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One Night in Vegas: Pam and Rick Wed!

10/7/2007 9:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Third time's a charm? Blonde bombshell Pam Anderson wed sex tape prince Rick Salomon last night in Las Vegas. The two were married at the Mirage Hotel in a ceremony attended by Anderson's kids, as well as celeb friends Tobey Maguire and Lukas Haas, reports People.

Pammy did the deed in a denim Valentino dress ... wash and wear?

Anderson's previously been married to rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, and Salomon was briefly wed to "Charmed" witch Shannen Doherty. Rick is the "co-star" and producer of "One Night in Paris," the Paris Hilton sex tape, from which he is said to have earned millions.

Sex and the Dream Sequence?

About those pics of Sarah Jessica Parker in a wedding gown that have leaked from the set of "Sex and the City" ... don't jump to any happily wed conclusions -- SJP's Carrie may not be marrying longtime love Mr. Big just yet.
A source close to the set says that the wedding sequence -- along with scenes of a pregnant Charlotte -- are actually from "dream sequences" in the film.

The source told Page Six, "They're playing mind tricks with the fans. The pictures have been staged to make people think they're following a predictable plot, but these are really only dreams. Everyone's wondering how Charlotte could finally get pregnant after all that time. They're loving that everyone's imaginations are running wild."

Party Favors...Montel in Holy Matrimony

Talk show talking head Montel Williams married longtime girlfriend Tara Fowler on Saturday afternoon in Bermuda. The pair wed in front of 60 guests, including Williams' 18-year-old daughter from his first marriage.


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Glisten Garbor    

When is the Pam and Rick "do Vegas" DVD coming out?

2510 days ago


Pam you can do so much better than that.......why do you always have to go after these sleazeballs?

2510 days ago


Well TMZ, just keep up abreast with this movie & by the time it comes out we wont have to go see it thanks to you

2510 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Cute girl but man oh man does she have the worst taste in men or what!!!

2510 days ago

Lenn K.    

If the media followed Pam like they do Britney they could easily dig up the same dirt on her too. Probably a worse mom, we know a flat-out ho with Hep C, and doing probably the same crazy things. The media wants Britney to replace Anna Nicole for them and if she dies they can stalk a new prey, maybe Hayden!!!

2510 days ago


To #17 Luvupam...why does she go after sleezeballs? Maybe because she is one herself. The woman just turned 40 and from a distance doesn't look too bad but the close-ups tell the real story. Don't start in on the hepatitis c and blame that...okay she has been diagnosed with it but does she take care of herself? Hell no...she is obviously a heavy drinker and drug abuser. Her choice in men, with the exception of Kid Rock, is disgusting, She either has no brains or figures this is the only way to keep herself in front of the cameras. Her claims to fame are as silly as she is...running down the beach in a bathing suit 2 or 3 sizes too small, breast implants over and over again, marrys Tommy Lee and stupidly makes a tape of them having sex, posing for Playboy with all of her phony body parts and plenty of airbrushing...need I go on? She is a horrendus joke as a woman, thinking she is the dream of millions of men in bed. The day I find out my husband dreams of her sick body in bed is the day he gets his walking papers! I just don't get it...don't women want to be respected anymore? Obviously Pamela has no self respect..if she did would she live like she does? Would she put her 2 kids through her messy life and humiliate them like she does? And people thought the Menendez brothers were a mess...she is making those boys lives worse by the day. Will she make it to 50? Maybe and with lots more plastic surgery to try and keep her perpetually young...but time marches on. Again I say, she is one of the most disgraceful human beings I have ever seen. She deserves Rick and whatever added misery comes to her. Grow up Pamela at least for the kids sake and if you can't give them to parents who will nurture them and make them fine adults...not the off spring of a plastic whore.

2510 days ago

lisa z    

They always dressed SJP in the most ridiculous outfits!

Pam is so gross anymore, Rick?!?!! Guess she knows her age is showing.

2510 days ago


What an idiot Pam is, perhaps the hep C has killed her brain cells. Tryin to get folks to believe she's met the love of her life for the third time. Its crazy, thats just like me saying Notre Dame will win the NCAAF championship. She need to come to her senses.

2510 days ago


The person who picked out that wedding dress should be shot. I see a vast expanse of bony terrain, and a sadly empty bodice. COVER HER!!!!!
And upswept hair on that pointy visage is another cruel mistake.

2510 days ago

Lenn K.    

Damn, I almost missed where Montel Williams married for like the 5 or 6 time. What a dirt-bag!!!

2510 days ago


What is funny about hepatitis C? My neighbor's 12 year old son has it and it was not through sexual contact. I know you bitches on here would give up your right arm to have her money and fame but jealousy is a very unattractive emotion. And I'll bet every one of you dorks thought you were being clever with the hep C remarks.
Good luck Pam. Women that aren't green with envy wish you well, those that are post lame insults.

BTW-Pam works tirelessly for animals. Perhaps you could pick up your fat asses, walk away from the computer and contribute something to society. Just a thought.

2510 days ago

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...right    

At least Pam didn't wear a bikini to her wedding like she did the last two times.

2510 days ago


Good luck Pam. I hope third time is a charm!! :0)

2510 days ago


Just when you thought she couldn't find anyone sleazier than Tommy or Kid....

2510 days ago


I wish she'd marry me.

2510 days ago
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