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Brit to Judge: I Want My Mommy!

10/11/2007 2:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for K-Fed and Britney are in the hallway outside the courtroom right now, discussing whether Lynne Spears, Britney's mother, can be appointed by the court as a monitor -- and spend the night with Brit and her children.

We're told Brit has trust issues, and now that she has reconciled with mommy, she wants Lynne to be the one to stay overnight when her sons visit. We hear K-Fed's attorneys are opposed to this.

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Nancy Gonzalez    

Maybe she does need her mami! That's a pretty catchy headline. Kudos to you!!!

2548 days ago


First. Let her spend time with her children.

2548 days ago


In the hallway? geezzz...will you people stay out of her business and let the courts do their work. I'm sure a press release will follow. Are you going to follow her into the bathroom too and report how many plop plop fizz fizz you hear?

2548 days ago


how could they be opposed to this, he didn't have a problem with it when she was with him helping him out when he needed it. She has those babies best interests at heart, she won't let her hurt them.. Let's face it Britney isn't going to be the one taking care of them anyway, she will be.

2548 days ago

I love it!    

She's just using Lynne. I knew it! She just doesn't want to be told by a real parenting coach what to do. I can't stand this washed has been.

2548 days ago


She didn't even go to court this morning. That's show how serious she wants her kid.

2548 days ago

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...right    

Don't let her have those kids. She is clearly a wreck! She needs to clean up more then just a drug test. She needs a pysch evaluation.

2548 days ago


She just wants a free babysitter so she can go out and party.

2548 days ago


How is the mother Lynn a fair and impartial mediator? Brit could do whatever and whats Lynn gonna do? Call the cops? Doubt it! She is not fit to be alone with her own kids! this will get shot down by the judge.

2548 days ago


She has held her mother off for months and now she suddenly wants Mommy to be there for her? I'm sure her mother would be there for her, but Britney is trying to USE her mother.

That ain't right, folks.

I wouldn't go for it and my last name ain't Federline, either.

2548 days ago


Everyone should just stop posting comments on britney and maybe tmz will get the hint already!!! Leave the girl alone!!!

2548 days ago


I am surprised they are even considiering overnights still seeing as Brit did not show up to court.

2548 days ago


I knew this was going to happen. I hope Britney reconciled with her mother for the RIGHT REASONS and not just to try and get her sons back. I posted something to this effect under another article today.

2548 days ago


Britney is a control freak. No, her mother should not be permitted to monitor those children. A no-nonesense neutral party should be appointed by the court, and paid for by Britney.

2548 days ago


i think it's a good idea that her mom could be the monitor...i hope that things go well.

2548 days ago
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