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The Mayer Debate: Ron Paul or RuPaul?

10/16/2007 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer spent the night before his 30th birthday having dinner with a few friends and arguing about the Constitution, presidential hopeful Ron Paul and drag queen RuPaul. Just your typical birthday conversation.

The pop star -- without his new woman, Minka Kelly -- celebrated with friends Sherrod Small (his "Chocolate Rain" co-star), comedian Jeffrey Ross, and "Live Free or Die Hard" star/Drew Barrymore's rumored new beau, Justin Long.

In typical Mayer fashion, he launched into a fake tirade about the merits of Ron Paul and how he avidly reads the Constitution. Somehow, Condoleezza Rice comes into the chat, and a homeless man calls him "John Paul."

You never know what's going to go down when John Mayer is around.


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This man Ron Paul should be elected for 0ne term,

2531 days ago


"The Constitution is stupid. It needs to be up to date. All these white people out their thinks it's their country. They stole it from American Indians! Then they slaved black people! Now, minorities are suffering and American Indians dont exist. Where the hell are they?

"Thanks alot White people!"

ugh! no wonder our country is being run into the ground. up to date?

2531 days ago


When uneducated celebs talk about politics its scary because their young, naive fans probably just jump in line to drink the Kool Aid they are spewing. A majority (not all) of celebs know nothing about the constitution or the government and John is one of them.

HATER 1 African Americans, American Indians and Caucasians are all AMERICAN citizens with the benefits and rights outlined in the Constitution - it doesnt apply only to white people. Im not going to lie that we treated American Indians terribly but how dare you lump any other race in with what the American Indians have been subjected to in this country. African Americans are as guilty as whites in this situation. We are all to blame.

2531 days ago


We're waiting on the world to change and Ron Paul is the way! Go John Maye rand go Ron Paul.

2531 days ago

Matt Damon    

Matt Damon

2531 days ago


Gotta love a passionate Libra man with an excellent sense of humor and a spirit like no other....Lord knows I do! Keep on Keepin on Johnny! Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Baby J!

2531 days ago


I think that they were just drunk... but John Mayer is right about two things in life. Right about nailing Jessica Simpson, and right about Ron Paul.

Ron Paul knows the Constitution. You should too.

2531 days ago


Go John Mayer and Go Ron Paul!

While Mayer was trashed, it looks like his is for Dr. Paul because Paul is the ONLY candidate for real change! Not fake Hillary change (i.e. continued war) or Rudy change (i.e. expanded war).

Ron Paul 2008!

Endorse him Mr. Mayer!!! And contribute $$$.

2531 days ago


Ok now hes a bit of a nutt... for god sakes... he gives me a headache.. and appears drunk.. and his people should never have allowed him to be filmed ... john get better people around you man.. how embarresing!!

2531 days ago


RON PAUL 2008!!!!! Yes! I think I heart John Mayer now.

2531 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

You people need to wake up. People in the US know more about Britney Spears day to day activities than they do about what the government is doing to their civil liberties, how the government is manipulating them with fear and how they are being screwed by a central bank controlled by private interests, the Federal Reserve.

With a daily diet of Britney, Lindsay and Paris your brains have become dangerously obese and incapable of intelligent inquiry or discussion.

2531 days ago


Happy 30th Birthday, Johnny!!!

2531 days ago


Ron Paul is killing everyone else in the Straw Polls so far withy 17 first place finishes and the mainstream media does not mention this. Take 2 minutes and ask yourself why this is!!!!

Here is Ron paul vs each other candidates so far in the Straw Polls

Ron Paul's Head-to-Head Records (Win-Lose-Tie):
Ron Paul v. Rudy Giuliani 31-5-0
Ron Paul v. Mitt Romney 24-12-0
Ron Paul v. Fred Thompson 21-14-0
Ron Paul v. John McCain 32-3-0
Ron Paul v. Mike Huckabee 30-4-1
Ron Paul v. Sam Brownback 32-2-1
Ron Paul v. Tom Tancredo 33-1-0
Ron Paul v. Duncan Hunter 32-2-0

Unless you want 4 more years of the same wake up and read about Ron Paul!

2531 days ago


Kim (comment #23) considers John Mayer an "uneducated celeb" who "knows nothing about the constitution or the government". The guy said he reads the Constitution, which is the legal definition and limit of our government, but Kim thinks he's uneducated in matters of government. Would you rather he promote the totalitarianism of our current administration or socialism of a Clinton/Obama administration. There is no Constitutional Kool Aid.

People like Kim are the real problem.

2531 days ago


crazy people like ron paul? what an oxy moron.

try learning about him

2531 days ago
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