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"Kid Nation" to Go Overseas?

10/2/2007 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kid nationIs reality TV show "Kid Nation" being treated with kid gloves because of its controversial content?

A source close to the social experiment program tells TMZ that producers are scouting foreign locations because they're having a difficult time finding a U.S. spot willing to host them. It seems that many potential places would rather not deal with child labor issues associated with the show.

Despite (or because of) negative press, "Kid Nation" is doing well in ratings. A rep for CBS said that the location for next season's filming has not been determined.


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sabrina suarez    

how do i get to go on kid nation?

2471 days ago

Dawn Day    

Iraq seems like a good spot!

2545 days ago


i guess i'm second... and last LOL

2545 days ago


Uh, taking them overseas, out of the US? Isn't that called HUMAN TRAFFICKING?! The producers should all be in jail.

Hey, I got a great new reality show for the producers. Why don't we stick them in San Quentin or Parchman for 6 to 8 and film them? Of course we need to edit the soap-dropping bits, but...


2545 days ago


Angelina will watch it like the home shopping network to pick out her next accesorys.

2545 days ago


Umm... I love this show. I think it's great and I also think that we as adults can learn something from what those kids say on the show.

2545 days ago

BGH Quiz    

How about Guantanamo?

2545 days ago


This is nothing more than a Lord of the Flies situation. Bullies will learn to be bigger bullies, and nice sensitive kids will be at their mercy, along with any poor animals that are also at the mercy of any kids who think it is "fun" to abuse them. This show needs to be stopped now. I can't imagine how any parent would want their children to participate in this.

2545 days ago


These kids parent's are losers. They should send the kids to a stable relative. Away from the money grubbing parents. Better yet, send the parent away, far away!

2545 days ago


YAY! Let's put our kids up close and personal with animal slaughter and make it look fun! This is why there's so much violence - we show kids that it's ok to kill for their "needs". Why stop at animals? We're so shocked when we hear about people being beheaded - what's the difference? It's a living, red-blooded being being killed... chicken, person. Whats the difference?

2545 days ago


****************** MADE IN CHINA ******************

Child sweat labor is perfectly acceptable in China. Who do think makes all the lead poisoned toys ??????

2545 days ago


Uuummm...have any of you actually watched the show?? How can you call it a "Lord of the Flies" situation when you haven't seen it???? So far the kids are all taking care of each other. None of the older kids are picking on the other kids, they actually are all rooting for each other and encouraging one another. It is actually a much better show than I thought it would be.

2545 days ago


I love this good to see kids without a cellphone or ipod sticking out of there ear....and learning to survive and think of solving things out for themselves...
like whether to have the pota potties or TV...doing good kids...I'm proud of the hard work there doing...except for the lazy "Princess" who won't get off her butt!..if they don't want to work....take there sodas and snacks...they can't buy anything for 2 days or even maybe a week...if you want for it !!!

2545 days ago


I heard they might be looking at Guayana - the producer was believed to be negotiating there. I know for a fact they required passports for the kids and told the parents of the season two candidates that they would be out of the country.

Also the final 60 candidates for season two are going to Los Angeles this weekend (or next) for medical and psychological exams. The second season is set to film in November and December.

2545 days ago

Karin B.    

Kid Nation is by far the most stupid show to ever hit TV, next to ABC's Cavemen. What is happening to television??? What parent in the they're right mind would let CBS take they're child to a foreign country to tape a show. Yeah, why not send the next group of Kids to China? Child labor laws probably mean nothing there...

2545 days ago
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