Britney Implicated in Bank Scam -- Video Evidence

10/12/2007 7:49 PM PDT
TMZ broke the story today about a South Carolina inmate who accused Britney Spears of forcing him to commit identity theft at gunpoint -- and now we have the video evidence to back it up! Kind of ...

Jonathan Lee Riches claims that the 2006 CNN television special, "How to Rob a Bank," clearly shows Brit Brit in surveillance video with Riches -- as he scammed a bank out of thousands of dollars. While the video is black and white and extremely grainy, Spears can be seen several times throughout ... in living color!

Surely K-Fed's attorneys will use this damning evidence in the custody case against her. TMZ tried to contact Britney's new PR rep -- the guy behind the counter at the Mobil in Malibu -- but he was busy with a customer.