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Trump's "Friends" to Donald -- You're Sued!

10/12/2007 8:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A couple claiming that Donald Trump abruptly fired them from a sweet friends-and-family deal at his new Chicago skyscraper are now suing to get their place back.
Donald Trump
In the suit, Nathan and Judi Diamond-Falk say they were one of a select group of "friends and family" who were offered a chance four years ago to buy a $1.2 million condo in the new Trump International Hotel & Tower at a ten percent discount -- and they jumped on it. All was fine until June 2006, when the Diamond-Falks got a letter saying that their contract was "null and void," completely canceling the deal and forcing them to renegotiate.

The couple charges Trump with making "false and fraudulent promises" and engaging in "deceptive acts or practices." They're seeking to get their original contract reinstated and over $100,000 in damages and fees.

Trump, as ever, is unrepentant, saying that he was fully within his rights to pull the plug. "It really was my option and we decided to exercise that option. We've got language that covers us, and we'll see how the courts rule," he tells Crain's Chicago Business.



The Lawsuit

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E-mail my heart    


2539 days ago

Sir my ass    

Never do business with friends or family = Golden Rule.

Never do business with a slime bucket like Trump = Common Sense.

2539 days ago

Busted Celebrity    

Damn Trump is so hardcore...


2539 days ago


FIRST! hehehe

2538 days ago


I hope they win the suit. Donald Trump is the most hated man in America. I've noticed his wife is about town in NYC alone with their son Baron and she never smiles in photos when she is with Donald anymore. Is he about to dump her too before the pre nup time frame will cost the jerk a dime? DUMPTRUCK Donald!! I hope he loses millions in this lawsuit.

2538 days ago


Trump is a miserable man. money can not buy you happiness He is a classic dase of It. I feel for his wife She thought money could make her happy but I think she realizes now It doesn't. Trump has no morals and Is a male choufeness PIG

2538 days ago


This was in the Chgo Trib last summer. Trump offered a great deal to people to get the buying going strong but when it slowed he pulled out and made them "re negotiate" and pay full price. He deliberately put some clause in the contract to allow him to do that. What a great "friend". That's why he's having trouble selling them. He's an idiot and a cheat.

2538 days ago

Dark Knight    

Another petty fight from Donald. He wastes all that time on Rosie, now he can't even cut a few friends a break that he promised them. Nevermind he will make a ton of money on the deal anyway. It's sad when that's your life. Nothing but greed. Nobody should envy the Donald. Greed is really all he has in his life.

2538 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Trump will make a fool out of you if you mess with him. Just ask Rosie. He made her look like the fool that she is and got her fired. He is the reason she will never work in the industry again. She is reduced to blogging and third teer comedy acts.

2538 days ago

Wish Belkin    

What a sad and sorry excuse of a man.
One day he'll realize that every gravy train has a caboose.
When he looks around, I wonder if he'll find a single friend.

2538 days ago


Donald Trump is one sexy son of a bitch. He can marry me any time he decide to leave his wife. Pre-Nup or no pre-nup.

2538 days ago

Gatorade Please    

12. Donald Trump is one sexy son of a bitch. He can marry me any time he decide to leave his wife. Pre-Nup or no pre-nup.

Posted at 8:35AM on Oct 12th 2007 by May

Does the smell of money make you delirious May?.......LOL

2538 days ago


He is such a slime ball!!! I hate that I wasted 30 seconds of my life to comment on him!

2538 days ago

Canadian girl    

May, you are nuts. Donald Trump is grossest, dumbest man I have ever listened to or seen in an interview. He sounded so weak and emotionally and socially challenged during that whole Rosie thing that I couldn't follow it anymore. He's just weak, it's sad because he thinks he is pulling of strong and powerful. It's pathetic really.

2538 days ago


Donald Trump is a crotchity old man with a bad comb over and a taste for women young enough to be his daughter. At best he is world class con artist in convincing others to invest in his real estate schemes. At the worst he is so egotistical and selfish, that he doesn't give a rat's rear end about anyone other than himself and his reflection upon the world.

2538 days ago
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