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Stony Awards Live Up to Name

10/15/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

High Times magazine's 7th Annual Stony Awards took place on, um, on, uh, Saturday? Yeah, Saturday, and the expected convocation of babbling bong-hitters gathered around the Knitting Factory to celebrate their obsession with the munchies, Tommy Chong and the art of lost thoughts.

The highlights include a random rant on why marijuana should be legalized -- which doesn't help the cause -- and Mystery from "The Pickup Artist" losing his train of thought in a cloud of stupidity.

TMZ took out the seeds and stems, so you get nothing but 100% hydroponic comedy.


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You know, some of those (at least Robert Blake) could have been roll-your-own tobacco. But okay, 99% of them... probably not!

2531 days ago


Who was that tall guy near the end with the woman? He looked hot! I'd love to smoke a doob with him.

2531 days ago


I would love to smoke cannabis with neve campbell

2531 days ago


#25 please be my lawyer in the future. I want to grow legally for when I get old and can't afford those federal drugs run by greedy pharmy companies. Keep up the studies into this matter. Save us all!!

2530 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

I smoke that bud all the time. It keeps me out of trouble, makes me reconcider bad decisions, keeps me with a healthy diet, and helps to ballance me out from stress. I also enjoy it's enhancements when it comes to music, quiet time, video games, reading, and so forth. Most people where I live smoke and most people that smoke work and maintain a living, whatever job that taxes come out of it is.

I knew Mystery smoked weed!

And I agree, Robert Blake looks like he's smoking a TOP cigarette rollie or somethin.


2530 days ago


I cannot believe Cameron smokes pot...wait a minute, she is an actress...I can beleive it. But, I have a little less respect for her...she is almost 40-time to outgrow this kind of least she does not have children.

2530 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

My friend and his dad both smoke and are multi-millionaires who started and run a totally non-profit charity that is for children. They have spent a bunch of money just to keep it afloat. His mom retired as a school teacher after 25 years of excellent service. None of them are into hard drugs and are good about alcohol intake. Unfortunately, she has the onset of Parkinson's and though it really helps her, her uptight new husband frowns strongly upon it and rips her mercilessly . That just is not cool in my book! I personally waited until I was 33 before I tried it and am glad that I finally chose to, especially at that age. It is GREAT for insomnia. I also frown on many other drugs ( coke, meth, strong prescription drug and alcohol abuse, ect.). I just wish more people used it. I've never seen stoners get into a fight while stoned. Alcohol.....uh, yeah! One thing about abuse, you can abuse mj too, but you have to smoke A LOT of it- or smoke it in inappropriate times and places. But then again, you can also die from drinking too much water! So (literally) drink less and smoke more-please! Pretty please!

2530 days ago


Legalize it! I'm a square myself, but I could care less what other people do with their own bodies. Marijuana should be made legal for everyone over 18.

2527 days ago

cindy mahoney ya'll should check out this new is the truth on stuff.

you will dig it.

like alcoholic but it's truthaholic...wish i could give the link....sharing is caring :)


rock on world

2518 days ago
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