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Will Rodeo Rope Bret After All?

10/9/2007 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

rodeo, rock of lovePoison frontman Bret Michaels' VH1 romance reality show is over, but the love between Michaels and show contestant Rodeo may not be.

Rodeo, who was sent home mid-way through the "Rock of Love" season when her son got sick, says she was shocked when the winner, Jes, told Michaels he'd made the wrong choice. "But I could understand how Jes felt," she said.

And now that Bret and his stringy blonde extensions have been spurned by his "Rock of Love" pick, Rodeo believes she may have another shot at him. "Tons of the other girls were saying, 'now you'll have second chance. I'm going to see where it goes. I'm not going to chase after anybody." Ride 'em, cowgirl!

As for redheaded "Rock of Love" villain Lacey, Rodeo says, "When people take medication with liquor that's dangerous." Lacey never messed with her because, says Rodeo, "all of [the girls on the show] respected me and I respected them."


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I like Rodeo...I think that she is a real person and who has real feelings. For all of you that are putting her down take a look at yourself before you judge. Rodeo you go girl!

2517 days ago


I ~ personally ~ LOVE Rodeo! She looks FANTASTIC at her age!! If she's got the bod...why NOT show it off!! She's a down to earth MOM! Her child came first and IF she went to spend time with Bret...MORE POWER to her!!!

As for the NEXT ROCK OF LOVE...It's been mentioned that casting is going on NOW...and that IT won't be Bret Michaels again...but some other ROCK's leave Bret alone...and maybe he'll find love the right way...WITHOUT a MILLION VIEWERS!! JMPO!!!(JUST MY PERSONAL OPINION~)

2517 days ago


All those women are just trashy whores... Who would want to degrade themselves like that on National television? or life in general.. LOSERS!!!

2517 days ago


I didn't like Rodeo she was annoying. She did everything. Even trying to promote her crap on the reunion show. And farting on him. Gross. I don't like him with her. Extentions or not Brett is still hot!

2517 days ago


Mr.Diabetes need's to get to some AA meeting's! As far as Rodeo....I dont know why she was even on the show cause......she's a married womam!!!!

2517 days ago


One of my favorite moments on the show was when Lacey wouldn't leave Dallas alone. And Rodeo man handled that bitch!! HILARIOUS. I'm not scared of anyone, but Rodeo is one lady I won't mess with! haha.

2517 days ago


I think she mistook saying Jes saying Bret took the wrong girl. Jes meant he should have picked Heather. That was the whole conversation there, that seeing him with Heather made her (Jes) realize that he picked the wrong girl. Then Jes and Heather hug and make up. It was also an allusion to all the crappy banter going on between Heather and Bret an hour before the show.

2517 days ago

MN Girl    

It's good that Rodeo got away when she did, like i always say just say no to hepatitis!

2517 days ago


Rodeo is an annoying busy body who never gets tired of tooting her own horn. Not to mention that she actually did "toot" (fart) in front of bret when they were in the recording studio. How sexy is that? She knows it all, does it all, and thinks she is ALL that. Jes is a biaatch. Everyone keep saying how she is too good for Bret, and I'd like to knwo why? She sure seemed like she was in to him, and defintely did the dirty with him after knowing he slept with heather. So how is she holier than thou? You are the company you keep. Heather was by far the most real person on the show. REAL. Jes wasnt real, she was playing a game and if you see her mysapce page, all you see is her promoting herself. So she is know better, and not to good for bret. Everyone rips him for being a has been, but he is set for life and is not a has been as he has more than just the memories of Poison, he has a production company and made the movie "letters from death Row". He is multi-talented and has money to burn. Those who dont, liek to to rip him... I'm just sayin'

2517 days ago


Trust me that is a wig.
That is why he wears a bandana. His wig goes down to his eyebrows. Very easy to see without the bandana.
Look at some of his recent videos. There is one where he doesn't have the bandana on.
He needs to scoot the thing back about 3 inches.

2517 days ago


It's all fake and scripted--all "reality" shows are. I would like to think not..but they are. Good tv--but fake!
Oh BTW, I heard Jes has been dating another man for several months now.
Rodeo- meredith vierra on steriods.
and all the has been 80 rockers will see your "Bret" tattoo upside down.

2517 days ago


Hate to admit it, but I watched the show. He is so gross, and too old & worked over to pull of the rocker look. I can't believe a woman of any substance would want to go there. Remember the show when one of the parents asked him if had any hair under that get up? 'Ole bald Bret got very defensive.It was moments like that I continued to watch.
Let's face it, all the chicks were skanks.............."Wigdana" is a classic....................

2517 days ago


Jess was a bartender of our in Naperville and I heard she had a boyfriend the ENTIRE time she did the show. She did it just to make a name in Hollywood.

2516 days ago


Ok, so what I hear through the midwest grapevine is this..... Jes met a guy in Chicago (where she's from) during the 6 month hiatus and has fallen head over heels for him. And after seeing the first episode, she said she was there to boost her hairdressing career.

2516 days ago


i called it from the start. I loved rodeo becauwse you could tell that they hit it off right from the start. But please Brett, rodeo can do better. He better make it up to her. I commend her for putting her son first... ALl Brett could think about was himself..... Go Rodeo...........

2516 days ago
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