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Judge to Britney: You Must Be Booked!

10/9/2007 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has just been ordered by a Los Angeles County judge to be booked for August's alleged hit-and-run, before her next court appearance on Oct. 25.

TMZ was in court just minutes ago with Brit's attorney Michael Flanagan, who tells us that Britney will comply with the court's decision.

Flanagan also tells TMZ that Britney is trying to work out a deal with the woman whose car she hit.


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Whee! This is just so funny! She thought she could get away with it, this just basically made my day. She won't be seeing her kids again for awhile. And Mr. Crocker needs to not only get a life but maybe a hobby while he's at it.

2536 days ago

just wondering FENDER BENDERS don't go unreported a million times a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....just another judge looking for attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...they all want TV SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2536 days ago


Just has to toe the line on some life issues and conform a bit, not the first to go through all of this.
I just don't see major addiction problems with her, she looks to healthy and likes to eat!
she does seem to have a maturity problem and an extreme stubborn streak!

2536 days ago

From one woman to others...    

Ding Dang y'all, doncha no I hits me a car, (brainiac that I am) l leave because my cars got a boo boo on it, so's I gots to get a new one, and oh yeah, gots to git me a cali of these days...paps could you go git me a margarite? thanks hon...

2536 days ago


This is nothing but a money whore wanting money from Britney

2536 days ago


I am not at all standing up for what she did, but i do not feel she needs to go to jail... I mean honestly. what she did was wrong. but she didnt hurt anyone.. the damned car was parked... but you let lindsay go with a slap on the wrist? what the freaking hell? she needs a damn break... atleast she is complying with the rulings

2536 days ago


i dont think they should book her, she had so many people in her way all she was trying to do was park. im sure she wouldnt even hit the car if if the pop wasnt trying to take her picture

2536 days ago

lawyer man    

If she were a woman of color she would be locked up with a large bond to bail herself out. I say lock her up and teach her a lesson.

2536 days ago

lawyer man    

If she were a woman of color---she would be in jail right now with a huge bond to get out. She needs to be locked up---an accident is an accident---there are no degrees---she left without knowing she may have injured someone

2536 days ago


Keep up the hard work Britney. Things will work out for the best. Just keep thinking of your kids and how much you love them, thats all that matters. Keep your head up and listen to your heart, it wont steer you wrong.

2536 days ago

From one woman to others...    

She also didn't have a California license at ALL, so she was illegally driving all this time, and its all caught on film, thanks to the paps, she also along with leaving the scence of a accident, iqnored the vehicle(who she hit)owner when she tried to contact her, thus causing her to file a police report....
This is not a issue of a $$"whore" or judge that want to "be on TV" it is a issue that this woman cannot take care of herself, she is incompedent....

2536 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Every one else's chickens come home to roost.
So must Ms. Spears regarding her hit and run.
Time to pay the piper for behaving as though entitled,
to enable her to perceive the world realistically.

2536 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I get to hit another's parked car and leave, after I check only my car, cuz I'm Britney Spears.

2536 days ago

From one woman to others...    

Ding Dang y'all, doncha no I hits me a car, (brainic that I am) l leave because my cars got a boo- boo on it, so's I gots to git a new one, and oh yeah, gots to get me a cali license, one of these days, paps could you go git me a margarita, thanks hon...

2536 days ago


HELLOOOOOO It's up to the lady to decide if she wants the money and procecute or take the money and be done. It's really lame to think that the DA wants to deal with this, Im sure that's why it's in the "works". I'm sure it will be settled with payment and no booking. A lady hit me, took off and I had that choice. Im sure the lady just wants the money for repair and just wanted to scare her. The lady seems levelheaded enough from what it seemed on her interview to just take the money and not leave with charging someone with a crime since everyone deserves a chance when a parked car gets scraped. Yeah it sucks but really the law needs to have guidelines. It's silly that someone can cause injury and be charged with the same count.

2536 days ago
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