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Want to be Paris Hilton's Next Co-Star?

10/14/2007 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonSorry, she's not auditioning for roles in the sequel to "1 Night in Paris" -- but Hilton's new horror/musical move, "Repo! The Genetic Opera" (actual title) could use a few warm bodies.

The film's director, Darren Lynn Bousman of "Saw" fame, posted a casting call on his MySpace page, saying they need about 200 extras for an opera scene. Paris will be on set -- and *brace yourselves* possibly singing -- with extras expected to perform the 8-hour day for no pay. Free lunch included. Oh yeah, and you gotta live near Toronto.

The film is a musical about organ financing after an epidemic of organ failures. Weird premise, but it's gotta at least be better than "House of Wax." Or not.


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RockysAdumbass probably have no talent as and your claim to be a "REGISTERED BMI ARTIST" you have no talent, so your sitting right together with Paris!!! Get a life and stop trying to impress people, because your real job is collecting welfare while you pump out babies. Nice car. I paid for it!!!

2545 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

You need a 800 Pound Gorilla for your movie.
I would love to be in your movie.
We 800 pound gorillas all love you Paris.

800 Pound Gorilla

2545 days ago

Go away!!    

#15, robbyrob, I am sure it will be a joke if it isn't already. You will be able to find it in the bargain bin at Walmart along with her perfume shortly after opening.

2545 days ago

Britney loves OJ    

Paris loves OJ!

2545 days ago


One of the other performers in Repro is an unheard of star, Sara Brightman. Anyone who thinks foir one second that she would appear or be involved in anything where there was someone who could not carry their share of the water ia a moron.

I don't know why so many people have such evil things to say about Paris, she is not part of their lives, probably never met them or did them any personal harm but they do. So be it, one size does not fit all, and they are welcome to their opinion.

I do know that Sara Brightman is a true super star and she did not get there by performing with anyone who does not approach her standards. Wait for the movie and judge for your self , thats a lot better than throwing stones that may hurt people you do not know or have an opinion about.

2545 days ago

Paris is a good antidepressent for people

2545 days ago


No !!!!

2545 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

Whenever I think of Paris Hilton, two deserved words come to mind: Phony & cheap. She has no one to blame but herself. All those years of such cheap and phony behavior. And now we're "required" to take her seriously? I'm beginning to think that her fans really are family members, friends, and "Vegas" groupies.

Wes -- loved your comment! But I suspect it flew over the heads of Hilton fans.

2545 days ago


To Stump - #21 I wish I could agree with you.

On 9/3/2007, Showbiz Tonight ran an excellent hour-long special on the media and celebrities. Much of this segment included coverage on such “sleazy starlets” (their words) as Brit/Paris/Nicole/Lindsey, and how they use the media for attention.

They showed Hilton’s home videos, which revealed Paris saying some pretty terrible things, and how she deservedly came under fire from many people as a result. The release of that heiress porn tape is what really catapulted her to fame, and she has used that fame ever since. (When I saw other media footage of Paris in certain situations while she was posing for the media, I was shocked.) Leading authorities in the media stated during this program that Hilton “has manipulated the media for years so that people will want to know more about her.”

They also reported that Paris had an extremely high lack of approval rating, especially from parents who are concerned that she is not a good role model for teens – not just because of her behavior, but for her constant bid for media attention as well. It’s obvious that this show was taped and run just before Hilton’s arrest and jail sentence, but it certainly reflects the feelings of distrust and disrespect many people still have for her today.

2545 days ago

Do I want to be Paris Hilton's next co-star? NO!

2545 days ago


mclovin - Hey retard, funny how you and all the other Parisite ass-kissers seem to think that because people can't stand the little skank, that they must hate there own lives somehow. Well, I for one, am quite happy with my life. Lets see, I am not a racist, I do not treat people like s--t because I think they are beneath me, I have not nor ever will make a porn movie and be proud of it, I do not drive drunk, I do not think that I am above the law, etc., etc., etc. I guess what I am saying is, I could never be, or would want to be, just like Parisite, because I could never lower my standards enough. Yes. I do like my life because I not only have morals, but I treat people the way I would like to be treated, not the way I think they should be treated, so you just keep on lovin' the skank and feel good about it because you are probably just like her. I, for one, will keep my higher standards, thanks.

2545 days ago

Go away!!    

Wes, aside from the scaplel wielding, the director described skanky to a tee. I guess it is good casting.

2544 days ago



2544 days ago

Omar Paklamis    

Oh boy look at what I found on the internet, enewsbuzz has a great image of Paris and Kid Rock out in Toronto....

2544 days ago

Big Bear    

The thought of being near paris makes me ill!! The poor girl is full of bacteria and who knows what else and I would feel unclean in her presence. Susan seems to be near her posterior most of the time so paris can count on her.

2544 days ago
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