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Judge to Britney: You Must Be Booked!

10/9/2007 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has just been ordered by a Los Angeles County judge to be booked for August's alleged hit-and-run, before her next court appearance on Oct. 25.

TMZ was in court just minutes ago with Brit's attorney Michael Flanagan, who tells us that Britney will comply with the court's decision.

Flanagan also tells TMZ that Britney is trying to work out a deal with the woman whose car she hit.


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She will buy her way out of this, no jail time for sure. This is LA we are talking about. The jail doesn't have room for people like Nichole and Britney. We all know that she will setle with that woman, and this is just another Brit's TMZ moment.

2569 days ago


Cry me a river! She is a celeb. so she will get off with a slap on the wrist.

2569 days ago


Come on..... honestly, let's be realistic here! How many times has your car been "bumped" or scratched in a parking lot or someone has placed a key down the side of the paint? Britney bumped a car while driving into a parking spot and they call this "hit and run" in LA. You ought to be embarrassed if this is true and we out here in the USA ought to demand that everyone who damages our cars and leaves the scene are absolutely charged with "hit and run"! This is all B***s***. This is unfair treatment of a celebrity at the very least.

2569 days ago


she wont do Jail time for this I promise!! Already going to be thrown out of court, she cut a deal.....

2569 days ago

This case is a very public disgrace...    

Next time your car gets bumped in a parking lot, be sure to call the cops and ask that the offending driver be arrested. This is ridiculous. Britney, investigated already 3 times by CPS, they find nothing, yet she can't have custody...Accused of being an addict by an incompetant, and FIRED, EXemployee,yet passes drug tests. Britney, bumps a parked car and is charged with hit and run...RIDICULOUS!!!! A drunk driver hit me and my car on the road, and the cops wouldn't even come!!!! Britney Spears is being attacked and it needs to stop. Most of the posters have no idea what it means to be a parent of babies, going thru divorce, or any idea what kind of financial obligations come with being a SUPERSTAR with a MULTIMILLION dollar income. I'm so sick of the Britney BASHING. The court should order KFedEX to get a JOB!!!!!This whole thing makes me SICK. All you Brit bashers...........SICK......

2569 days ago

coolrepublica (    

People on this site are not thinkers. I saw the video she barely scraped the car. There was probably 50 bucks of paint repair on that car because it was Benz that shoots it up to 500 bucks max.

I have had my door hit in parking lot many times and I have hit a few doors myself and left as much damage as Britney did bumping that car. If everyone had to be booked for bumping cars in parking lot half of the population of LA county would be in jail.

So to the idiots that are saying she should be booked for that, you guys are Idiots with a capital I. I hope that someday you bump into someones car and get taken to jail.

I getting off the "I hate Britney bandwagon." It is getting crowded with too many stupid people.

2569 days ago


she should go to jail. she's a terrible mother and a bad driver.

2569 days ago

just wondering    

........BOTTOMLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! # 53

2569 days ago


that is stupid. lindsay with her 2 dui didn't get anything so in this case i hope brit just has to pay the small fee to fix the other lady's car. that broad just wants money from brit anyway and the attention. what next???

2569 days ago


to diana who posted #11.. we live in California because it is the only place in the us where you can surf in the morning then drive to the mountains and have a ski before lunch time. the weather is perfect, the people are beautiful and very friendly, and many other reasons!! i do agree the court system here seems to favor celebrities but that's why i obey the law!!

2569 days ago


For Christ's sake, someone arrest her! Having her turn herself in is a cop out!

2569 days ago


What it is when Britney gets bagged whoring around getting drunk by TMZ?
A true PAP Smear

2569 days ago


No sympathy here. Too bad she won't do jail time for this, but she can lose the license she just so publicly got

btw #10 Diana - its not over for lohan yet. Her day is coming to answer for what she did

2569 days ago

Chris C    

It'll alls get better. Us southern girls, such as Britney, are classy enough to know if we saw anything wrong with the dent in the car, we would have left a note. It was only a scrape, y'all.

2569 days ago


And of course the woman will want a lot more than her damages actually total.

2569 days ago
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