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Mel B Brings Out the Twins

9/27/2007 4:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel B doesn't mind showing off her goods -- showing up to Hyde again last night in a cleavage-popping top. TMZ appreciates the show, but Mel's baby probably isn't benefiting much from mama's late nights.

Also seen in L.A.: Shark bustin' Roy Scheider (again), "Nip/Tuck" hottie Sanaa Lathan, a pimpin' Brody Jenner, and Nick Cannon, who for two nights in a row made the same homeless man sing for money.

In New York: "30 Rock" funnywoman Jane Krakowski in SoHo, a talkative Jamie Foxx at the Mandrian, "Weeds" MILF Mary-Louise Parker, and Sarah Jessica Parker with Willie Garson aka Stanford Blatch -- who had just wrapped for the day on the "Sex and the City" set .

All this and more in today's "big-a-zig-ah" edition of Star Catcher.


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Logo Designers    

mel b is hot

2465 days ago

Internet Website Designs    

mel b is fine as hell - dayum - eddie messed up

2462 days ago

Internet Website Designs    

mel b has a great rack

2462 days ago


Don't these idiots ever stay home???

2551 days ago

Marianne C    

She only looks like she has large breasts because she's lactating. I remember when Madonna wore a dress to the golden globes that made her look like she was a 44 DD, but we was also fresh off the Mommy wagon. Mel will be hiding them soon enough.

2551 days ago


There are women in Hollywood who have paid big $$$ for what God, her mama and & baby gave Mel B naturally-ish.

2551 days ago

Lenn K.    

You put down Britney for being a bad mom what about this turd. When was the last time you saw her with her children? There are rumors that she don't feed them or show them any kind of love and kindness. Keep an eye on this person and see how many times you see her with her kids!!

2551 days ago


Mel B is a slut. She popped out a kid and doesn't give a crap about it... she's only after Eddie Murphy's money. Your 15 minutes are almost up you scary ass skank.

2551 days ago


she's a wash-up skank.

2551 days ago


Mel B
Is all fake - those boobs are fake too
she has had a lot of work done


2551 days ago


Mel B is a total skank. I know she has BO with that greasy skin. Eddie Murphy should take his daughter away from her, she is a total turd. She's just like Jessica Simpson,
can't sing, dance, act or even act like a human. They are pigs.

2551 days ago


Does she ever stay home with her kids. Gawd its the NEW britney.... eddie need to take that baby away before this skank totally hits rock bottom!! STAYING HOME is OK! ok?

2551 days ago


The only difference is that she doesn't look sleazy like Britney. These women are "mothers?" Not in the true sense.

2551 days ago


Man you people act like shes out every single night of the week. Whos to say she isnt with Eddie? You dont see her being accused of drinking and drug use in the presence of her kids and having to submit to drug and alcohol testing. Remember hes the one who denied the child from the start and even denied having a relatiionship with her. Then he finally admits to that and when there is a DNA test done it is proven. Everyone wants to starrt bashing her for being out and you know the only reason you're doing it is because people know who she is. What are you getting bored with bashing Britney now? She needs to stay at home. Anyway, just because Mel isout doesnt mean she is a skank and a bad mother. You people need to grow up

2551 days ago


Once a whore always a whore......Does that bitch EVER stay at home????

2548 days ago

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