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Bloodies 'Survivor' Star

10/3/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


We've just talked to a friend of Jonny's who tells us he's sleeping now. We're told that after the incident, he was taken to a hospital and treated for his wounds. There was no on-call dentist on site, but they were able to find Dr. Dean Carlston -- through 1-800-DENTIST! -- who worked on Fairplay's effed up mouth from 2:00 - 4:30 AM. We're told Fairplay did file a police report and that he "has every intention of seeing this through." Jonny's friend also says that Fairplay absolutely did not attack Danny Bonaduce.

Danny Bonaduce is a felony suspect.

Last night, at the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards, Bonaduce jumped on stage, picked up "Survivor" star Jonny Fairplay and slammed him on his face, causing him to lose a few teeth and break a toe.
Fairplay was taken to a nearby hospital, where police were called. TMZ cameras were rolling as the bloody reality star was loaded into an ambulance. Some jerk can be heard taunting the injured Fairplay, yelling the phrase "Team Bonaduce" as he got into the ride.

Bonaduce is named as the suspect in a felony battery report.

On The Adam Carolla radio show today, Bonaduce said he's had a thing against Fairplay ever since he pulled the famous "grandmother stunt" on Survivor, lying that she had died in order to get sympathy on the show.

Danny said he thought the show was over and he was leaving, and Fairplay was on the stage, asking the audience why he was booing him. Danny says, as he walked by, he said "They're booing him because they hate him."

Someone then asked Danny to go on stage and tell him that, which he says he did. Danny says he was off the first step of the stage when Fairplay suddenly ran at him, jumped on him and wrapped his legs around him.

Danny says he didn't know if Fairplay was joking. He then says he grabbed the butt of Fairplay's jeans and threw him over his head, not realizing how light he was. Danny says Fairplay face planted into one of the seats behind him.


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Yeah, EVERYBODY who doesn't like someone and just goes up and does this to them, because they "have a thing against them."

What's wrong with some of you that you think that this behavior is acceptable, whether you can stomach Bonaduce or not? The only people who would think this is acceptable are the lowlifes who are out at the bars every night, itching for a fight because of too many beers, too many anger issues...or both. Even if Bonaduce was sober, he has wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many anger issues, and needs a lot of help. This is a constant, chronic pattern for him.

PS I don't even know who Fairplay is. I never watched "Survivor."

2548 days ago


Danny Bonaduce has proven himself a complete trainwreck time and time again. Why do we continue to give this moron any airtime at all ?? He is a complete waste who takes up valuable air and space. Crawl back into the hole you came out of Bonaduce. You're nothing but a LOSER.

2548 days ago


Sorry... I don't care for either of them, but Jonny seems to have asked for it by jumping on Bonaduce. If he's going to act foolish, he needs to live with the consequences. Looks more like self defense to me.

2548 days ago


Bonaduce get himself a decent gig on a syndicated radio program, and then he f**** up his life like this because....why??????? Talk about no impulse control! He's gonna had the s*** sued out of him, what a dork. I have two words for Bonaduce...ANGER MANAGEMENT! You're ruining your life dude.

Who cares about Fairplay, he's a lamo, and he's certainly not worth loosing your freedom or resources.

2548 days ago


To #51 (Suzy):
Kind of like Britney? ;-)

2548 days ago

Jenkins the Cat    


2548 days ago


its all adrianna currys fault read her blog on myspace. dumb ass

2548 days ago


Bonaduce is a total whack job, he needs to get a real life. Now hes gonna act like mister bad ass. NOBODY cares!

2548 days ago

Trout slaya 1    

if jonny touched danny first then its self defense.

2548 days ago

Character Fan    

Apparently Bonaduce isn't a fair play fan in more ways than one. His violent attack should be punished to the full extent of the law.

2548 days ago


that's hilarious

2548 days ago

Mornings with Adam, T and Bonaduce    

Fairplay is a queef and tried to a pull a fast one and lost...end of story. Anyone who listens to the Carolla show in the morning knows Bonaduce isn't a wuss, but is pretty level headed. If he had intended to beat the hell out of Fairplay there would have been no ambulance, just the coroner.

2548 days ago


OMG !!! Talk about K A R M A?!?!?! LOL...
I never really cared for Bonaduce but I have to give him some kudos for stepping up to the plate and doing what EVERYONE has wanted to do for some time now. LOL..
What appears to be the lovechild of Chad Kroegar and Peter Frampton had it coming!!!
What goes around, comes around FREAK Fairplay. Dontcha' just love it?? Well probably not. LOL

2548 days ago


First of all, TMZ doesn't have the story quite right. I am currently listening to the Adam Carolla Show with Danny Bonaduce and Teresa Strasser (a cornerstone of TMZ on TV) and they are discussing the incident and they have the TMZ camera tools...errrr, Camera people in studio. Just go to and you can hear for yourself.

2548 days ago

Boston Kate    

Is that a cupcake in Bonaduce's hand, in picture #3?

2548 days ago
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