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Taylor Hicks' New Gig -- at a Housing Development!

10/4/2007 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor HicksIt's been 16 months since Taylor Hicks won "American Idol" -- and he's really going places -- like the opening of an Alabama housing development!

On the weekend of Oct. 26, people who have purchased land in the The Oaks development in Lake Guntersville will enjoy "an intimate dinner with Taylor Hicks and several other celebrities TBA." Plots of lakefront property start at the whopping price of $49,900! On top of seeing the graying, soon-to-be 31-year-old (who himself owns land in the area), guests will enjoy, "complementary [sic] food, boat rides, bass fishing and more." Soul Patrol!

Poor Season 5 runner-up Kat McPhee will just have to be content making movies!


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# 27 come on! Since this guy's won you haven't heard a thing about him. I don't care if he's been touring for 9 years. He gets no air play to speak of. Where's he been gigging at, doughnut shops & chucky cheese's. Next album! How many did he sell .. 8 ?

2545 days ago

Mr. Hater    


I'll tell you why:
-People like you speak in all-caps and it burns our eyes.

-People like us 'haters' have to spend our money, energy, and time creating jobs and institutions in order to show people like you how to spell and do math when your parents or your local education system clearly hasn't educated you enough. That includes posting messages in places like this pointing out that your capslock key is on.

-People like you kneel down and pray at night for other people. Instead, you should be doing something productive that is PROVEN to have an effect in the world. Like sleeping for 3 minutes longer.

-People like YOU fail to understand the world you live in, and naively think that success is defined by how you look back at your life's failures instead of working your ass off to achieve better things and fulfill your dreams. The reality is that backwards attitude will keep you living in the swamp and having sex with your cousins, briefly achieving something beneficial to the world you live in through singing competitions and beauty pageants and then quickly reverting back to a pathetic and useless existance because you weren't smart enough to use your success to make the world a better place.

-People like you make positives out of nothingness, whereas people like us 'haters' look at what is real and tangible. In other words, YOU say, "Oh he's having such a great time and giving back to 'Bama!" whereas WE say, "With such exposure and success on American Idol, the guy sure isn't competant enough to hang on to it and use it well. Perhaps he never deserved it to begin with. He could have been much more." HE knows it, WE know it, but YOU fail to accept it.

No, you and your ilk are such wonderful and smiley people making the world a better place, right? It's because of angry and focused people like us 'haters' who see the reality of the world that there is medicine to keep you from dying from rabies. It's people like us 'haters' that discovered inbreeding leads to genetic defects, something which we have unsuccessfully foisted upon your little society. It's because of people like us 'haters' that you have a TV to watch Taylor Hicks on and it's people like us that made this whole telephone thing so that you can send a text to your brother asking him if he's coming home for supper with you and the kids.

How's that for being a hater? Go away you well-wisher. You have nothing interesting to contribute here.

2545 days ago


I work in Guntersville and would like to say this area is beautiful!!! The $49,900 is for lake access not lake front!!! Lake front properties start in the $120,000's.

To Whamo - I am neither racist nor hillbilly nor in-bred!!!! Seems to me that people who are not from here are constantly calling us racist or hillbilly or some other obscene term. Isn't you calling racist in fact a racist comment??? I believe so. Maybe you need to rethink how you feel about racism. You are one of them. Have you ever visited here? Obviously not. There are racists everywhere. Have you taken a look at our President lately? Seems he may be the biggest racist of them all.

2545 days ago


I live in Alabama and I'm sooooooo sick of people thinking that we are a bunch of hillbillies with bad English and rotten teeth. Believe me, I've traveled many places in the U.S. and there are trashy people everywhere. Quit picking on the south. We are typically friendly people who love to make everyone feel welcomed and don't deserve the negative stereotypes that we have.

2545 days ago


Mr. Hater, obviously, you are the problem. You and everyone else like you. You walk around with your high priced clothing and gas chugging cars while other people go hungry, homeless and penniless. And don't say it is because they want to. It is because of people like you who think they are so much better than everyone.

Why don't you try giving back to the society that you live in, instead of causing more dispair with that black heart of yours.

2545 days ago


I am a resident of Alabama and would like for it to be know that most of the lots in this development are $175k and up. You guys at TMZ are such smart asses!

2545 days ago


I cannot agree more! I live in Alabama and I have traveled to almost every state and let me tell you there are rednecks and trailer parks everywhere! So only haters are allowed here?

2545 days ago

i heart rod    

you better recognize whamo. what a loser you are!!!

2545 days ago


he bought one lot of of 1000. he is a real estate genius. how many developments are there just like that in every state. i'm sure it will sell when hell freezes over and his money will triple on that very same day.

2545 days ago


He's still around? Why?

2545 days ago


Post 35, I'm with you. I could equally paint with an unflattering broad brush based upon stereotypical portrayals of Californians. I am perfectly happy in Alabama. It is and has been a New South for a long time. Isolated incidents of stupidity is a nationwide phenomena.

2545 days ago


Bama Jewel. Firstly I'm Irish / jamaican descent. I've been to South Carolina. I sat in a bar were they basically refused to serve me. My girlfriend is white and I was told in no uncertain terms that I wasn't wanted there and I should watch my ass when walking around with my girlfriend. So the is first hand experience I'm talking about. Colour line are always omnipresent in the south. I wouldn't go back if you paid.

2545 days ago

Rocco and David    

Just an FYI for ALL who think that only southerners marry their cousins -

Edgar Allen Poe, an American poet, short story writer, etc, born in BOSTON, MA, was 27 years old (pedofile) when he married his 13 year old "first cousin," Virginia Clemm. I could name more but I know you wouldn't be interested. And there is no need for comments - my mind is closed to whatever remark you have to make.

If you want to 'poke fun' at people in the south for things you think others do not do, I guess you need to find something else because marrying one's cousin is not always a southern thing.

2545 days ago


TMZ, this newsworthy article is about as interesting as your new entertainment show. BORING. This is all you can dig up today?

2545 days ago


a plot of land for $49,000, to be so lucky!...we could get a postage stamp size here in California

2545 days ago
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