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Ultimate Fighter Upstaged by Ultimate Knockouts

9/26/2007 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It didn't matter that UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Quintin "Rampage" Jackson wasn't a featured model at the Ed Hardy fashion show at Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas last night -- he took his shirt off anyway!
Rampage and hot girls in their underwear
But when the smokin' hot, scantily clad models hit the runway, nobody, and we mean nobody, cared what Rampage was or wasn't wearing.

Thanks to our good friends at, we've got all the hot action on film. Enjoy!


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Logo Designers    

those are some knockouts!

2496 days ago


Ok, I have to comment on this one.
First...Comment number (3)"Nasty Sport" There are sports out there that you might not agree with. Fine. Change the channel. Don't insult what you don't know. Or in other words if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. Mommy should've taught you that. Notice how I never attempted to insult you, or what you believe in.

Comment (5), BgPapaFOSH, you sound like you appreciate the sport of MMA, and that is outstanding; however, since this particular sport drives so much controversy let's try to leave the debate for promotion and understanding to the appropriate arenas. Youi have no idea with whom you are speaking, and will ultimately come to no avail.

Comment (6) not impressed, Sorry you are not impressed. See my first response to Comment (3). You can't spice up your comments using a Rose. Cause if it looks like $%@#, and smells like *&^% it must be *&^%. Right? Enjoy whatever sporting events you enjoy, and if you don't mind others will enjoy what they would like to.

Finally, in closing let me say this. Fanfare, and media are driving this particular sport into the homes of millions at an alarming rate. I have only the highest hopes for any sport that can demonstrate reasonable safety, as well as entertainment. I feel that they have made concerted efforts to do that, and will continue to improve. To think that just 60 years ago people considered baseball a taboo for women. It was too violent, and manly. Each and every person has thier own view, and you do not have to watch or attend any event that you do not wish to. Please remember that this womderful country of ours is based on this very principle. I apologize for venting, but this is a personal issue for me.

Thank you for your time TMZ,

Yours truely,

IRAQ Veteran, and current MMA fighter.

2508 days ago


Look at the pictures closely...notice the little nasty looking perv who's caught on fim staring at the girls' asses almost every time.


2586 days ago


Where's the wife and kids?

2586 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Ultimate Fighter? Is this the loser sport where dumb men knock each other out without boxing gloves? How many times can you get knocked in the head without serious damage?

2586 days ago


no I certianly do NOT wish it was me - there's looking, and then there's looking retarded.

you know what I meant - you ARE bored. go do something.

2586 days ago


Man, all you guys calling him Ulitmate Fighter need to do some research......The sport is MMA, (mixed martial arts). Which is a complete fight that includes all aspects of fighting.......It is not just some guys in a cage or right knocking eachother around with small gloves. There is more skill in MMA than there will ever be in boxing, these guys train like it is for the all of you ignorant people need to do some research before posting comments that make you sound un-educated in the sport.

This sport is taking over, join the ride.

2585 days ago

Merry Christmas    

bgpapa - It's just as barbaric as boxing, wrestling, etc. These sports do not impress me. It's disgusting. You can attempt to puff it up as much as you like to make it sound classy, but it's still boys knocking the crap out of each other. A rose by any other name is still a rose!

2585 days ago


rampage has 2 kids, he is from Pride (sort of )and he was not on the Ultimate Fighter show. most fighters dont get paid that much to be quite honest. mma is a lot safer than boxing.

2585 days ago


I wish you'd all get your facts right before talking about something and someone you obviously know nothing about. Quinton is an amazing fighter, a devoted father to FOUR kids, and a brother in Christ. Just because he is the "Light Heavyweight Champion" and is more recognizable in the media more now than he was 6 months ago doesn't mean he's forgotten about his responsiblities, who he is, or where he came from.

Know who you're talking about before you step up to the mic.

2585 days ago


To the 1st commentator...

I suppose you would be looking at the girls hair and wishing you could style it for them.

But in general the ufc sets a poor example, but provides an example for pre army recruits who can think only of violence as the way to solve disputes.

2585 days ago


He' not all that!!!

2585 days ago

Where's the wife and kids

2583 days ago



1450 days ago

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