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Nicole Richie and Joel

Set a Wedding Date?

9/29/2007 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0929_nicole_tmz-1TMZ has learned that Nicole Richie and baby daddy Joel Madden may have finally set the date!

Sources tell TMZ that the Wedding Fairy, a wedding planner based in the OC, will coordinate the small ceremony that is to take place October 13 in Laguna Beach, Calif. Looks like their baby will be born into wedded bliss!

TMZ contacted Lorraine Keseloff, the wedding planner and owner of the company, who had no comment and quickly hung up the phone. Nicole's rep did not return our call seeking comment either.


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Mrs. Harvey Levin    

Guess I'll need to send my good suit to the cleaner. I hope there are no moth holes in it.

Does anyone do a "dead pool" foe celebrity marriages? The one won't last a year.

2582 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

After they said "Hello" they went at it "All Night Long" to produce their love spawn. Now they "Truly" want to seal their "Endless Love." Some say Nicole is "Easy" but we know she is "Once, Twice, Three Time a Lady." "Still," the happy parents will be "Working the Night Shift" after the baby is born.

The End

2582 days ago


Right okay, TMZ.

Once these "sources" give you a story...might want to look into it a bit and see that Good Charlotte is in Melbourne, Austrlia on October 13th for a performance.

thats pretty far from Laguna Beach, last time i checked.

2582 days ago


Highly unlikely, as Good Charlotte is touring Australia starting on Oct 8th

2582 days ago

Fabulous for them - all the best

2582 days ago

was he not just with Hilary Duff

2582 days ago


a gross and shallow couple who'll be divorced within 6 months.....i feel sorry for this baby.

2582 days ago


To #8, do you wish your mom had aborted you?

2582 days ago

kim suck    

bomb Hollywood!!!!!!!!!!!! where is the peaceful religion of islam?? Come on followers of islam strike at hollywood instead of killing jewish babies!!!

2582 days ago


Don't worry about the child from those idiot parents, he or she will grow up just the same as them, what is the saying correct me if I am wrong . from the same mold you get the same

2582 days ago

Susan B    

I believe that Nicole is making many positive changes in her behavior. I am happy for Nicole and Joel. Congratulations on the baby and the marriage. May you stay together forever.

I love Nicole.

2582 days ago


Oh yes, so many positive changes...wasn't that her sitting in a hot tub pregnant? A huge no-no. I am certainly older than I care to admit but I was taught that first you get an education, you get a job, you save up some money, you get married and then you start a family. She is a mess...and a part of me feels sorry for her. Obviously Lionel Ritchie didn't give a rats ass for her...sure he adopted her but then chose his career over his responsibility to a child he chose to adopt. Where in the hell was he when she was into heroin? Where in the hell was he when she was doing drugs and alcohol as a minor and running around partying? Oh forgive me...he was making music. I would like to think that this woman is working at fixn-ing up her mess of a life but now she is bringing in an innocent child, while she has years of work ahead of her to fix up her own life. I hope I am wrong but I see a divorce early on, a child without a father like Nicole and a child who will run wild like Nicole and end up like Nicole. It is so sad for the unborn child. As a former adult coke user, it took me years to get over the mess I made with my life..thank god I didn't add an unborn child to the mess I made. I quit coke cold turkey, and had withdrawl for 3 years off and on...I am proud to say I have been drug and alcohol free for over 20 years now. It took work...not smiling before the camera and telling the world media I am changing. Actions always speak louder than word. And by the way, where in the hell is her adoptive mother? Did she have anyone to love and guide her as a child? Lionel and Brenda Ritchie shame on you. Yeah I know he left Brenda for another younger woman who married and divorced him too. Nicole needs serious psycological help.

2582 days ago


Hey don't know about you guys but I hope I'm invited to their divorce party should be lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2582 days ago


#68.....Annnd why did you not get pregnant in your coke life?? It Just happened that you didn't because your were probably did not think of pregnant

2582 days ago


I cannot believe all the negative comments. Is it because most people would rather think negative thoughts? Shouldn't everyone be hoping there is no divorce and that they are happy and living a clean life? She cannot help how Lionel raised her, she can only go from the present. Good luck Nicole.

2582 days ago
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