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Britney Blows Off Court

10/11/2007 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As we first reported last night, Britney Spears promised her lawyers she would appear in court today as her attorneys asked the judge to give the popwreck overnight visits with her kids.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is in court right now. Brit's lawyers, Anne Kiley and Tara Scott are en route. Britney's hangin' in Marina Del Rey and it's pretty clear either her alarm didn't go off or she just had a change of heart.


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i find it incredulous that so many of you come here and post saying leave Britney alone, that if we had the paps up our backsides all the time, we would go off the deep end as she has.

Where the heck have you been the last 9 months? You must be a hit and miss about information regarding Britney.

People - she calls the paps and lets them know where she is going to go so they will be there waiting for her. She WANTS the paps around her all the time. These are her only "friends". She feels such love and warmth oozing from them for her (gawd, almost threw up just typing that!!!).

Geez, there are truly idiots coming here defending Britney to this day. These people are as big a loser as Britney. They just do not get it - just like Britney just does not get it.

IF (and notice I say that with the caps on!!) Britney wanted to have kids in her life, she would make an attempt to give them some form of stability. She would be there for them. Sure she DID NOT HAVE TO ATTEND THE COURT HEARING TODAY!! However, of she truly wanted her kids, she would have show up.

Forget about coming here defending her because SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO SHOW UP IN COURT TODAY. That is a lame defense - valid, but lame nevertheless.

Britney is one very sick girl. She lives in a world of fanatsy of her own making. She does not know reality. No child should be reared by a person who does not live in reality. Can you imagine a child whose Mother is so mentally incapacitated that she thinks she is living in the Disney Princess Castle and is the Princess? Where can this Mother draw the line between fantasy and reality? In the Disney Princess Castle, children don't go to school. What will happen when this Mother's children reaches school age? Will she be able to suddenly snap out of her fantasy world and into reality to get her kids to school on a regular basis (if even at all!)?

Fantasy does not provide stability and structure in a life and this is something that all children need. They also need nurturing. I am not sure that Britney is capable of this. She is capable of toting her children around for her purposes.

And while you may see the children clinging to her when she is out and about with them, all children will do that, no matter what kind of a parent they have. Just as pets will be loyal to their masters, no matter how they have been treated, children will be loyal to their parents as well.

This is truly a very sad case. For anyone who shoots back that everyone deserves a 2nd chance - just how many 2nd chances should a person get? My gawd, Britney has had so many 2nd chances, there are no more 2nd chances left. She is like the child who cries wolf.

With every step where her life is hitting a new low, I keep thinking, this is her rock bottom and now she will surely see the light. But not. I certainly do not hope she resort to suicide, however, if she should I doubt very seriously that that will be her rock bottom, either.

What needs to happen is for the media to absolutely ignore Britney. The paps should ignore her. The gossip sites should stop posting about her. She should be ignored so she will have some time to understand that the media attention is NOT what life is about. Then and only then will Britney have the time to sort through things to realize what is going wrong with her life. As long as she has her paps "friends" around, she will not listen to anybody. Anyone who tells her anything she does not want to hear is not her "friend".

I find it very distasteful for people to come here and call her filthy names and curse her. She is a human being - a very troubled one, but a human being nontheless.

If everyone (myself included) would not click on any article about Britney and not post any comments, TMZ, PerezHilton, Seriously? OMG! WTF?, X17 all all the rest, then they would not be clamoring to report every little thing about her. And when they do not have people interested in Britney, then the paps would not be able to get the $$$ for Britney's photos and they would not be so interested in her. Thus leading to Britney losing her pap "friends".

Can we all try to avoid all articles about Britney?? Please!!!

2547 days ago

Jackie L. Vester    

OH MY GOD!!! Will this madness never end??!! Just give those babie's to their daddy!! He has shown himself to be the more responsible parent. I never thought that I would say that but I did. I'm sick of the excuse's. She is done. All you people that are still "Fan's" ; Maybe you should stop thinking about your Pop Trainwreck and think about those poor boy's. They haven't done anything to deserve this.

2547 days ago

Jackie L. Vester    

OH MY GOD!!! When will this madness end??!! PLEASE just give those babie's to their father. She has shown so many time's that she can care less about her children. If they let that crazy bitch have those babie's they are doomed. I don't care what Kevin has done in the past he desrves those children now!!

2547 days ago


Can we just have one Britney free day? I am so sick of this slut and can't figure out why she gets to break every law and every rule of human decency and she continues to get away with it.

2547 days ago
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