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Judge to O.J.: Gimme Dat Watch!

10/2/2007 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonA Los Angeles judge has ruled that the Juice must hand over a fancy Rolex to the Goldman family, after they saw him wearing it on TMZ. Time is up!

At a hearing today, the judge ruled Simpson must give the watch and other assets to satisfy a judgment that found him liable for the deaths of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.

The judge also ruled that any future royalties from a sports video game that features #32, as well as any of the Las Vegas loot found to be legally his, be given to Fred Goldman, father of Ron.


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Allred Tree    

Fred and Kim Goldman are two pieces of GARBAGE - one of their favorite words! Is Kim Goldman planning to have cosmetic surgery with all the money she finally grubbed onto? She definitely could use some as she is one homely annoying skank with a hideous voice to match. Didn't she get divorced, just as her "daddy" did? I wonder why?

2545 days ago

Allred Tree    

Watch out OJ, Fred Goldman and Kim are dying to get some of your drawers!! You should pack up a weeks worth and don't wash them before handing them over!!!!

2545 days ago


It sounds like greed is getting to Goldman

2545 days ago


kat, greed gets to us all. pathetic but true.....his stakes are just higher than most of ours.

2545 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Posted at 5:52PM on Oct 2nd 2007 by enough said

Go back to the Anna Nicole thread you freak

2545 days ago


an addendum to my previous post and I'm out.
This concerns the issue of double jeopardy; and again just for the record, I think OJ is culpable in the deaths of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown. Make sure when you blast me in a moment that you completely understand the meaning of the word culpable. I think that it is improper for us to find someone innocent of criminal issues yet turn right around and find someone, anyone, guilty of civil liability in the same case. I personally think that smacks of double jeopardy.

I think that if this was happening to anyone of non celebrity status, that the whole attitude would be remarkably different. I think that the true villains in this case are the prosecutors that couldn't close the case properly. I'm curious why no one vilifies them? The LAPD gets enough crap from the public, not to say it isn't justified, but the public pushes the police and sometimes, most times, the politicians push the police even harder, to the point that they don't do their jobs as well as they should. We, as a public, demand immediate justice, yet the truth is something that we all seem to conveniently let slip by us, so long as someone, anyone is punished for the crime. The Ramsey case comes to mind, but again that is a whole other issue.

I also think that the civil penalty laws in this country are out of whack. Look at the mass of ridiculous law suits that happen on a daily basis in this country. Again, if this was happening to JQ Citizen instead of a celebrity (regardless of how celebrated or for what reason), I think the entire conversation would take on a whole different angle. So OJ, Blake, Spector, Lohan and the like are part of the ever increasing dual legal system in this country where the societal elite get off, one way or another, while common every day "Joes" get the book thrown at them and buried in the system.

So to answer the question that was put to me earlier, no I don't think that a courts ruling should be just forgotten. I also don't think that OJ should have gotten away with what ever it was he is culpable for. But I also don't think that civil law should run rough sod over criminal actions and that the outlet for the public if they don't like a decision that is made by the court is to go to another court and try for a different outcome. Again that smacks of double jeopardy and I for one don't like it. Oh and just for the record, I have experience in this type of matter. i could have gone the criminal route and the outcome would not have been as satisfactory as the the civil action I took. I realize OJ's deal is just a little different, but not much. I know who killed my mother, but bringing him to justice would have been almost impossible. The civil route worked out better.

It has been fun...

2545 days ago


No kidding?
You mean he really has to pay his bills
Boy I learned something today. Pay before I can play golf
That makes sense to me.

2545 days ago



This is what you call a WHOLE IN ONE


2545 days ago


I want the gold fillings from O.J.'s teeth too! It is mine I tell ya! *pulls out a pair of pliers and laughs maniacally* Muahahahhahahahahhahahaha!

2545 days ago


The losers are Goldman, O.J. and his kids, and the people that perished.

The winners? The attorneys, and Fred is keeping a lot of attorneys employed. Fred should receive an award from the Bar Association.

2545 days ago


Yea, Goldman rocks. My mom read the book. She said she would be like Mr. Goldman to and never let him sleep.

2545 days ago

Miss T    

Trust me...charma is taking over this sick, poor losers' life! He's a flippen murder! Rot in hell OJ! You deserve it!

2545 days ago


Alicia, What's OJ suppose to live off of? HOW ABOUT A 30,000 A MO. PENSION? IS THAT SUFFICENT? If it were my kid that was killed, I wouldn't give that man a moments peace either. It's not about the money. I'd want to make his life as miserable as possible. I'd want to make his life a living hell. At least he HAS a life. That's more than we can say for Ron and Nicole.

2545 days ago



2545 days ago


Make him hand over Christie's coke, that ought to be worth more than the rolex.

2545 days ago
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