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Report: Hospital Suspends Staffers for Clooney Leak

10/9/2007 7:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George ClooneyPalisades Medical Center in New Jersey suspended dozens of doctors and hospital employees after they allegedly leaked George Clooney's medical information to the press following his motorcycle accident last month, WCBS is reporting.

According to the report, hospital officials are investigating whether staffers not directly involved in caring for Clooney and his girlfriend, Sarah Larson, logged into the hospital computer system to review his medical records.

Clooney, through his rep, told TMZ, "This is the first I've heard of it. And while I very much believe in a patient's right to privacy, I would hope that this could be settled without suspending medical workers."

Clooney's rep says he was contacted by a member of the press who had the details of the accident an hour before any statement was released.

Calls to the Palisades Medical Center were not immediately returned.


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Britney leaked it....had on her brown boots.....ava

2536 days ago

Marlb Man    

If some stupid ass at the hospital did leak it, he should sue them. Violating HIPPA laws is serious, and the ass that did should have to pay! People are so nosey and stupid!

2536 days ago


TOO MUCH information of Celebrities are leaking out to the MEDIA. I hope they do come out and SUE. and the reportors n PAPZ should be next. It's outrages the things they do to get information

2536 days ago


There's nothing private anymore.

Including your private's (can we all say Brittney Spears?????)

2536 days ago

Busted Celebrity    

Of course they did! lol

Busted Celebrity

2536 days ago


Clooney has become an ass .. and yes, George, we spoke a few times at your aunt Rosemary's holiday parties in Beverly Hills and yes, her second cousin is living in Long Beach with her doctor husband .. we all love them both. Your own parents seem super but you've been for awhile an ass with your mouth wide open .. you have no respect for women and your polotics can be left home when you cater to us watching your films. I would like the same respect you demand and you don't give it anymore. You've lost your boyish ways and are now just a big mouth trying to get people fired when they need their jobs and don't spew the same hate you've been. FIRE PEOPLE WHO NEED THEIR JOBS WHEN CLOONEY IS ANOTHER STREISAND WHO HAD MININUM WAGE WORKERS FIRED AT THE MGM AND VENETIAN. You are alike politically and both have hate in your heart .. she has the great voice and you had the great face .. never as handsome as your own dad on NBC news. But what you've become is truly tragic and you know damn well what I mean. Close to God you aren't anymore but a genius jerk in politics when we don't need your input..... you are no Ronald Reagan... more like whose that ex president who opens his mouth and rips America .. that old man whose son lost the election last year in Nevada .. guess who?

2536 days ago


Good. They should all be fired. Then, each one personally sued. Don't sue the HOSPITAL... the INDIVIDUALS.

2536 days ago


It doesn't matter who you are. Private information is just that PRIVATE. IF your information was being seeked without your permission would you feel the same. I would say NOT...!!! When you start making excuses for invasion of PRIVACY your giving permission for the same be done to you. Are you willing to give up your privacy rights?

2536 days ago


Who gives a damn except for the media.Lame to even have a staff
layed off over this.If no one bothered them,it would be a non
-issue.Attacking GeorgeClooney over things beyond this is stupid.

2536 days ago


Anyone at the hospital who released information needs to be fired. This is a serious breach of privacy.

2536 days ago


Everyone involved should be FIRED, not suspended! I know celebrities don't have much privacy but when your MEDICAL RECORDS are leaked that's too much!

2536 days ago


I work in the medical world and leaking patient information is unforgivable and unprofessional. Lob on HIPPA regulation and their very lucky they’re not getting fired. The hospital could be guilty of HIPPA violations and face a huge fine and/or sanction.

2536 days ago


I'm sorry, but the medical staff that leaked the information should be fired. When these people were hired, there were told that if did not obey the right to privacy of patients they would be fired immediatly.

2536 days ago


A person's medical information is supposed to be private, I don't give a flying fig if you're an actor or Queen Elizabeth or John Doe down the street. This is unforgivable. I've never once heard a negative thing about George Clooney, never heard a woman claim he mistreated her. He may stay unmarried which is better than serial vow-takers, lol, but he does seem to date the same women for a long time so until I see or hear proof of bad behavior, I am going to continue to see him as a charming greatlooking man with just about the sexiest voice on the planet, next to Sam Elliot of course.

2536 days ago


Hahahah! #13 u r right! ;)))
Thats the reason y hes with her in the 1st place, people started to wonder... hmm.

2536 days ago
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