Francis Calls B.S. on Girls Gone Litigious Claims

9/28/2007 1:55 PM PDT

Francis Calls B.S. on Girls Gone Litigious Claims

A pair of Florida women who are suing Joe Francis and "Girls Gone Wild"-- claiming they never gave their consent to have their sexcapades released to the public -- now have their stories cast into serious doubt by the video evidence.

TMZ has obtained original footage of plaintiffs Christina Brose and Brooke Patsolic, showing that they clearly agree to let producers use the saucy stuff they'd just filmed on the "GGW" bus. "You have my full permission to put this on anything, I don't care," says Brose, who also gives her full name and age on tape. Brose's pal, Brooke, also gives her on-camera consent, even pointing out the presence of cops on scene.

But wait, there's more! While on board the "GGW" cruiser, Brooke seems to have every awareness of what's going on, exclaiming, "Tomorrow, we're going to be like, 'What the f*** were we doing?'" Of course, this is just before she lets her four gal pals -- including Christina -- paint her with whipped cream lines and lick 'em off.

Brose and Patsolic's lawsuit, filed in federal court in Florida in June, says that they "specifically did not consent to any use of their likeness or image." But even their suit appears to backtrack, claiming, "Alternatively, to the extent that any consent was ever given, such consent was obtained through unlawful means and through the provision of alcohol to uderaged persons, through coercion and under false pretenses."

"Girls Gone Wild" says that the women's claims "couldn't be further from the truth" and says that it has "a strict compliance procedure" to get consent. Christopher Hill, the plaintiffs' attorney, didn't return a phone call seeking comment.