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Deep Discounts on "American Idol" Irregulars

10/11/2007 6:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Guarini and Kimberley Locke didn't win "American Idol," but they are charging on with their careers and performing -- at the opening of a Texas outlet mall! For the love of Tiffany!
Kimberley Locke and Justin Guarini
While it may not be as high profile as a residential development or a regional hot air balloon festival, Justin and Kimberley will be doing their best to entertain discount shoppers at the grand opening of The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso on Friday. "From Justin to Kelly" never looked so good! To add insult to injury, Kimberley's name is even spelled wrong in one instance.

At this rate, it won't be long before Bo Bice is at a multiplex near you -- singing in the parking lot!


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I have heard Kim and Justin sing and they have fabulous voices. I studied voice and I have been singing for many years. Justin Guarini was not marketed very well by his label. One of the best songs I have heard him perform was "Unchained Melody". Justin's voice is more suited for the classics, but they are not big on the Billboard charts and they might not appeal to a wide fan base. However, there is nothing shameful about singing at an Outlet Mall. Those people who go to outlets malls are there to spend money. Why be so negative? Can you sing and could you do any better? Unfortunately, countless petty people vent on these type of sites. What does it benefit anyone to be so petty and nasty to people who are just trying to make a living. This is great publicity and singing at the State or County fair is also a good way to make a few dollars and reach out to the fans who are unable to pay hundreds of dollars to attend concerts in the mega concert halls. As a singer, I would say that most singers would be elated to have an opportunity to sing for an appreciative audience and to sing for an audience that gets it!

2464 days ago


Kimberley Locke is doing quite nicely compared to most of the others on idol... she has had a pretty successful first cd... 2nd one hasn't sold that well but its good nonetheless, she has had 2 number 1 songs on the ac charts.. and numerous other hits on the ac charts.. 8th world wonder was a number 1 sales chart topper and quite successful.. she is doing quite well for herself... she is part owener in a restaurant also... kim is not a hasbeen , i think she's one of the most talented idol contestants ever....she also contributues her talents to many charities also... so she sings at an outlet big deal... tiffany became a number 1 chart topper doing that... kim just doesnt sing at outlets either....

2464 days ago


Hey give them a break. It's honest work! On a recent Idol one of the "Show Regulars" disparaged the work of one of the candidates of singing on a Cruise Ship, as below him in the future if he continued to do well on Idol, "Baloney or So What" as other posters here have implied: Idol " Is about making money off of contestants & public even more than the Music Industry as a whole." For the contestants it's good exposure period and any of these kind of comments says more about the commenter than the Singer!

2464 days ago


American Idol finds the worst "talent" and markets it to people that have no musical taste. I like true musicians and performers - those that did it by themselves and hard work. American Idol is more of a comedy show than a talent show, that's for sure. It's no wonder all the stars from the 70's and 80's are coming back. The music industry is truly hurting if all they can find are people that are cookie cutter blonde bimbo types with no talent. Thank God for U2, Springsteen, Stones, Who, Depeche Mode, Cult, Dave Matthews, REM, No Doubt, Fleetwood Mac, Willie Nelson, etc. Those people are true talent. There are others - too many to list here - Those kids need to look to the true talents if they want to make it.

2464 days ago

Mike Hunt    

Put them on th pole on Jerry Spinger !

2464 days ago


I don't think they should be critcized for taking advantage of the situation. A job's a job, and in the entertainment industry, it's hard to keep working. More power to them if they can ride high or low on their television fame. Actors/singers have to earn their daily dollar like the rest of us. If they take a job to promote a shopping mall, at least they're working in the entertainment field. You rarely hear about the day-to-day struggles of ordinary performers, just the superstars.

2464 days ago


Who cares? If THEY didn't want to sing at a mall opening, I'm sure they wouldn't do it.

2464 days ago


idol is a waste .its all ho call in fo them . im shoke people waste the tme t do it an watch the show all theses years but then again. people below 34 have no imagination . movies re just redone so i the musc if it is not hip hop

2464 days ago


Yes, Kelly Clarkson has been the one with the most commercial hits and radio play, but guess who is the richest?
Fantasia Burrino! Oprah did what she does so well and made her a multi-millionaire by contracting her to do continuous runs of the "Color Purple". She deserves it and I could not be more ecstatic for her! By the way, I went to see the play on Broadway in August and it was awesome.....Oprah damn sure got more than her money's worth by investing in her! Fantasia & Kelly have the best voices of anybody from A.I. and I am happy to see the both of them succeeding in the industry.

2464 days ago

Lefty. . .    


At least Justin is NOT doing another movie!

2464 days ago

Tuti Gz    

At lease there working. You people talk if they don't work , then you talk if they do work. I don't care what kind of work that a person does, as long as they are working for their money. I would like to see Kim and Justin sing, I don't care where it's at.

2464 days ago


AJ Tablado performed at Santa Barbara's fourth of july show....

2464 days ago


To all of you people who want to put them down, you really should give them a break! They are waaaaaaay more talented then 90% of you on this blog! lol some of you probably work at the mall! At leaste they have the guts to get out there and do something for themselves instead of sitting on some blog insulting others! Truth is your all so unhappy with your own pathetic lives that you cant stand to see someone try to do something with thiers!! GROW UP LOSERS!!!!!!!!

2464 days ago


i feel really bad when i read these blogs, people are so cruel and critical...i think its because they have so much anger and hurt from other things and maybe one day someone will be kind to them and give them an awakening,....its so easy to be kind...

2464 days ago


AI (and the current music industry in general) is a sick joke on all of us. A f_rt in Simon's face right now would be most appropriate.

2464 days ago
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