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"Supernanny" Kid Sets Fire to Home

10/2/2007 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

News flash! Reality TV shows won't solve every crisis! One family found out the hard way, when their wacky kid set fire to the family home -- after appearing on the TV show "Supernanny." Burn!

Supernanny Jo Frost -- who appears on both British and American versions of the show -- visited Paul and Susan Young and their five children in 2005 in their UK home. Frost attempted to help the Youngs tame their rambunctious boys, all under age 11, but mom said that appearing on the show made the kids behave worse and play up to cameras.

The fire appears to have been started by 3-year-old Joel while he was home with mother Susan, and his siblings were in school. Damage to the home was so severe that the family was forced to move into a hotel. Is "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" casting?!

The fire started in the kitchen, said Essex police officer Terry Hutton. As Young attempted to put the fire out, "the little boy went through the dining room and set fire to the curtains," reports the Daily Mail.


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first off, number 4 where the hell do u get off putting all brits in one basket! not everyone leaves their kids alone, before you start judging take a look at your f**ked up country. For a start you always pick some pysco who wants to start a war for president, you lot have more serial killers and rapists and gangs etc. So how dare you judge all of briton on this overwelhmed mother, who yes did wrong and left her child alone for less than 5mins.

second number 53, it is not up to you to determin how many children people should have, my mum had 8 and all of us turned out fine.

And third, who the hell said this mother was sueing? NO ONE!!!
This is orignally an english show if anything was going to happen it would be all over the papers, guess what, there has been nothing.!
TMZ stop reporting on english "news" and blowing it all out of proportion just to make yourselves and your country feel better about the way you screwed up your country, and appointed an idiot in charge and killed your troops in iraq, when the no longer need to be there!
If you wanna report on england, set up a office in england and get the real news!!


2586 days ago


If this happened recently and they were on the show in 2005, that means the boy would have been 1 or 2 at the time. Good grief on week of effective parenting doesn't work if you spen 11 years being useless as a parent. Besides maybe he wasn't showing these serial killer tendencies - yet. Anyone whose seen this show knows Jo only trys to teach the parents to set limits and expectations - something all competent parents do anyway.

2586 days ago


First of all shame on these parents for allowing any of their children to play with anything that may harm them. Second of all why are they blaming the nanny for their misbehaved kids? Not the nannies fault, I am sorry to say! None the less its shameful that these parents are having all of these kids yet do not know how to parent their children. People these are not animals we are having they are babies that need tending to, and nurturing. As well as sometimes eventhough I hate to say it given "Tough Love"... What I mean by tough love is as much as you say you love, you sometimes still have to reprimand them. Both parents have to be in accordance! If one parent does not agree stay quiet and talk to them behind close doors or when your children are asleep or not in the house. Do not take that away from your spouse. I am not a perfect parent nor is my husband but it is funny that only caucasians are the ones to be seen on this program. There is no African Americans or Hispanics or at least not as many as there is caucasians. Hispanics do not put up with their children being rude or talking back to their parents, they do not refer to adults on first name bases unless it is ok'd by the parents or the person tells them it is ok. Hispanics do not compromise. "Ok you do good in school and I will take you to Mcdonalds". Hispanics say you do good in school or you will study until your fingers fall off. WE DO NOT COMPROMISE!!!! I see this alot in The Nannie program the majority of these parents are compromising with their children to make them be good. UH! NOOO! You do not compromise, who is the child here? Yes I understand they are children and we should respect them. Let me tell you we did not have so many disfunctional families in the 50's did we? Now a days if our children are not shown how to respect their own house, siblings, or parents. Then what should we expect from those kids? Its sad cause once they get out in the real world they think that they can get away with this kind of attitude with anyone, thus causing complications in their lives. Parents get parenting skills before popping out babies. You can still be a cool parent but stern at the same time. Dont be another sad case that comes out on the Nanny, even though it is a good show. It also gives me a way to show my children how awful they look when acting like spoiled brats. My children get everything and anything they want, but if they are out of line or doing bad in school. Then they get these privleges taken away. This is the real life if you kill or hurt or steal or any thing you get sent to jail and taken you rights away. Teach them what is gonna happen as they grow, If they are bad what will happen? Their rights and privilages will be taken away, its sad but its true. As our population grows so does our prison population and the prisoners are younger everytime.

2586 days ago


Poster #83, Sandy: I agree with you. This is indicative of some time of behavioural disorder which I'm sure a lot of people will scoff at but I'm also thinking this might be a case of ADHD which often goes hand in hand with a couple of other disorders. I realize we are very quick these days to label a kid but that's because we now know a little more about disorders that can cause this type of behaviour. Just because some kids are misdiagnosed doesn't mean these problems don't exist.

2586 days ago

Heather Leigh    

rolling eyes now!

2586 days ago

Mrs. Jackson    

My hat is off to all parents out there who have (or are) raising successful, contributing members of society.

#149, I agree with you, timeout are a waste of time. Why give these children "time" to think about what they are going to do to get back at you. I say it again WHOOP that little boys behind. Every time he thinks of doing something that he should not do the next time, his behind will began to sting a little and he would think twice about it. If he does decide to do it again, then WHOOP him again and then punish him. Up the anty each time, eventually, when he is left with nothing in his bedroom except a bed and see his other siblings or friends going places and doing things, then he will learn to behave.

These parents are not new to parenting. They have four other children. If the four older ones are not behaving, then something is wrong with their parenting skills and something different must be done. If not, then #5 will be just like the others and probably worst, because he will see what they did wrong (how they got caught) and be slick about his.


2586 days ago


Do we know the kid started the fires? Maybe the mother is just an attention-whore and did this herself.

2584 days ago


super nanny is great, u cant blame her for not being able to take care of ur own kids woman!! and seriously how does a 3 year old kid burn almost burn down house??lol.

2581 days ago


I lived with this family for a year recently and the kids are **** bags!!! The mother has said she would take them to the forest and leave them and that none of the kids were planned except the first one. The last one she stated that she couldn't even remember conceiving.

Worst of all, every time I tried to point out something the kids had done wrong I was getting the **** for bullying time. This family is ****ed and needs to be helped if that is possible.

Whilst I was there I remember the kids climbing out the window, melting a Nintendo DS in a microwave, stealing, fighting, swearing and much more.

Everyone in Witham knows this family know as screwed up they really need help and I blame the parents.

1529 days ago
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