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Francis Calls B.S. on Girls Gone Litigious Claims

9/28/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A pair of Florida women who are suing Joe Francis and "Girls Gone Wild"-- claiming they never gave their consent to have their sexcapades released to the public -- now have their stories cast into serious doubt by the video evidence.

TMZ has obtained original footage of plaintiffs Christina Brose and Brooke Patsolic, showing that they clearly agree to let producers use the saucy stuff they'd just filmed on the "GGW" bus. "You have my full permission to put this on anything, I don't care," says Brose, who also gives her full name and age on tape. Brose's pal, Brooke, also gives her on-camera consent, even pointing out the presence of cops on scene.

But wait, there's more! While on board the "GGW" cruiser, Brooke seems to have every awareness of what's going on, exclaiming, "Tomorrow, we're going to be like, 'What the f*** were we doing?'" Of course, this is just before she lets her four gal pals -- including Christina -- paint her with whipped cream lines and lick 'em off.

Brose and Patsolic's lawsuit, filed in federal court in Florida in June, says that they "specifically did not consent to any use of their likeness or image." But even their suit appears to backtrack, claiming, "Alternatively, to the extent that any consent was ever given, such consent was obtained through unlawful means and through the provision of alcohol to uderaged persons, through coercion and under false pretenses."

"Girls Gone Wild" says that the women's claims "couldn't be further from the truth" and says that it has "a strict compliance procedure" to get consent. Christopher Hill, the plaintiffs' attorney, didn't return a phone call seeking comment.

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Steve G    

I don't think there is anyone not aware of what alcohol does. If you choose to drink, your responsible for your actions, period. I don't know much about this case, but what is really standing out to me is the absolute lack of respect most of the people posting are showing. Just because a person chooses to show skin, or do something saucy, doesn't make them a wh*re, a sl*t, or a tramp. I don't think it means that they have no morals, or want to just jump in bed with everyone. Some people are proud of the bodies that their creator gave them, and the work that they put into them, that's all. Morals are relative to your religious and social upbringing. Lets keep the focus on the LEGAL wrongdoings, and stop waisting bandwidth insulting our fellow human beings for actions that are entirely within their legal rights.

2525 days ago


I believe the first girl on the video is of sound mind but the second girl is iffy. She seems to jumble a few of her words. She's not completely sloshed but she is tipsy at best.

2583 days ago

Riley Martin    

These foolish hos are now proved liars in public, and thousands more people will see their sorry ugly asses on tape thanks to TMZ!

2583 days ago


No, not wasted, just OVERLY excited - possibly in heat........CASE DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE! Now, set Mr. Francis free so we can get our FREAK on at his place in Mexico!

2583 days ago


joe francis is a slime ball--but these girls consented! he business is one of corruption, but it takes hos like these girls to make it happen--free joe! oh, i hate that joe should be free!

2583 days ago


This is one of those situations that are clearly defined as "asking for it."

Thank you, ladies, for taking the women's lib movement a grand step backwards.

2583 days ago


They knew what they were doing, but they are regretting it now.

2583 days ago


They have a "party" and give these girls all the drinks they. Why give them drinks ist? Why not have them do the taping and than have the party. These girls are stupid. The girls use their looks all the time. Have you ever seen an ugly or plan girl on GGW? The girls use their looks to get what they want and these producers used them. Where the girls drunk? YES! They where both using each other but the producers got the better deal.

2583 days ago

death on a cracker    

what makes girls wanna be ho's and sluts so much?? when i was growing up you couldnt get a pinky in withought half of it breaking off... now these sluts can swallow baseball bats and not even know it!! we didnt have rainbow parties... we didnt have little bracelets showing what they liked to do... WTF??

2583 days ago


Doesn't change my opinion of Joe Francis one bit. He's a slimeball, and prison is where he needs to be. Narcissistic sexual predator.

For every case he was caught, I am sure there are hundreds more in which he used the same sleazy tactics but escaped justice...many girls were too ashamed to speak up.

Just because some girls are young and naive and easily pressured, does not mean they are whores and it does NOT give Joe Francis the right to exploit them. He's a douche, and those of you who support and admire him do so because you hate women as much as he does.

2583 days ago


This looks like a "Whoops I did it again" and lets run to the lawyers for more money

2583 days ago


You can thank the pornification of our culture for all that, Max. Corporate slimeballs selling sex to make money - and immature people thinking that sex is the ticket to popularity, acceptance, etc. because they are being spoon-fed that message since childhood.

2583 days ago

death on a cracker    

Just because some girls are young and naive and easily pressured, does not mean they are whores and it does NOT give Joe Francis the right to exploit them.

ummm..yes it does mean that and of course it DOES jive Joe the right to exploit them... if girls didn't want to do it...they wouldn't PERIOD!!!! i have NEVER done anything i didn't want to and none of my friends have either... we get asked all the time to "TAKE IT OFF" and crap and even when we drink...we don't tease, we don't go home with no one.. these girls are WHORES!!!!! period!

2583 days ago


Those girls clearly knew what they were doing. The second girl seems iffy at first, but then she very clearly states "my mom is going to see this", so she knew perfectly well what she had agreed to, and that it would be made public.

Dismiss their lawsuit with prejudice.

2583 days ago


Joe Francis should NEVER be held liable for any of this. These girls are grown up enough to know they shouldn't get wasted and take off their clothes. If they do, then oh well. They are pretty girls, and lots of guys want to see the videos. What Joe Francis does, it similar to what Hugh Hefner does, although Hugh Hefner does it in a much more classier way. The girls on Girls Gone Wild are not having actual sex. They're showing their bodies and playing around a little. Is that so horrible? We're so prudish in this country. I hope Joe Francis is able to get out soon. He shouldn't even be in there.

2583 days ago
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