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Why Britney Lost Custody

10/1/2007 9:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ knows exactly why Britney lost custody -- she ignored the Commissioner at every turn.

Rewind to last month. L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon ordered Spears to do a number of things in order to maintain 50/50 custody.

Spears was ordered to meet with a drug counselor -- she didn't do it.

Spears was ordered to submit to drug testing -- she didn't do it.

Spears was ordered to enroll in parenting classes -- didn't do it.

Spears was also required to sign the judge's order -- again, she didn't.

And last Friday, Commissioner Gordon prohibited both Spears and K-Fed from driving the children unless they had a valid California driver's license. Gordon was pissed today when TMZ posted video of Spears cavalierly driving her kids around Malibu.

In short, Spears did everything wrong ... by doing nothing.


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A tiny part of me feels sorry for her. I think from an early age, she was bred to be a star. She has garnered love and attention by being pretty, sexy, and by performing. No one has ever said she was a great singer. But she was a star. I think she's always associated her performance with love (if she looks and acts a certain way, people will love her). She seems to desperately need attention, even craving it.

I think she had her kids, unfortunately, to get love. A lot of people think that if they have a baby, they will have someone who loves them. But that's not what a parent is all about. Being a parent means you basically give up being selfish. I don't think she was ready for motherhood. I think stuff has been going on for a long time, but we didn't know about it. I think when her marriage fell apart, everything that was once carefully concealed came out in the open.

Maybe Kevin Federline isn't "Dad of the Year" but I do believe he is the better parent of the two right now. Plus, he's got her parents involved with the kids, whereas Britney is denying her parents access to the children, which isn't healthy for the kids.

I see her as a young Judy Garland or Marilyn. I think she will continue to self destruct. Maybe she will get some help. maybe she won't. I don't care anymore about her, I was just worried for the kids. As it is, they will be in therapy when older - that's a given. It's tragic when people have kids to try and fix themselves, when all she did was bring two innocent lives into a hellish home. My heart goes out to the boys.

Who knows if she's an addict, or just plain stubborn. I don't think she's ever gotten it through her head that she's not who she used to be. Maybe this will be a wake up call. But I sincerely doubt it. Sad, but true.

All of the fans who cry, "leave her alone!" are forgetting that 2 innocent lives are in jeopardy. Those "fans" are in HUGE denial. She is NOT a fit mother at this point. Whoever says she is, those are the kind of "Yes" people that she has around her now, who are enabling her and making her life even worse. If you truly care about someone, you don't agree with everything they say so they'll still take you to clubs with them and buy you stuff. If the majority of America is saying "Get some help, Britney, your kids need you" and you see those "friends" around her drinking with her, etc., those people do not care about her, they are using her.

If you were truly a fan, you would want her to get better, and be healthy, not out partying. If you truly cared about her, you would want her to stop partying and get better for her kids' sake. All of you who cry, "She'd be fine if she was left alone!" you are dead wrong. And by that I mean, if left alone, either her or her kids would be dead. She isn't healthy right now. It's okay to be a fan and to see that she is not going down a good path, that doesn't mean you aren't a fan. It makes you a more intelligent and caring fan. If you truly cared about her well being, you'd want her to get healthy again.

The media did not cause her break down. She's been used to the spotlight since she was little. She is to blame for her demise. She'll seek help when she hits rock bottom (hasn't she already hit that point, though?). Or she'll die of an overdose or car wreck.
Sad, but true. And it won't be the media's fault.

2557 days ago


I think she has a bad case of post pardom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She really needs help soon!!!!!!!!

2557 days ago


Poor Brit, she didn't have a chance! She is just trash and trash doesn't know how to handle having a little bit of money let alone wealth! I feel so sorry for those poor babies. They are the ones that lose in this situation. Actually they lost before all of this because they have K-Fed and Brit for parents. Whomever gets them should be made to take them for therapy, they already need it I'm sure and will for a long time to come. Sad, sad, sad!

2557 days ago


i can't believe brit would do something like that!!! isn't hard to believe....i was kinda expecting something like that would happen! but i never though she was that mental!!!!

2557 days ago


Are you happy now Brit? Now nothing is stopping you from partying and whoring yourself out.

Why don't you go screw Fred Durst again? Even he probably won't have you.

