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Spector Mistrial!

9/26/2007 5:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phil SpectorThe judge in the Phil Spector murder trial has declared a mistrial, as jurors announced they were hopelessly deadlocked.

In the courtroom today, the jury foreperson told the judge that they were deadlocked 10 - 2 -- with 10 jurors voting for a guilty verdict.

Prosecutors charged Spector with the murder of actress Lana Clarkson nearly five years ago. Spector's attorneys had argued Clarkson committed suicide.

A spokeswoman for the District Attorney told the LA Times "We will try Phil Spector again" and said her office was disappointed with the outcome of the trial

All parties will be back in court on October 3rd.

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wow it's nice to know. If you really want to KILL someone . Go and do it in California. .........What is wrong with those people are they that star stuck..... This really suck for her family. This is unreal. I lguess what they are saying if you have money you can kill someone and just walk away ......WHAT A SHAME

2591 days ago

cat at maryland    

i heard they were involved in a kinky sex act that went he going to jail until new trial???or back home>>>anyone know?????

2591 days ago


On five seperate occasions FIVE DIFFERENT WOMEN testified that this defendant picked them up in clubs and later at his home, pointed a gun at them, demanding sex, when they wanted to leave. The 6th wasn't as lucky. After the gunshot, he exited his home and told his chaufer HE THOUGHT HE KILLED SOMEBODY'. They should lock up those two jurerors.

2591 days ago

we in the a.a.comm are not surprised if u have the $$$ u get set free    

blessings 2 the family of lana we r praying 4 u in the sorry time keep the faith 1 love w.dr.s.o.

2591 days ago


Just another dumb group of jurors in Southern California. He would have been convicted here in Northern California. His limo driver said he said he thought he had killed someone. There was no language barrier issue like the defense attorney tried to say. What more do you need for a guilty verdict? What women would kill herself in front of someone? Suicide is usually done in private!

2591 days ago


Enough MONEY will buy you either a mis-trial or freedom. California celebrities obviously get away with murder for that reason. I watched every day of that trial and I hope they do retry him & get 12 juriors with some common sense. This hung jury was a miscarriage of justice.

2591 days ago

Jus D truth    

WOW! I wasn't surprised one bit! All it takes is lots of $$ for high priced lawyers & ties to Hollwood. THEN YOU CAN COMMIT MURDER & GET AWAY - to live in your big house in the Hills

2591 days ago


Once again there is no justice in Hollywood. I feel so bad for Lana's family. I surely do hope they try him again and he's brought to justice.
He did his gun thing to so many women previously, this time it backfired.
I think his statement to the driver after it happened -"I think I killed someone" says it all....

2591 days ago


Hey.. Remember this,,, its not over till the fat lady sings..

He was not found either Guilty or Not Guilty, it is a mistrial.. which means its not over and he will be retried. Hopefully this time they will all come to the same conclusion weather he is guilty or not. This cost the taxpayers alot of money to try this case and the prosecution doesn't care they intend on doing it.

Quit saying he got off like OJ it is not OVER yet.

2591 days ago


HEY # 43 - CANDY LEARN TO READ. The last sentence of the story says 10 JURORS VOTED GUILTY!! #69 It's , "career" not carrier. And since your Mama chose to keep you, she should have taught you to be " freetothink" clearly and rationally .

2591 days ago


Yep there truely are alot of dump people in this society and from what I can tell they have all decided to join this forum.

Do you people not know that he was neither found guilty or not guilty.. its a mistrial meaning he will be tried again with a completely different jury.

Quit saying he got off like OJ and Blake because that has not happened yet. And the fat lady has not sung yet.

2591 days ago



1st your use of the english language is atroshish. 2nd its almost impossible to get out of jury duty in calif. these days you literally need to be at deaths door for an excuse its not like it used to be!!!!!!!!!! and for those that keep saying just like robert blake let us not forget about the one that started this all O.J. SIMPSON he also got off. the only good thing i can say about spector at least he is a extremly talented man with an outrageous sense of hair-styling who more than likely committed murder.............

2591 days ago


MONEY talks & MURDERERS in California walk. His defense team is just as guilty as he is. They couldn't have a conscious to defend this freak. But like I said: MONEY talks!!

2591 days ago


Hard to believe this beautiful woman could be convinced to go to this man's castle, and then an hour later put her purse on her shoulder, find his gun, and decied to shot herself in the mouth. She had just purchased 6 pairs of shoes for work! 5 months watching this trial and not be able to convict him. So sorry for Lana's family.

2591 days ago

double standards    

d.w. - and here is your second dumba** juror.

2591 days ago
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