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Orlando Tried to Walk Away from Accident Scene!

10/12/2007 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: LAPD tells us that one of Bloom's passengers suffered a fractured neck and the other was cut by her seat belt.

In video taken immediately following this morning's accident and shown on X17Online, Bloom can be seen walking away from the scene, leaving two women -- one injured and bleeding -- in his smashed-up ride. Nice guy!

After walking down the block, the paparazzi repeatedly advise Bloom to go back to the accident scene and "deal with it," saying that if he leaves, it could be a hit and run. That's major trouble! Bloom thinks twice, turns around and walks back to the car.


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Maybe he was trying to get away from the paps? And why were they right there anyways? That's just shady to begin with!!!
Seriously, when you CAUSE THE ACCIDENT its time to put the camera DOWN and help people out.
Clearly some people weren't taught right from wrong from their mamas!

2570 days ago

so what if it is    

hey whatever.....Mr. Boom is from Australia not Britain.....there is a difference

2569 days ago


He was probably stoned and in shock. Either way he's a douche.

2569 days ago


More to this story then we will ever hear about.
But if he was drunk they would have arrested him, to many witnesses and injury.

2569 days ago


He started to walk away? Have you ever been in a car crash? If you have you know it can be a very disorienting experience. Having been in a few wrecks myself; having been said that I was wondering around in the middle of the road amongst traffic and not remembering it clearly, one finds ones self in a state of shock. Even if you told me he wasn't under the influence of anything, I wouldn't be surprised if he felt confused at the time. Not that ones life flashes before ones eyes, but it can seem and feel like life is in slow motion. One can feel and hear ones self breathing, but sounds and voices liken to being in a tunnel. If you don't have a clue, I hope you never have to experience such sensations. No one died or was seriously injured and that's good news:) Thank you...

2569 days ago


I say give Orlando Bloom a break it's not like he RAN off or anything he was probably dazed from the accident and/or in shock. It can and does happen.. The most horrendous thing he could've done is ran from the scene ignoring the paps requests. Seriously.. why do you (tabloids) have to spend every waking moment photographing these people?! Oh yeah I forgot you're money hungry and don't know how to give people their privacy...

2569 days ago

no way I believe this

2569 days ago


Like I even believe this story. TMZ has already been caught making up stories today.

2569 days ago


What an unbelievable douchebag. The cops should ticket him for leaving the scene. Which he did. I don't give him any credit for going back only after the pap. told him to. I love how he acts all concerned about his passengers once he goes back and people start showing up. He's a real pig!

2569 days ago


'If you have you know it can be a very disorienting experience'

Disoriented my ass. He cooling walks away and even tries to hide his face by putting up his hood. Watch the freaking tape. He's a souless pig!

2569 days ago


'no way I believe this'

Watch the video. The douche scurried away.

2569 days ago


I was totally shocked by Orlandos actions on this video . You can clearly tell that either drugs or alchohol are a factor . I am a huge Orli fan and to see him like this is sad. I went to England and saw him in the play in celebration and he was awsome in it. . But to see him in these videos with him behaving the way he was is sad. I hope that he does not end up like a lot of other actors and crash and burn at a young age.

2569 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

hey if the Paparazzi hadn't run him off the road this wouldn't of happened .. he was probably in shock had to take a couple seconds to process what just happened .. and the police report said that there was NO Alcohol involved.

2569 days ago


Every one need to leave Orlando alone. just becasue he was walking aways from the scene doesn't mean anything. he could be tryign to think about what just happened. he would never drink and drive. he was cut off by the paparazzi. they are stupid. why would they chase OB. what did he do that night to make they want to follow him. i think that the paps had nothing to do, and OB hasn't done anything bad before so they wanted to "hurt" him to get a story and to get something bad on OB.

LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2568 days ago


WOW! I know he won't do that. He a lady man. He took off to get help and people thought the wrong thing.

2568 days ago
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