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Brit Drops the F Bomb, Explodes on Paps

10/11/2007 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears reached her breaking point with the paparazzi yesterday -- and exploded in anger toward snapping photogs.

TMZ caught Britney going into a Target in Culver City, where a sea of paparazzi followed her into the store and practically blocked her from shopping. Brit can be heard saying she was "so over it" and shouted, "What the f**k do you guys want?!" Brit and her new assistant then snapped at a rent-a-cop who was doing very little to control the situation.

As Spears made her way out of the store, Brit Brit asked if she could "borrow one of your cameras one day," then said, "Bye, y'all!" and drove off. Spears should be in court this morning requesting overnight visits with Sean Preston and Jayden James.


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i think this is all so crazy first of all her family needs to get her help and get her out of the public eyes and get the help she needs for the good of her children she needs to realize that she is not just living for herself anymore she has children now and needs to take responsibilites for her behavior. what worries me is that her family needs to be more involved with her life. i can only hope and pray she will get well and back to being a parent.

2568 days ago


Why isn't there an open season on those bottom feeders with the cameras, I'd smack the crap outta a few of them

2568 days ago


first of all why the hell does she take that stupid mutt with her everywhere she goes? second um target is a regular store i have one in the town i live in i know that pets are not allowed in stores unlessits a pet store that allows pets and or they are working dogs for disabled people and

2568 days ago


Couple of thoughts.

1. Target? I guess old habbits die hard.

2. They crossed the line, and TMZ is stupid for trying to make more out of it than it is. I didn't see her lose her cool at all. Several times she had to change direction from them deliberately blocking her in. That legally meets the definition of false imprisonment since they are impeding her free movement.

2568 days ago


You watch these cameramen, and it is really no surprise when celebs lash out at them. They are emotionally and physically invasive; maybe there should be a law about their being only allowed within a certain distance. I'm definitely no Britney fan, but this is ridiculous!!

2568 days ago


I can't believe I'm actually posting something here but I really think that people need to leave the poor girl alone! Nobody wants this...nobody asks or signs up for this kind of harassment when they go into the music business--this is just freakin' out of control. How is she supposed to clean up her act with this kind of madness around? And to Lippy--show a little Freakin' compassion--how would you like it if you couldn't even go to Target if you wanted to? You think she asks for this 24/7? You're out of your mind! And I guess everyone will turn her into some kind of super-martyr if she should crack and commit suicide under this kind of pressure?!? It's gotta stop--I'm done!

2568 days ago


If Brittney showed as much interest in her children as she does in her dog she would not be in this mess. But just like with her children she don't see anything wrong with putting that little dog in harms way. Hey, I like Target to but has she ever heard of shopping on line? Most of the time she could get free shipping.

2568 days ago


If they consider THAT "exploding in anger" and "reaching a breaking point" then they are the crazy ones who haven't seen anything. If that would have been me I would have said excuse me politely then if they didn't move I'd be much more agressive. It stresses me out just watching these videos of Britney being followed, could you imagine going to Target and not being able to quickly run in, geez. And to the person who said the photogs were called, actually they camp outside of her house all day and follow her around.

2568 days ago


grow Up Britney you Love this attention, all your fans buy your stupid CD's you can at least Let them take your stupid Pictures from the camera: nobody wants you in ther neeborhood or have you block them in so the people can't get ther car out of the parking Lot: You need to get your act together:
You've loss your kids!!! SEE A Shrink

2568 days ago


Avoiding this situation is simple, it's called TARGET.COM!!!!!!!!

2568 days ago


Just give her the room. Why does everybody have to get in her face? That is BS

2568 days ago


Britney and others are stalked every minute of every day. The photographers make a bundle by getting a bad photo of them and then selling it to the disgusting tabloids or evening entertainment shows. It's the media (magazines and TV) that are creating this craziness and changing society by trying to display the worse possible side of the people they are dependent upon. Personally, I won't buy or watch these shows and if you do you are helping a small group of people become multi-millionaires. The "entertainment" shows and tabloids are moronic and/or lies.

2568 days ago

Renee Brewer    

I aint no fan of Brit but poor girl i WOULD HATE that!!!!!!!!!!!!

2568 days ago

I love you brit    

I feel bad for Britney, she should go see a psychiatry before she realllly get crazy. Britney stop going out side to much so you wont get the paparizzi all over you 24/7. Y'all people are bad you leave brit alone y'all hear!!! lol

2568 days ago


She made a few mistakes... everybody does so what. Nobody is prefect. Just leave her alone. She is dealing with alot right now. Go bother Paris...

2568 days ago
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