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Solange Knowles Talks About Divorcing at 21

10/2/2007 4:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's little sister, Solange Knowles, has already been married, had a child and divorced -- all before she was 21 years old! So that's what she was doing when Beyonce was on tour!

The baby B beauty tells Essence magazine, "I am no longer married ... but I think it's very important not to dish details ... we were basically high school sweethearts." Well, school's out -- forever!

Knowles married college football player, Daniel Smith, in Feburary 2004 and had son Daniel Julez the following October. Timing is everything!

Not taking a backseat to her famous sister, the singer is currently working on a new album -- because who wants to be labeled "Beyonce's younger, less hot sister" for the rest of their life?! Solange also talks about not wanting to be as mainstream as her sister, because she wouldn't be able to go to the mall anymore. She must love her "Hot Dog on a Stick," -- to pick shopping over stardom!

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to #66 rev. al:

because whites account for 98% of all welfare cases statewide that's why and it has nothing to do with the lack of decent family planning and adulthood.....

what does a rich young black woman who has a child at a young age by the man she married who has a career as well have to do with the deterioration of the black race.....lets not forget about miss britney, married young saddled herself with two kids she can't have, miss richie and all of the countless other white females who had kids OUT OF WEDLOCK.

2542 days ago


#68 vlo

You make me ashamed of black people.

2542 days ago

Get a life    

Ditto #68.

It has less to do with race than class and economic status. There are other factors that contribute to statistics. Race may have a correlation, but it is certainly not the cause. Regardless, every INDIVIDUAL is responsible for themselves, not their entire race.

And Solange was married when she gave birth, so # 66 your statistics are irrevelent in this discussion. Save it for sociology class.

2542 days ago


I don't care how big their butts are, they both stink

2542 days ago


Now that's a pair of beautiful eyebrows! Pam Anderson get a clue u thinned eyebow 80's hooker!!!!!

2542 days ago


Did yall see what 50 cent did to BEyonce at the VMAS lol; MUST SEE

2542 days ago


I think the marriage did'nt work out because some of his people once lived in the Kelly Court Village. And this was some hear say. Forgive me if I'm wrong about this. And more of the focus was on B and not enough on S. Because B was going through alots trying to keep her group together. But now that you're 21 you can focus on something else than music. Go to college and take up a career that if you is up to it. I know it 's hard been S having a Super Star Sister. Try something different that going to pay off in a big way. You have a handsome son and you' re sweet too. I must say that you're very Bless to have a mother and a father that's still married and into both of your lives. Take what you went through as a teaching lesson. It a about you and not your fan.
But always put God first in your life. And you done a wonderful job getting married so your son would'nt be born a bastard. I love your family because you all show love to the world.
Take care


May God be with us always

2541 days ago


her parents shouldnt forced the wedding. many girls go through teenage pregancy. Why have a shotgun wedding..... the wedding was meant to fail.

Solange, this is what u get for being easy!!!

2541 days ago


why didn't she learned something from her old sister earlier?

2541 days ago


This is NOT a picture of Solange Knowles. It is a picture of Meagan Goode. She is a beautiful, talented, young actress but she is NOT Beyonce's little sister.

2541 days ago


AJ you're retarded.. that's not Meagan Good, it is Solange... shuddup if you don't know what you're talking about!

2541 days ago

Angela Scott    

She probably got pregnant, then married to try and get her parents attention. We all know Beyonce was all they were thinking about, u know her ugly ass loves to be seen. And yes Solange is ugly she looks just like her sister and that monster of a mother.

2541 days ago


Solange has had a nose job and still doesn't look as good as B. She needs to get her bottom lip reduced. Her music sucks and her body is nothing like her sister's. Chile, give it up and stick to motherhood.

2541 days ago


Remember she was working on an album when she became pregnant, and her family had her marry the dude real quick so they could save face. Not surprised one bit that she is divorced already - and back in the studio. That's where she wanted to be all along! She tried to be a role model, but then became pregnant out of wedlock, so her parents made her do a quicky wedding, and kept her out of the limelight for a couple years. She then did that movie - must suck to have an older sister who has penetrated practically all parts of industry with such a high level of success, and is the family crown jewel - she suffers from feeling inadequate.

2541 days ago


Boring alert.

2541 days ago
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