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Britney Leaves the Courtroom -- Visibly Upset

10/11/2007 6:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has just left the courtroom, looking extremely upset and teary-eyed.

K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is going to speak with the media in 30 minutes.

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She deserves her kids, a lot more than KFed the no workaholic. Judge (or commissioner as they call it) get real, wake up and see who is the better parent here.

2533 days ago


Why don't any of these cops ever tell her to fasten her seatbelt-and ticket her if she doesn't?

2533 days ago


"END SCENE" rolling credits turns to BLACK!

As Brit put her cig down to act her last scene. PULEASE!!!

2533 days ago

The MRS'    

Why in the heck does her attorney have to talk to the media ALL THE TIME???? KEVIN is a LOSER!!!!

2533 days ago


Brit driving ??? does that mean she has a valid drivers license now ????

2533 days ago

Jayne Dough    

Dear God in Heaven,
Please help Brittney stay off the drugs and booze so she can have half a chance to develop as a mature parent. And if that isn't going to happen, could you send her somewhere that we don't have to hear about her train wreck of a life?

2533 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

She didn't look upset or teary eyed (she had sunglasses on). I want to know what's she is doing DRIVING "IF" she is SO upset? Also - why isn't it against the law to drive while holding a lit cigarette? She isn't the best driver ..... perhaps she could put the cigarette down. I would think that 2nd hand smoke would be another issue for a Judge.

2533 days ago


visibly shaken? give me a break

tmz U R reachin...

2533 days ago


Hey entitled and only you gave them every inch of rope they are yanking you apart with. Look no farther than yourself. Cut them loose, get it together, and sail on. Don't be a whiner, baby......

2533 days ago


Is that a joint you're smoking Brit Brat? You'll be feeling better soon no doubt.

2533 days ago


Why would anyone want Brit to get her kids back? Why does she WANT her kids back for OVERNIGHTS when she's NEVER HOME at night?!!! WTF!!

If anything happens to those kids when they're with Britney, EVERYTHING will be over for her, period! Let K-Fed keep 'em safe, let Brit pay K-Fed. This is the best scenario for everyone involved.

2533 days ago


where s kevin s arrival and leaving court shots?! again kevin is behind whole thing by bribin pap to attack britteny every suckin day

2533 days ago


I hope she's on her way to getting better, but she can't expect one week or so of clean drug tests to work a miracle......................................

2533 days ago


Check out today's headline in Cali:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - California motorists will risk fines of up to $100 next year if they are caught smoking in cars with minors, making their state the third to protect children in vehicles from secondhand smoke.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday signed a bill that will make it an infraction to smoke in a vehicle if someone under age 18 is present. But the traffic stop would have to be made for another offense, such as speeding or an illegal turn, before the driver could be cited for smoking.

The ban, which takes effect Jan. 1, joins a string of smoking prohibitions adopted in California, including a ban on smoking in enclosed workplaces and within 25 feet of a playground.

They shoulda called it the "Britney Bill"!

2533 days ago

Miss Meg    

Ok ppl-- If this was a mother who was NOT in the spotlight -- everyone would be saying TAKE THE KIDS!!! But because it is Britney Spears you feel bad for her!! Those kids are better off out of her drinking and drug abuser arms!! I feel nothing for her other than hope she gets her act together-- and not just to get her kids back!! She is a stuck-up "the world revolves around me" bubble gum washed up artist!!! She snuffed her nose at the courts many times and in "our" world those kids would have been taken away along time ago!!! Those who support her think of this: The mother who lost her kids because she was out drinking all night..doing drugs..drives down the interstate with her child NOT only out of a carseat BUT in her front lap... and can't make it to her court ordered drug tests cause she was sleeping!! You think this is how a MOTHER should act.. Just as there are horrible fathers and we call them "sperm" donors there are horrible mothers and they are just a waste of space and it takes more that having a child to call yourself a MOTHER!!! Grow up Britney -- life really isn't that bad for you!! Trade ya lives for a day and I guarantee I will not be an alcoholic drug addicted mother who is self centered -- Now before everyone thinks I am cruel and wrong-- It is NOT that I don't LIKE her it is that I loathe the way she is with her children!! Knock her down a few rungs in the ladder of life and MAYBE you would feel different about how her children are being taken care of!!!

2533 days ago
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