Clooney to Fan -- Hello, Lens Cap!

10/3/2007 1:35 PM PDT
Note to fans: When you ask your favorite star to take a picture with you, make sure your camera's working. Make sure the lens is open. And seriously, check the batteries.

TMZ spotted Clooney outside of his New York hotel, where
a fan from Berlin said he'd been waiting five days to snag a snap with George -- and finally got his chance. Except, uh, dude, "It's not open," said George, pointing to the lens. Panicking, the kid tried in vain to get the cam to work -- gevalt! -- but a kindly paparazzo saved the day by taking the picture.

Apparently, German time also moves slower -- the kid told us he was grateful that Clooney waited "like, 10 minutes" for him, when it was really about 10 seconds. One thing moving faster was George's galpal, Sarah Larson, who was spotted off crutches for the first time since their motorcycle accident last week.