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Pam Anderson's Impromptu Bodyguard

9/26/2007 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela Anderson doesn't need to hire a bodyguard -- regular Joes on the street seem to work just fine! Babe watch!

TMZ was outside Nobu in Malibu last night, where Pam grabbed a bite to eat with new boy toy (and Paris Hilton sex tape partner) Rick Salomon and one of her sons. As the micro-mini-shorted mom and group loaded into her SUV, a random passerby blocked our cameraman's shot.

Thanks a heap!

Pam didn't react, but Salomon clearly enjoyed the protection -- egging the guy to "knock his f**king teeth out!"

Busta Rhymes: Click to watchAnderson wasn't the only one getting protection from everyday citizens last night -- both Busta Rhymes and Wilmer Valderrama were spared from the TMZ camera -- thanks to a giant purse-toting amazon outside of Les Deux.


No Avatar


Didn't we go through this with Brit, That is a shirt not a dress.

2582 days ago


What PIGS..............YUCK

2582 days ago


What is up with the short, and I mean SHORT baby doll dresses? Put some pants on people!!

2582 days ago


Pam grow up. Your kids need you. Can you say HEP C.Get help quick, while you still can.

2582 days ago

Dawn Day    

Can you say "Mid-Life Crisis"?!

2582 days ago


The bitch could have at least said thank you to the idiot. And she needs to put some clothes on, especially when her kids are around.

What's up with the TMZ site? You can barely type on here.

2582 days ago


geez, she is setting her sons up with some great role models to follow. let's see, people with anger management problems, spouse abusers, alcoholics, amateur pornographers, bimbos.....didi i miss anything?

2582 days ago


I am from the same area as Pam is from in Canada but I do not respect her as a mom she is a white trash all the way...

2582 days ago


Oh Please Pam, your old, boring and famous for doing nothing..baywatch is soo yesturday.

2582 days ago


What a Great Role Model This Over Aged S**t is to her Kids !!!!!!!! I Feel Sorry for the Children of Sluts. They Grow Up to Be Axe Murder's...................... That's What Happens when You Grow Up Hearing and Seeing What a Wh**e your Mother is .Show Some Dignity in Front of Your Kids and stop Wearing Stripper Costumes in Public!! .

2582 days ago


You look fantastic, Pam. Keep doing your thing. You know the kids come before anything, so I personally don't see a problem with you dating. ;-)

2582 days ago


Hey dude,

MYOB and let TMZ do their work. They weren't there to film your ass!

2582 days ago


I think u look awesome!!! keep up the good work with ur sons. i think u r thr perfcect role model for ur children. im only a big fan of urs and i can see the GREAT job u do with ur children by the way they look awesome and always look VERY HAPPY!!! i cant believe what all these people say bad about u when they dont even know u.. how ignorant of them, they r ALL jealous of u because they will never compare to a more beautiful woman that goes out of her way and spends 100%.. and gives 100% to her children. Pam keep up all the good work and screw what all them losers have to say because there r more people who envy u then dis u like myself.. u've always been a role model to me since i saw u on the big sceen at the football game. GREAT JOB PAM KEEP IT UP GIRL!!!

2581 days ago


There does come a time in any womans life when she has to quit wearing shot skirts or dresses...or put pants on and not just run around barefoot in a shirt. Obviously when Anderson-Lee-Rock alias Tramp doesn't see the reality of what she looks like now. She is such a mess and now with a porn king. The woman is either desperate for publicity or just completely lacking in any morals. Her taste in men is completely absurb...I have seen Tommy Lee up close and he is so ugly and filthy....apparently he has never discovered a wonder of nature...soap and water...Kid Rock looks like he is missing a few screws in the brain area. He's got to be mentally impaired..why in god's name would he choose to be with Anderson? She admits to having hepitis c, but I wonder what else she has? She claims that her sons are her life...okay...and her life includes an assortment of the lowest of low life men. Way to go Pamm....really raise them right and make them just like their low life father or the even lower porn king. She is revolting.

2581 days ago


no.12>yer an idiot,you have no more a clue wheather shes a good parent as others feel shes not>you dont see good parents on tmz and so you need to maybe rethink your idea of GOOD parenting!!!

2581 days ago
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