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Deep Discounts on "American Idol" Irregulars

10/11/2007 6:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Guarini and Kimberley Locke didn't win "American Idol," but they are charging on with their careers and performing -- at the opening of a Texas outlet mall! For the love of Tiffany!
Kimberley Locke and Justin Guarini
While it may not be as high profile as a residential development or a regional hot air balloon festival, Justin and Kimberley will be doing their best to entertain discount shoppers at the grand opening of The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso on Friday. "From Justin to Kelly" never looked so good! To add insult to injury, Kimberley's name is even spelled wrong in one instance.

At this rate, it won't be long before Bo Bice is at a multiplex near you -- singing in the parking lot!


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Good for them! They are great performers being paid for their talent. Kim could always go back to law school if there is ever a need to. I don't know much about Justin. I did not watch the first two years. They have nice voices.

2574 days ago


Could be worse They could be working for a sleazy entertainment program with no talent of their own.

2574 days ago

Country at Heart, but Hate the music    

Why rip on them? They are known performers, it's nobody's business which gigs they decide to do. There's too much condemnation in the world today. What's it matter to anyone where they sing. If it were near my home, I'd sure enjoy listening. Please people, quit being so critical.

2574 days ago


A gig's a gig. And I bet they are getting better money than you and I are getting at our jobs. And just what is so wrong with performing in a venue where people can see them up close - y'know for those fans or others that can't catch every overpriced concert that comes around and the only seats you can afford are 100s of feet away. Good for them and that's how they build a fan base.

2574 days ago


Too sad. Leave them alone.

2574 days ago


Don't feel too sorry for them. They pay big bucks to get these people to their malls.

2574 days ago


There is nothing shameful about singing at the opening of an outlet mall. I have studied voice and I have been singing for many years. Most singers who are interested in performing would jump at the chance for this type of publicity. After all, when folks go to outlet malls, they are usually there to spend money and not just "window shop". Justin and Kim Locke can just laugh their way to the bank with that Outlet Mall money. There are singers who perform at State and County Fairs. Some people take jabs at that. The most critical people in these forums cannot sing and are petty. As for Justin Guarini, I have heard some of his songs. He has an amazing voice, but he was not marketed very well. I have heard him sing "Unchained Melody" and some other classics. His voice is better suited for the classics. Unfortunately, the classics are not big on the Billboard charts. Keep the faith Kim and Justin! Keep your head to the sky!

2574 days ago

Grandma J.    

It's such a sad world we live in today. I truly don't understand why the majority of people that comment in these blogs have such a negative attitudes about EVERYTHING! I live in El Paso and I got to hear Kimberley and Justin sing last night. They both are extremely talented and it was wonderdul to be able to hear these young artists perform here. Even though El Paso has a population of over 700,000 and a sister city just across the border of over 2 million people, we are forgotten when it comes to scheduling many entertainment tours and American Idol falls into that category, too. Many people cannot make a days travel to attend one of their touring concerts, so it is great we had the opportunity to enjoy Justin and Kimberley last night.

2574 days ago


there go the democrats trying todestroy anything thats conseritive

2574 days ago


There go the democrats trying to distroy anything Repubican we will soon hav Mrs clinton as dictator
sig heil

2574 days ago


If this is the same girl that sang the song '8th World Wonder', (I think that's what it was called) that's a shame because that song was one she sang pretty damn good if you ask me.

2574 days ago

real lifer    

The headline is the saddest part of the story. Aol/tmz sux for trying to make it seem bad that two people are out there actually working. It also takes courage to keep going like they are. And regarding their talent, they don't have to be the absolute best, or somebody's favorite to have value. I doubt that even .01 percent of the people slamming them could land the same gig (though I expect plenty will claim they can, under the cloak of anonymity).

2574 days ago


American Idol has really disappointed me, because some years really good singers were booted. They say it is the fault of the voting of the American public, but you have to wonder if it is rigged. As for singing in outlet malls, I think it is great that two talents such as Kimberly and Justin are doing this. It gives people, who can't afford to go to concerts, an opportunity to see and hear them.

2574 days ago



2574 days ago


Justin and Kimberly who????

2574 days ago
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