You people are so frickin inconsistent. If that were a picture of Britney spears, or even Larry Birkhead out to dinner with their kid, the posters here would be calling them all kinds of vile names and accusing them if whoring the kids to the media (on the other hand, if Britney goes out to shop or eat without kids, then she's called child abuser/neglecter) and shaming them for having the kids out where the Paps ALWAYs hang out, such as Mr. Chow's.

Here for this story we see numerous awwww, how cute posts about the kids, in photos snapped by paps. Hullo, double standard readers.... Are the people who post here really such hypocrits? Some people can take their kids to Mr. Chows and others cannot?

2556 days ago


Chris Cornell is a bona fide genius. Genius, genius, genius, with the best rock voice in history. And YES I am including Robert Plant. I LOVE how he is almost never on this website--no offense. He's amazing in concert, I have about every studio record he's put out (Louder than Love, anyone?) and obviously produces some cute kids. Was the other little girl in the video his oldest, Lily? Check into that, will ya?

2556 days ago


Oh, and to "Inconsistent," Chris Cornell doesn't plan is schedule around "paparazzi hot spots." He doesn't sell pictures of his kids to tabloids. You almost never see paparazzi pics of him plastered everywhere, and that's the way we fans of GOOD MUSIC, and people who are famous for HAVING AN ACTUAL SKILL appreciate.

2556 days ago


You are wise Extrema, very wise!

2556 days ago


Unh Extrema, I entirely 100 percent agree with your statements about Chris and his talent; indeed, something Britney spears is lacking. However, she has never, ever sold pictures of her children to the media and sorry but Mr. Chow's is indeed a paparazzi hot spot. I am not a Britney fan, but I have to laugh my ass off at the double standard exhibited by the readers here. There is one standard for those they dislike and another for those of whom they are fans.

As for Larry selling a photo session or just a picture to the media, good for him. He has figured out a way to secure his daugnter's financial future, all with a few hours of posing and I have not seen him out being mobbed by paps with baby in arms.

2556 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    



2556 days ago

what is it?    

I don't know who Chris Cornell is, Adam Goldberg is ugly and a jerk, Reba's a bitch, John Legend is stupid, Fake Paris and Daniel DiCriscio really do suck, and I LOVE "Sex and The City"!

2556 days ago

Chris can never do wrong in my books but I'd have to put Soundgarden before AS.

2555 days ago

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