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K-Fed's Lawyer to Brit -- Overnights My A**

10/11/2007 11:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celebrity lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's attorney, just told TMZ he will absolutely oppose Brit's move to get overnight visits with the kids.

Brit's lawyers will ask Commissioner Scott Gordon for overnights, partly because she's passed all her drug tests. Kaplan said, "She's 25 years old. The order is a week old." The upshot of Kaplan's statement -- one week does not a responsible parent make.

As for Britney showing up in court -- last night, she said she would. At the time this story is being published, Brit has 35 minutes to get to the courthouse. She's in Marina del Rey and she'll have to drive across town in rush hour traffic -- not likely she'll make it.


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On top of that... good way to take a recovering addict seriously.. real nice.

2570 days ago


she should glue a huge L on her forehead, and she is stupid enough to do it

2570 days ago


where r K-feds drug test results?????

2570 days ago


EXACTLY...Where are K-Feds' random drug tests??? It is really sad how easily K-Fed with fools as reporters were able to put out sooooo many lies and have soooo many fools believe them. If Britney was an habitual drug user she would not have tested clean this quickly because she would not have been able to stop using with out serious help....REALITY CHECK Britney is NOT an habitual drug user as K-Fed and the fired body guard claimed (using cocaine or meth) because if she was habitualy using these types of drugs she would be thin, at least at pre baby weight and she certainly is not at pre baby weight.

Remember that K-Fed is a gold digger and set this up before she married him. He ran around being the party man for 3 years while married and she finally was strong enough to dump him. He then began threatening her with drug testing claiming that HIS pot smoking would show up in her hair analysis for drugs. Therefore she shaved her head. He has done everything he could to slander Britney and I bet the goose will bite him good.

Britney should tell the judge that she will buy a house for the kids and each parent will move into the house when it is their turn to parent. The kids will not move. Now because Brit pays for the house and all child care expense, K-Fed will not have any child care expense and therefore will not need child support payments.....GET A JOB K-FED coz this game is ending.

2569 days ago

mystic 1    

29....i agree....very well stated.

2546 days ago


I admit, Brit's a little out there, but she wasn't like that until KFED got a hold of her. Another Anna Nicole Smith? Possible. Look what her husband (jerk) did to her! I hope she gets our of this funk, moves on from that loser ex husband, gets her life and kids back and becomes a great young woman. She deserves it! If the media left her alone, she wouldn't be in this situation......... I couldn't live her life either! And neither could any of you! SO BACK OFF!

2546 days ago


Yeah tat one house has a guest house and a main house.... that would be ideal if she could buy a house that has that sort of etc on it.

2546 days ago


This is a uneducated person at best. Why is everyone wondering whats wrong with her. She is never alone...always someone with her to do her bidding, never standing on her own two feet. She should have gone to school. Everyone talks about how stupid she is and yet she was the breadwinner for her whole family for years....should have been in school. Don't get me wrong...I can't stand her, her spoiledness, her arrogance with the courts alone should put her behind bars for a couple of days. Get these two adorable little boys away from her!

2545 days ago


This girl has ruined her life for no particular reason, except she's
and stupid is free!!! she could've bought SMART!
I wonder if Kfed had this plan all along!! He looks like a sly fox,doesnt
he? He had to have a reason to dump char (?) cause apparently she's
still his biggest fan....maybe it was HER idea????
Im onto something!
and in the meantime.....Brit..Bitch....take a shower and get a tutor!

2545 days ago

I am happy for the release of Paris    

I think the world picks on good people and parents that make a few mistakes and ignores the really bad people and parents for many reasons: some being fear, they aren't important people, they really don't care to do the work involved to prosecute the really bad. I see bad parents everyday. Really bad. Everyone turns their head.
Since when does a judge have to order carseats? Isn't this the law? If not, and he feels the need to order it, he should petition the law to be changed. This is too ridiculous. Did he also order both of them to not break the law in other areas ?
Since when did the old advice to everyone to take time out away from the children become bad advice?
Since when did not wearing underwear become an issue with so many? Many don't wear underwear. Do they take your children from you or call you a bad mother for this? Gee, what of strippers and such. Do they get slammed for what they do? It is legal.
Who cares if she doesn't want to stay home alone 24/7 when she's not working? Everyone needs time away from the children and who cares what she's doing(as long as legal) when she doesn't have the children. Sitting at home alone is isolation and not the way to socialize and makes things worse since the company of others helps so much. Maybe she's suposed to have a babysitter to keep her company to starve off the isolation. Leave her alone. She's young and wants to meet someone to love and hang out with. It is permissible and encouraged to date around while dating.

2545 days ago

I am happy for the release of Paris    

Forgot, why is the judge punishing the children by keeping the children from the mother. She's the one that I saw out and about with them. Not her ex. I also loved how the nanny took the boys for a walk right after he got the custody. A good parent as they claim he is, would take the children for a walk themselves. Gee, did anyone see if this nanny was superior than Britney? Does she have drug testing, restrictions and more.
I think this stalking of celebrities is unlawful whether the law wants to say it is or not. I think following someone should be unlawful. I feel the children need their mother. Why don't we see the father out and about with the children.
Oh, his ex girlfriend says he's a great father but was a bad boyfriend. I don't see a person as a great father when he ran out on them without trying to make it work. I never saw his first two children out and about with him. You are protecting someone you still love and trying to hurt the one you feel stole your husband from you. HE was the one that cheated on you. He is the one that was married to you.
Britney has done well when all is considered.

2545 days ago
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