2557 days ago

A Blalock    

For those of you who cite K-FED as the culprit in leaving Shar J: Ms. Jackson played a role too - ya? She chose to have not one but two babies with K.

That's the trouble - men and women, boys and girls having babies out of wedlock without strong, stable family support. So - - you young girls want babies? You don't want fathers? BIG MISTAKE. Regardless of your selfish desires, a mother and a father are the best option for a child - a mother and a father in a legally binding relationship. Societies stumble and fall when families do............................historically this is a fact.

What has happened to decency and common sense in the USA? Everything now days is about ME ME ME. We have too much here in this country i.e. 20 types of dish soap to choose from, so many vegetables that we throw half out! Everything is too easy - people think they don't have to WORK for what they want, that the govt. should provide it. "Political Correctness" is ruining us (our society). Somebody should have railed against all these babies raised w/o proper families long ago.............. One illigitimate child won't kill us - - a country full could.

2557 days ago


Let her fry in jail....she deserves it !!!!!

2557 days ago


This girl is seriously emotionally disturbed. I just wonder if there isn't something medically wrong with her -- alcohol and drugs aside. I don't think anyone, fan or not, really wants to see this young woman commit suicide.

Britney is in a bad place now. I don't believe she's playing with a full deck. The two quick pregnancies, a divorce, the paparazzi sharks snapping at her heels, and the miserable, excessive press she's getting........all those things are enough to make any person crazy WITHOUT drugs and booze.

Looks like it's going to take incarceration or forced attendance with counselors. Can you say rehab lockdown? It's pretty sad to see this gal go down the tubes. But, there are thousands more just like her out there.

2557 days ago


This woman has been crying out for help for the longest time and no one has come to her aid. Her people are leeches...I am not a fan...just someone in the educational field who knows that the parenting skills (from her own parents) were lacking therefore she has no example, neither does her ex, another leech.

2557 days ago


It goes to show just how terrible drugs are. Meth addicition is so strong that the love of the drug out weighs anything else in your life. Until she gets clean and stays clean this will continue as a never ending cycle. It is truly sad as the children will be hurt in this, along with many family members. Drugs destroy, and it is not as easy for some to quit as it is for others.
As long as she has the 100's of photographers watching every move she makes they might drive her to suicide. I am in no way supporting her actions, however, she needs some real help, not cameras. Maybe a good intervention from the people who claim to love her and into a lock down rehab. Until she gets the drugs out of her system she will remain a puppet to them.
John Travolta, why are you not offering her Narconon by Hubbard?
She has to want the help and realize that she needs the help to make a change in her life. This is a downward spiral that only leads to the pits of hell. I am sure she already feels like she is already there at times.

2557 days ago


Whats sad is the cruel things people say about her. She has serious problems and needs serious help. Sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before they "get it" ! She got married and had two children way too fast ! Where's her/his parents ? How come none of them are taking the boys until she gets her life straighten out ? I've seen some women get their lives together and get their kids back and then others who never "get it " ! Hopefully she will ! Her boys need a stable,loving mother. And the Media need to lay off of her !

2557 days ago


They should lock her up in jail and throw the key away !!!!

2557 days ago


I think she thought she could coast on her fame and that would override everything and that she would just be able to do whatever she wanted. I also think she might be suffering from mental illness, like possibly bipolar disorder. I'm bipolar. She seems awfully moody. And of course, having to deal with the constant pack of paparazzi can't be easy. Really people, have you seen how aggressive they are? I can't imagine having to deal with that everytime I leave my house. I feel like she feels she has nothing to lose at this point, so she just goes for broke with her behaviour. She probably has no REAL friends left. Her family is history. Its probably a sad life with only drugs and alcohol to soften the blow. I'm glad the kids were taken away. At least they'll be safe.

2557 days ago

tsk tsk    

Just goes to show that she's a dumb blonde. Why doesn't she have a driver to cart her around town? Why doesn't she have a bunch of live in nannies to raise her children for her? Why doesn't she have a dedicated maid to make sure she has enough clean panties in stock? The answer is simple; she's Dumb and a Cheapskate to boot. I noticed that there are others like her such as Lohan, Richie, Hilton but at least they don't have kids yet to screw up.

2557 days ago

debbie tenon    


2557 days ago
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